Paper Moon

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The dull click of womans shoes on wet pavement echoed through the dark alley way. The small woman wearing the light pink shoes didn't seem to mind her surroundings, the grungy alleyway was a shortcut to her house from the local market and the rain was slowly getting heavier. Thunder rumbled and cracked over head.

"Oh no!" The woman cried frantically as she quickened her pace to a slow run but the heavy grocery bags in her arms kept her from going to fast. The rain poured down harder and the sky rumbled once more.

"What a day to forget an umbrella," She huffed as she braved a quick look up at the nearly black sky once she cleared the alley, "Next time I'll-"

She was cut off by a rather large man running past her and nearly knocking her down, she cursed after him as she adjusted the bags in her arms only to find herself colliding with another man, this time though her groceries flew through the air as she fell to the ground, her head hitting the pavement with a sickening crack. Her vision blurred from the impact and the last thing she saw before she passed out was a pair of mismatched amber eyes.

"Damn it Spike! You let him get away? I hope you don't expect to eat tonight! We need those wulongs to-" The large man stopped his yelling when he noticed the limp figure his shipmate carried in his arms. The woman hardly looked bigger than Ed and had long golden blond hair tied in an unusual style, even for todays standards. But what shocked him the most was the drying blood down the side of her face.

"What the hell happened out there?" Jet rushed to clear off the couch so Spike could lay the unconscious girl down.

"I ran in to her." Spike looked around the living room, slightly surprised by its emptiness. "Where are Faye and Ed?"

"How the hell should I know? Faye took off right after you and Eds been cooped up in her room all day playin' chess on that damn computer of hers." Jet huffed as he put his hands on his hips. " Now you wanna tell me a little bit more about our guest here other than you just 'ran in to her.' And why the hell you let the bounty go?"

"I almost had him, but he took off on me," Spike took a seat on the couch by the tiny blonds feet and lit a cigarette. "She just popped outta nowhere and I felt bad leaving her in the middle of the street."

He shrugged and took a heavy drag off his cigarette as he looked her over. Jet rolled his eyes as he grabbed the first aid and worked on cleaning the poor girl up.

"You're reckless, Spike. Always leaving more damage than the damn bounty can even cover. Now we gotta deal with this, she ain't gonna be happy when she wakes up. This is all on you."

"Yeah, yeah. She's not even hurt that bad, just a bump on the head."

"I don't know, I mean she passed out and that's not a good sign, she might need to go to a hospital." Jet's eyebrows knitted together in concern as he placed a small bandage over the cut on the girls forehead and gathered everything up. "Did you check to see if she had any identification on her?"

"Her purse is in the grocery bag." It was just then that Jet noticed the bags Spike had carried in with him, two paper bags with food hastily stuffed in and a worn leather purse with a long strap. "Didn't really feel right going through it."

Jet rolled his eyes and mumbled under his breath as he grabbed the bag and searched it for anything that could give them a hint of who the little blond was and what to do with her.

"What'd you find?" Spike questioned leaning in to take a look for himself.

"Nothing much. A pack of gun, some lipstick and this," He held up a star shaped locket handing from rusty gold chain, "It's engraved on the back, but all I can make out is 'Usagi'. Think thats her name?"

"It's a weird name, what language is that?" Spike snatched the locket from Jet and inspected it. He pushed a small button on the side and the top popped open and a soft melody began to play. The blond groaned and shifted at the sound, her eyes slowly fluttered open. Spike quickly snapped the locket shut and dropped it in his lap.

"Ugh, what happened?" She moaned and held her head in her hands as she sat up. She looked up and caught Spike's gaze. She looked scared at first, but then her face blushed bright red and a sharp smack sounded throughout the ship.

"You jerk!" She cried and quickly jumped to her feet only to end up on her butt next to Jet who still sat on the floor by the table, the contents of her purse spread out before him. If possible her face only turned more crimson.

"Where am I? Why the hell did you knock me over, and why the hell are you going through my purse?" Tears started to form in her eyes as she looked frantically between the two.

"Woah, miss. Calm down. We aren't gonna hurt you, we were just trying to find out who you were." Jet stood and then offered his hand to Usagi. She eyed it warily but allowed him to help her up.

"That still doesn't answer why I'm here or even where here is exactly!"

"I couldn't just leave you lying in the street, so I brought you to our ship until you woke up." Spike said through the smoke of his last drag. He snubbed his cigarette out in the overflowing ash tray and leaned back on the couch.

"Well, I wanna go home now." She coughed and waved the smoke that drifted towards her away.

"Do you live close by?" Jet asked gently, trying to calm the poor girl down.

"I...I don't know." Her lower lip trembled and her eyes watered as she looked up to Jet, her face filled with fear. "All I remember is the alleyway, and you running in to me!" Her head snapped back to Spike, only now her eyes held anger as the tears spilled down her cheeks. "I can't remember what I had been doing or where I was going! I don't even remember where we are!" She fell back on to the couch as she sobbed in to her hands.

"Do you remember your name?" Jet asked as he put a hand on Usagi's quivering shoulders while eying the locket in Spikes lap.

"N-no. I can't. I can't even remember my name! Oh god." Her wails grew louder and the two men cringed. Spike picked up the locket once more and set it Usagi's lap.

"This was in your bag, it's engraved with 'Usagi' on the back." The blond moved her hands down to the worn piece of jewelry and turned it over. Her thumb ran across the fading letters.

"Do you think thats my name?" She looked up with hopeful eyes then glanced warily at her purse. "There wasn't anything else?" Jet shook his head and her eyes watered once more.

Before anyone could speak the door opened with a loud bang and a violet haired woman dressed in a tiny yellow outfit sauntered in.

"Jet, what's for dinner I'm starving." She said as she took no notice of the new arrival and started for the kitchen.

"Get your own dam dinner, Faye, I'm busy." Faye turned on her heel and took in the blond that was crying under the big mans hand. Her eyebrow raised in curiosity.

"Whose she? And why is she crying? Did you knock her up?" She said with a sarcastic grin. Jet's cheeks turned bright red and he snatched his hand off the girls back he was about to snap back at the scantier dressed woman but Spike jumped in.

"I ran in to her while I was after a bounty and knocked her out. She's got amnesia." Usagi only wailed louder at the word and dropped her head in to her bare knees. Spike cringed slightly but then shrugged his shoulders at a shocked Faye.

"Well what the hell are we gonna do with her?" She put her hands on her hips and glared at the other woman. "Why not just dump her at the hospital?"

Jet looked appalled at that idea and quickly stood.

"Damn it Faye, would it kill ya to be a bit more sensitive? We can't just 'dump' her out on her own. She doesn't have a cent on her and I doubt you've got anything to donate!" The two started bickering back and forth, completely forgetting about Spike and the blond that caused the argument.

Usagi had stopped crying, but still had her head rested against her knees, sniffling just slightly. She was cold, wet, and scared and stuck on a ship in god knows where with a bunch of strangers. She looked up as she felt Spikes eyes on her and a shiver ran down her spine when she once again stared in to his mismatched eyes. She blinked and looked away her cheeks warmed when she noticed he still stared.

"You should shower and change in to dry clothes."

Faye and Jet stopped their arguing when Spike spoke. He stood and offered his hand to Usagi who took it nervously. They stood in an awkward silence for a moment until Usagi's stomach growled loudly causing her to blush.

"If you don't mind I could make something to eat with the groceries you had..." Jet pointed to the forgotten bags.

"Oh, those were mine? S-sure." Jet nodded at the answer and hauled the groceries in to the Bebops small kitchen. Faye just rolled her eyes and mumbled under her breath about no one wearing her clothes and stalked off to her room. Spike glared at her as she left but then turned back to Usagi and motioned for her to follow him.

"Come on. The shower is this way." Usagi simply nodded and jogged slightly to keep up with Spikes longer strides. She should have been furious at this man, he was the reason she couldn't even remember her own name, but she didn't have any other choice than to accept the help the two men were giving her.

She didn't know if she should feel scared or even anxious that she couldn't remember anything before her fall, but something about this ship and these people put her at ease. She felt like she'd be safe here with this man, who she hadn't even formally met.

"What's your name?" She asked as she caught up to his side and grabbed his arm, slowing his pace. Spike looked down at her and laughed lightly.

"Spike." Usagi nodded and let his arm go with a slight blush when they reached the shower room.

"It's nice to meet you Spike."

"Pleasure," He said as he pulled out another cigarette and put it to his lips. She crinkled her nose at this but smiled and bowed to Spike before closing the door between then. Spike turned when he heard the water start but spared a quick glance at the door. Shaking his head he walked down the hall in search of clothes for the small girl. He had an unsettling feeling she'd be with them for a while.

Alright, so a while back I tried writing a SM/Bebop story, but it was complete shit. I didn't even want to try and rewrite it so I decided to start from scratch!

I really like the idea of these two series together partially because Sailor Moon and Cowboy Bebop were my two favorite animes growing up, but I also feel that something about Usagi works so well in the Bebop world.

But anyways, let me know what you think, I mean I'm gonna keep writing either way but feedback helps keep me motivated, lol.


See ya Space Cowboy.