A few Christmas time wee!Winchester fics. With wee Gabriel, Cas, Michael, and Lucifer thrown on there for some added fun.

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairings: Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel, Michael/Lucifer(sort of)

Warnings: Wee!Winchesters and Wee!Everyone else.

AN: Okay so I was at work and this lady mentioned to me that she had to get all this shiz for her sons Christmas party, because he's in kindergarten and she has to make it special and everything. That's parts not really important. But anyways that got me thinking about how the Supernatural peeps would spend Christmas, and more importantly how they would spend Christmas if they were all in the same Kindergarten class together. Because we all remember our Christmas parties from when we were little and we shyly gave presents to those little boys/girls we thought we cute. Well I do anyways.


With a small smile, Castiel the single weirdest kid in class according to Dean Winchester, handed the said Dean an immaculately wrapped present. "I believe it is tradition to exchange presents with someone you like."

Eyeing the present with suspicion Dean almost hesitated in taking it, but his curious five year old self couldn't help but snag it out Castiel's hand. Eagerly tearing the pristine wrapping paper that landed unceremoniously in crumbled shreds on the carpeted ground Dean's eyes lit up when he saw what was contained inside.

"Pie!" Dean grinned as he held up the small pie that fit perfectly in the palm of his hand. "You got me pie for Christmas?"

Nodding Castiel watched as Dean tore open the box and nearly shoved the entire pie into his small mouth causing crumbs and a few stray cherries to fall onto his shirt. The faint smile grew a bit large as Dean closed his eyes and finished rest the pie. Satisfied that Dean had liked his present, his brother had told him the way to Dean's heart was through his stomach, Castiel turned to leave when a small hand landed on his arm.

"Don't you want your present?" Dean asked softly.

Turning back to Dean Castiel nodded, digging into his pocket Dean pulled a small package that was crudely wrapped with duct tape and green wrapping paper. With delight and pride that only a five year old could muster Dean held it out on the palm of his hand to Castiel.

Carefully taking the small package Castiel slowly tore off the wrapping paper until only small pocketknife was left. "It's my favorite one" Dean said shyly as he turned it over in Castiel's hand "see it has my initials on it." Sure enough curved in small rough letters was D W. "You like it?" Dean asked his child insecurities creeping up when Castiel didn't say anything.

Wrapping the pocketknife up in his fist Castiel looked up at Dean with a broad smile "I love it."