Dark Side of the Moon

Chapter 4

Spike Spiegal was a man who enjoy his sleep and above all else hated three things.

Animals, kids, and woman with attitudes.

When such a man spends the night on a lumpy, musty couch wakes to the sounds of a barking dog, a whining kid, and a womans unrelenting bitching it doesn't make for a good situation.

"Will all you just shut up?" The lanky bounty hunter yelled as he grasped his head in agony and rolled himself off the couch. Bad move. Faye stomped over to him, eyes burning with anger, and got in to his face.

"You have no right to complain, you lunkhead! If you were more careful and knew how to do your job we wouldn't be in this situation!" Faye snarled as she wagged a limp cucumber slice at him, from the looks of it she'd stormed out here fresh from the bath, not bothering to wash the face mask off or change from her plush bathrobe.

"What the hell is going on?" Spike looked to Jet for answers but the bald man just shook his head and pointed to their new guest and the small, ferociously barking dog being held back by Ed. Usagi was out again, her eyes blank and lifeless as she sat perfectly still on the floor just outside the kitchen.

Poor Ed could hardly contain the small corgi who was trying with all the might in his tiny legs to get to the frozen blond Before Spike could make his way around the furious woman in front of him Ein managed to rip his collar and charge Usagi.

"EIN FRIEND! Nonono!"

No one was quick enough to stop him from jumping on to the blonds chest. The two collapsed to the ground, the shock seemed to snapped Usagi from her trance and she gazed in to the dogs eyes.

"It's okay, Ein. I'm okay."

The small dog let out a yip and gave the small woman a wet nosed kiss on the cheek before scampering off to the kitchen to finish his own breakfast. The rest of the crew just stared as Usagi dusted herself off and stood up. Ed looked between the blond and the remains of the collar she held in her hands. Her eyes grew serious and calculating.

"Ein remembers the Bunny, but Bunny doesn't remember Ein." She mumbled in a voice that caused everyone to double take. As soon as it happened though she was back to her goofy babbling ways as she shoveled scrambled eggs in to her mouth and fiddled with her Tomato.

"This girls is causing more trouble than she's worth. Either you get rid of her or I'm out of here!" Faye stated with a hand on her hip and a devious smirk. She had history with these guys, no way they'd choose the blond with the funny hair.

"Well maybe you should get packing then, besides this is just a drop in the bucket that you hauled in." Spike pushed past her and followed his nose to the kitchen, scooping up the last of the eggs. He could almost see the appalled look on Faye's face as she stormed off to her room. Minutes later the heavy clang of her door slamming echoed through the Bebop.

"I'm so sorry, she's right! I don't want to cause any more trouble for you! I-I-" The small blond burst in to tears and ran back to Spikes room, where she spent the night, leaving her breakfast forgotten on the table next to Jets. The big man made a move to follow, but grumbled about woman and their emotions and took his plate up to his own room.

Maybe they all just needed a good time out.

"This is your problem, Spike."

"Yeah, yeah."

Heavy sobs shook the Usagi's small frame as she laid in the fetal position on the large bed. Why couldn't she remember anything about herself? Memories can't just disappear like that...Why couldn't she just remember one thing. It was torture not even knowing how old you were, if anyone missed you, or even if there was anyone to realize she was gone.

The last thing she remembered before waking up on the Bebop was the rain. It had just started pouring. Was she hurrying to get home? Jet mentioned she had groceries with her. Was there a family waiting for her to come home with dinner? Were they hungry?

With a long sigh she reached under the pillow and pulled out the locket. She pressed on the delicate gold switch and it flipped open, a soft melody filled the air.

"It's so sad," she whispered, running her fingers over the smooth surface, admiring the tiny moon that spun around inside. The faint glow it emitted brought a vision of a crystalline palace, a regal looking woman with lavender hair tied up in a strange fashion laughing at a small blond in a white dress with a distressed looking black cat in her arms.

"Okaasan?" Her eyes glazed over as she was flooded with another memory, a darker one.

"You're going to destroy the moon!"

"It's what the people want!"

"Save us, Serenity. Save us."

Her head pounded as the words screamed through her head. Over and over. She grabbed at her hair causing the band that held it up to break. The blond locks cascaded around her, floating around her gently. Her forehead burned and she felt like her heart was trying to escape her chest.

"Tomare!" She screamed for the pain to stop. For the memories to leave her alone, "tomare kudasai."

She snapped the locket closed and hurled it across the room, but she didn't hear it hit the metal walls, instead it landed with a thud against a very confused Spike. She looked at him as tears dripped down her cheeks and her chest heaved.

"I'm so scared, Spike. I don't know what they want from me." He crossed the room and wrapped her in his arms, she was shaking like a leaf, her whole body felt cold. "None of this makes sense."

Spike woke with a start. He glanced down at Usagi, still sleeping in his arms. Her hair clung to streaks of dried tears on her cheeks, her eyes still faintly red. She'd been so distraught when he came in to talk to her, normally he wasn't one for crying women but he'd done this too her.

He wanted to wake her, figure out what she meant by 'they'. Had her memories come back? Or was she really just a nutjob like Faye said. The emotion in her eyes had been so real, so powerful he swore his own chest held the ache of her pain.

Then again, the girl had a wicked throwing arm.

His light chuckled stirred her slightly, but with a sigh she settled back against him. He sighed and made himself comfortable, she needed sleep and he wasn't gonna pass up an opportunity to catch a few winks of his own.

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