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Blood dripped from her mouth as I began to burn. I screamed out in agony as she laughed with glee. "Oh this is going to be so fun!" Her child like amusement grated on my nerves, "I'm so proud of myself for what I've been able to do, I thought I would kill you for sure, but this is better!"

I burned for an eternity, screaming out and choking back broken sobs. She had won, but she wouldn't take everything from me. I pulled all of my memories to the front, focusing entirely on them. I would remember my family, I would keep them in the forefront of my mind. Edward, my soul mate that no longer wanted me, Esme, my mother, Carlisle, my father. Alice, my sister and best friend would see, she would save me. Emmet, the bear of a brother that never had a cruel thing to say about anyone, Rose, his wife. And last but not least, Jasper, the one to ease my mind while running from James. Charlie and Renee, the parents that I had loved and cared for so much. I would remember them all.

The last image to flood my eyes before the fire took over completely was the russet skin and bright smile that lit up my life when I was at my darkest, Jacob Black. I slipped into darkness, soon losing how I had gotten to that place, not knowing how she had won, but aware that she had. Victoria had me where she wanted me, and there was a sadistic glint in her eye, I would be going through hell.

When the flames finally died I was lying on the floor of a dark room. I could sense the darkness and my instincts told me to run. Before I could open my eyes, I screamed out in agony as my arms and legs were simultaneously torn from my torso.

"Now, Now. Hush, I can't have you running away before we've had time to play." Her voice bounced off the walls and I opened my eyes to look at her. There were four others with her, men, they each held one of my limbs momentarily before throwing them into a heap across the large room. "I'm going to implement every kind of torture I can devise, while keeping you alive. Then I'm going to unleash you on the world and watch the destruction with joy." Her voice was still the childlike glee that it had been just as I had started to burn.

My throat was burning uncomfortably, "Thirst." I rasped out, knowing I was helpless.

"Go get her some food." She ordered one of the men, "Something small."

He left and the room was silent, Victoria started a fire in an old fireplace and stuck a poker into it to heat. "Did you know that our venom leaves scars? Well, it isn't the only thing like some others believe, fire does too. The reason many people don't know it is they normally don't survive because our venom is so damn flammable." She was more talking to her self than to me.

"Prop her up so she can feed." She ordered another male. He came over and lifted me, propping me against the concrete wall. He sniffed me, then he started touching me, my face, my sides, then my breasts, his hands worked their way lower. "There will be time for that later!" Victoria growled angrily.

The first male had returned with a small child, instinctively I inhaled, but I didn't want to drain the child. I didn't thirst for the child's blood, it smelled good, but not like food. "I don't want it!" I choked out angrily, "Animal!" I bellowed, losing strength from my limbs being ripped off.

"You dare turn down what I offer you?" Victoria chided, she grabbed the small girl by her hair and forced her to look at me. The little girl screamed, but it was cut short as Victoria sank her teeth deep into her throat, even with the freshly spilled blood, the child didn't appeal to me and I turned my head to keep from having to watch her drain the babe.

Once she was sated of her own thirst, Victoria pulled the poker from the fire, it glowed red hot as she thrust it into my chest, I roared in agony. The poker was pulled out and thrust into the side of my throat, another roar bounced off the walls. A peal of laughter joined the roar and Victoria sat cross legged on the floor. "Alright boys, time to play."

The four men descended on me and I growled at them, knowing their wicked intentions. They each chuckled darkly and lay their hands on my flesh. I screamed out in rage as one of them bit me, the others followed suit and each of them sank their teeth into my flesh repeatedly. From their it escalated, I was their toy and powerless to stop them from using me, from violating me. A dry sob slipped out as the first one unzipped his jeans.

Alice POV-

I was panicked, running as fast as I could toward Forks, Edward, Emmet, and Jasper hot on my heels. "What the hell is going on?" Emmet growled angrily.

"Victoria!" Edward seethed.

Nothing more needed to be said, we stupidly crossed the boundary into Quileute land, just to get to the cliff side where my vision had occurred. A growl resonated from the trees and a large russet wolf leapt out in front of us.

"Jacob Black!" Edward tied to contain his growl, "Where is Bella?"

He listened to the thoughts of the wolf to get the answer to his question. The wolf let out a whine, "How could you let her get to my Bella?" Edward growled.

The wolf's responding growl showed that he was angry, Edward dropped to his knees. "I had no idea, Jacob. I would have never left her had I known what it would do to her."

I was crippled by another vision of Bella, Victoria sank her teeth into her and took a step back to watch as Bella started to burn. I heard her words, her pride in herself for accomplishing what she hadn't thought she could.

"She's going to change her." I gasped.

"We can't follow the scent, Victoria jumped into the water, we have no idea where she went. Jacob, we'll leave here, there is nothing we can do." Edward was resigned, his voice hollow and betraying nothing, Jasper's face was contorted with the agony that each of us felt.

As we slowly left the scene, Jacob Black phased, "If Bella comes back here as a human blood drinker, she will be killed. If you find her take her far away, since none of your family will be the ones to change her, the treaty stands. But do not think it wise to overstep your bounds again." His voice too was hollow, it was obvious that he had grown to care for Bella much more than expected by anyone.

The four of us went to the house in Forks to regroup. We sat around the dining room table, having removed the sheet and thrown it to the floor in the corner, we just needed a place to talk about what was happening.

"Victoria's mind is more twisted than any mind I've ever seen, human or vampire alike. She is planning to change Bella or has done so already, we were too late to stop that. We have three days before she can do anything more to Bella, we can still save her." Edward had slipped into a cool and calculated mask, we all had, but it was only a mask, inside the four of us were burning.

"Alice did you see anything that could help us find them?"

"No, they were in an old cellar from the look of it, but nothing to tell us what state or even what country it is in." I focused, trying to see another vision, I walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a pencil and a sketch pad, then I began to sketch everything I could see.

"Edward, you need to keep in mind that none of this has happened yet, but you need to be prepared in case we are too late." He was visibly shaking from what he was reading in my head, I was as well.

I sketched out the dark room, a heap of limbs that lay separate from the broken torso. The four men that Victoria had with her, surrounding Bella, Bella defenseless. The small body that lay limp on the floor, a child whose eyes had lost all signs of life as they stared in the direction of the men. The pencil snapped and I couldn't bring myself to draw out more. Emmet looked at the image I had drawn and slammed his fist down into the table, "No one is going to hurt my little sister that way! No one!" He bellowed, breaking the table in half.

We called to tell Carlisle, Esme, and Rose what was going on and they all joined us in our search. We couldn't find Bella. I would never forgive myself for allowing Bella to be raped by four men and tortured by a psychopath after having her limbs torn off. When it happened, Bella would be broken. We searched continuously, knowing by my visions that Victoria still held her prisoner, but never getting a clue as to where they were. Two years passed before I had the vision that changed everything, Victoria leaned in with her teeth exposed, when she touched her teeth to flesh, the vision was gone.

"Keep searching for her future!" Edward bellowed angrily.

I tried and got nothing, Bella was gone, Victoria had grown bored and finished her off. The whole family worked to stop Edward from running to the Volturri and his death. In the end, it was me that got through to him. In the process of helping him heal, Jasper and I grew apart and decided it was time to divorce. He and I were not true mates, and we both knew it from the beginning, but we had chosen to lean on each other and marry as a means to an end. We agreed that we would know when the time came to move on and we did.

I was able to focus all of my energy on helping Edward to heal, he, in turn began helping me to heal as well. I had lost a sister, he had lost his love. The family had been torn to pieces because we knew of the hell she suffered before she died.


She leaned in to bite my throat and suddenly, I didn't exist anymore. I was nothing of the person I had been, I didn't even know who that was. Victoria had broken me so completely that I didn't know who I was. My torso was riddled with scars, bite marks, a scar over where my heart was and one in my throat. Her pets used me as they pleased when she gave them permission, I was but a toy.

Those people that I held in my memories lent me no comfort, no salvation. I knew their faces better than I knew my torturer's but I no longer knew there names. It didn't matter, they weren't going to save me, no one was going to save me. Victoria was the only name I could remember, but it was only because her pets called her by name often.

She would bring me animals every so often, claiming that I needed strength to feel the pain and I refused to drink from humans. I didn't want humans, they didn't appeal to me. I was weak, too weak to defend myself against her or her men, I had to endure. She walked toward me with the hot poker, jamming it into the same place, the place she favored, my dead heart.