A/N: This just tells a little bit more about what happened in their future. I know it's short, but I think it covers everything.

Time kept on moving and we went on with our lives. Bella was helping me to regain control of my bloodlust and she was happy to help. She was happy in general, her emotions were always so positive and I found myself gravitating her direction for more than the fact that she was my mate. Everyone was concerned with small things, shopping, or other ridiculous things got them down, but she was steady, she was constant. Her emotions had stopped fluctuating so much that I got whiplash from them. She was peaceful and content.

It took another month for her to finally sit down and have a conversation with Alice and Edward. She laid her grievances out on the table and told them exactly what was holding her back from forgiving them. She told them they each have one shot, if they hurt her or screw her over again, she was done with them. They both made a promise, and were holding it up well.

Bella did do something that I strongly advised against, but she was damn determined to have her way, as she usually was. She wrote a letter and sent it to Jacob Black, telling him of the things she'd been through and thanking him for being such a good friend to her while she was human. She told him that the sole purpose of the letter was so he wouldn't be stuck questioning what happened or asking what if. She told him that she missed him, and that though he didn't know at the time, he'd helped her through a lot even after the change. At the bottom of the letter, she had written our phone number and told him to only use it if he wanted or needed to.

He did use it, he called about a week after she mailed the letter. I had answered the phone and had to hold back my laughter as he stuttered through a greeting and then asked for Bella. It took a while, but she finally convinced him that no one was screwing with his head and that it was her. Her voice sounded very different than it had when she was human, so he wasn't sure. That first day, the talked for six hours. He told her that he was happy to hear from her, and though he didn't like what she'd become, he was okay with it if she was happy and not eating people. He told her that he had imprinted on a girl from Forks and it turned out that Bella went to school with her, we all had, Angela Weber. Jacob had two kids, a four year old and a two year old, the youngest was a girl and they had named her Isabella Marie Black in her memory, he told her that the little girl had eyes very similar to what Bella's had been and they laughed and teased and joked.

Jacob gave her an update on her father, he'd remarried, and lived for six years after Bella went missing, but he and his wife were killed in a car accident. Bella mourned for her father, but accepted it. She was glad he wouldn't have to go on living, asking why his daughter never came home.

After that first conversation, they talked on the phone once every two weeks. They had discussed meeting up, but quickly tossed that idea aside because of the smell on both sides. They finally decided to keep their friendship through the phone, and Bella was happier for it. I had even spoken with Jacob myself, but it was only long enough for me to thank him for making her happy.

Alice and Edward eventually went back to live with Carlisle and Esme, but Rose and Em stayed with Bella, Peter, Charlotte, and I. We didn't waste time with school or any of that, we just stayed in our mountain home until we had to move on and we continued that way for awhile.

Two years after we were mated, Bella agreed to Marry me, she even let Alice pull out all the stops and we invited all of our contacts to the ceremony. My favorite memory quickly became watching Bella walk down the aisle in her dress. She was truly the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen, and she was walking down that aisle to me. I was nearly vibrating from the giddy emotions I felt, and they were all my own.

Our honeymoon lasted four months on Isle Esme, it was our gift from our parents, they paid any expenses and told us to stay as long as we wanted. We tore down a few trees, some of them were Esme's favorites and we had apologized later, Bella wouldn't have sex inside the house on the island because she said we would knock it down and have to replace it.

Looking back was never painful anymore, Bella accepted me for me and that included my past. She praised me for my strength and my character, and she made me happier than any man on earth just by being herself. I never knew that someone could be capable of loving so deeply, let alone that it would be directed at me, but Bella proved me wrong on both counts. She loved more deeply and more passionately than anyone I'd ever met. I was truly looking forward of spending an eternity with such a magnificent creature and I knew she felt the same about me.