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Karen Rénard

Karen Rénard (born October 30, 1980) is the leader of the Johto Elite Four and a renowned stage, film, and TV actress.

Early Life

Rénard was born in Goldenrod City in 1980, to a family of radio actors. Her parents, Claude and Nancy Rénard, are two of Johto's most celebrated radio actors, having appeared in over 100 titles together. The younger Rénard became fascinated with the theater at a very young age.

"It wasn't so much me being introduced to the theater so much as it was me living in the theater," Rénard said in a 2008 interview with Johto Radio's Places and People! "My parents were doing so many shows, and when I wasn't in school they always kept me backstage. I saw the underbelly of the beast, so to speak. It was a fun life, though. It fascinated me how you could become a completely different character, and to understand people in a way that I think many non-actors can't."

Rénard's first role came at the age of 9.

"It was a minor role, and I only had one line," she recalled. "But I had a part nonetheless."

Rénard also recalls the night she found her first Pokémon companion, with whom she would embark on her Pokémon journey at the age of 10.

"My parents had just finished their last performance of Romeo and Juliet for Johto Radio, and I always would hang out in the back alley behind the studio while I waited for them to come out of their debriefs. So while I was waiting outside, I spotted an Eevee, just sitting in the alley. Its ears were drooped, the poor thing was so thin, I had to wonder if it had been abandoned. So I showed my parents, and my dad—bless his heart—helped me carry the creature to the Pokémon Center. It took an awful lot of convincing for them to let me keep it, but since they figured that no one would be looking for it, and that I was about to embark on my own journey, they let me keep it in the end."

Rénard doesn't remember exactly when that same Eevee evolved into her Umbreon, but she says it was probably meant to be.

"The more I think about it, the more I have to think it must have been fate," she said. "I found her at night. We bonded primarily at night; I would always have her out of her ball at night. She loved the night air, as long as we were nowhere near Goldenrod. You can't help but wonder."

Rise to the Indigo League

Rénard's rise to the Indigo League began after she easily conquered the Elite Four on her first attempt in 1999. Though she was defeated by then-Champion Han Hye-jin thereafter, she greatly impressed then-Elite Four leader Martin Black, who was planning his retirement in late 1999. Black, who trained water-type Pokémon, said he had been impressed with Rénard's control over a type that had never been mastered before.

Rénard was formally installed to the post in July 2000, and was named leader of the Elite Four once her colleagues Will Powers, Koga Shimizu, and Bruno Jacobs battled for the title. Rénard ultimately defeated Powers in a sweep.

Rénard's team consists of her Umbreon, Murkrow, Vileplume, Gengar, and Houndoom. Her official League record, according to Pokémon League HQ, is 192-108-7, as of February 20, 2012. This does not include her appearances in special tournaments or battles against other League entities.


Her first major film appearance was in the 2001 film Raiders of the S.S. Aqua, as Marion. Since then she has appeared in 14 feature films, and has won 4 League Awards for her acting roles.

She and Saffron City Gym Leader Sabrina LaFay are close friends. The two currently star in the new KBN drama, Ghosts by Moonlight, which began in January 2012. She plays the protagonist, Clare de Lune, a ghost hunter. LaFay plays her mentalist sidekick, Morgan Bathori.

A few years after her rise to the Elite Four, rumors had surfaced that Rénard was once an adult performer. The magazine Poké People reported that Rénard had worked as an adult performer shortly before being promoted to the Elite Four, which explained not only the outfits she has become known for wearing during her tenure as an Elite but also the reason behind her position in the Indigo League. Rénard quickly dismissed these claims, saying she had never done anything of the sort in her life, and sued the tabloid for defamation. [1] She won the case and recovered ¥20 million in damages.

Rénard began her run as the lead role of Clarissa in Agatha Christensen's award-winning play, Spinarak's Web, on January 4, 2012. She continues to hold the role to this day.

[1] Rénard vs. Poké People Magazine. Rénard: "If I had, indeed, done anything along these lines, then where was the solid proof? The magazine has not published any pictures that would indicate that I had ever done such a thing, nor was I ever contacted and asked about any details on the matter. Clearly, whoever reported on this either wanted a cheap shot at me, or wanted a quick and easy story without doing any of the work."

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