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Brock Slate

Brock Slate (born March 23, 1985) is the former Pewter City Gym Leader and a world-renowned Pokémon breeder.

Early Life

Slate was born in Pewter City, the son of Flint, then the Pewter Gym Leader, and his mother Lola. He became a trainer at the behest of his father, who presented him with his first Pokémon, an Onix, on his tenth birthday.

Flint left him a year later to make a name for himself as a trainer. His mother, supposedly heartbroken over his departure, left soon after, leaving Brock by himself to take care of his nine brothers and sisters.

In a 2004 interview with DJ Mary on Johto Radio's Places and People!, Slate stated that his fascination with rock-type Pokémon stemmed from his father's upbringing (or lack thereof) and his relationship with his Onix, saying that Onix was his "first and closest friend. Any Pokémon is really gentle when you get to know it well, but Onix and I had this strange connection. There were days when some of my siblings hated me and some others loved me. The next day, they'd flip on me. Onix, on the other hand, was always there for me. I always loved him, he always loved me, and he'd always have this look on his face whenever I was down that said 'You're really gonna give up that easily? C'mon.' And then he'd wrap himself around me and do his best not to squeeze me to death."

As Gym Leader

Slate took over the Gym in 1996, after his father's sudden departure. The sign outside the Pewter Gym bills him as "The Rock-Hard Pokémon Trainer".

In addition to his Onix, Slate's team typically consists of Geodude, Kabuto, Omanyte, and Rhyhorn. On occasion he has been known to use Heracross and Vulpix.

Slate resigned as leader in 2003 and handed control of the Gym to his oldest sibling, Forrest. It is rumored that Forrest's team includes an Aerodactyl; however, these rumors have not been confirmed or denied.

Slate's win/loss/tie career Gym record, according to Pokémon League HQ, is 277-259-17, not including one no-contest. This excludes his appearances in special League tournaments or battles against other Gym Leaders.

As Pokémon Breeder

Slate began breeding Pokémon in 2001. According to his interview with DJ Mary, Slate said he got tired of battling and couldn't bear to see his Pokémon hurt too badly in battles that he lost, so he turned to breeding and raising Pokémon. His extensive research on Pokémon "egg moves"—those which can only be learned through breeding—has led him to become one of the top Pokémon breeders in Kanto. Some of the Gym Leaders, notably Sabrina LaFay, have enlisted his help in taking advantage of these "egg moves".


Slate is an avid cook, typically preparing meals for both his friends and his Pokémon. He has released two cookbooks entitled Rock-Solid Recipes: Food For the Soul (2006) and PokéCook: Keeping Your Pokémon Healthy (2007) to critical acclaim.

Slate is also a regular guest judge on Kanto's popular television cooking series Iron Chef. He once appeared as a challenger in 2008, but lost to Iron Chef Morimoto in a tofu battle.

He has refereed for the Kanto National Championship Tournament since 2004 and was the guest referee for the 2008 World Championships. It was announced that he will run the torch for the 2012 Kanto League Conference.

Slate is a close friend of Violet City Gym Leader Falkner Jausch and a mentor to Azalea Town Leader Bugsy Silvestri. The three appeared, along with Ecruteak Gym Leader Morty Levin and Vermilion City Leader Lt. Mayfield Surge, on a special celebrity edition of Poké Family Feud (hosted by Blaine O'Donnell). The team won ¥125,000 for charity.

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