A few Christmas time wee!Winchester fics. With wee Gabriel, Cas, Michael, and Lucifer thrown on there for some added fun.

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairings: Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel, Michael/Lucifer(sort of)

Warnings: Wee!Winchesters and Wee!Everyone else.

AN: Okay so I was at work and this lady mentioned to me that she had to get all this shiz for her sons Christmas party, because he's in kindergarten and she has to make it special and everything. That's parts not really important. But anyways that got me thinking about how the Supernatural peeps would spend Christmas, and more importantly how they would spend Christmas if they were all in the same Kindergarten class together. Because we all remember our Christmas parties from when we were little and we shyly gave presents to those little boys/girls we thought we cute. Well I do anyways.


"Why are you such a dumb head?" Michael yelled as he threw a block at Lucifer's head.

"Because you're such a stupid face!" Lucifer yelled back as he threw a Lego at Michael, both objects missed their intended targets.

"Take that back!" Michael yelled as he huffed and put his hands on his hips.

"No!" Lucifer shot back copying Michael's stance. "I'm not taking it back because it's true."

"No it's not…you're a lying lair head!" Michael yelled as he stalked up to Lucifer who dropped his arms to his sides.

"Well you're a jerky mcjerk face" Lucifer countered glaring at Michael.

Yelling with anger Michael leaped at Lucifer, his five year old body propelled him forward enough to knock over Lucifer and they both landed in a heap on the ground. Rolling around both threw insults at each other as they pulled at each other's hair and clothes.

"Hey! You two knock it off right now!" The teacher yelled as she ran over to the two fighting boys and pulled them apart. "Why are you two fighting this time?" The teacher asked eyeing each boy suspiciously.

"Lucifer stole my candy cane" Michael huffed out pointing an accusing finger at Lucifer who looked affronted at the accusation. "And he won't give it back."

"I did not!" Lucifer yelled to the teacher "he's lying, he's just mad because no one gave him a present."

"If I'm mad then so are you…because no one gave you a present because you're stinky dumbo."

"There's no reason to talk like that" the teacher scolded Michael. "And Lucifer I thought you said you brought a present for Michael?"

Lucifer's entire face turned red "I was gonna give it to him later" he mumbled under his breath.

Smiling patiently the teacher ruffled Lucifer's hair "Why don't you give it to him now."

Glaring at Michael Lucifer turned and stomped away to his cubby to retrieve his present, the teacher smiling signaled for Michael to follow him.

When Michael reached where Lucifer was standing Lucifer roughly shoved the small box at Michael, the package was wrapped in black wrapping paper "here." Opening the present Michael grinned at the small little heart shaped rock inside that was painted black.

"I got you a present too" Michael said as he reached into his own backpack, which was a cubby away from Lucifer's and handed Lucifer a small package that was wrapped in silver wrapping paper.

Surprise on his face Lucifer unwrapped the present and peered inside the box, inside was small glass heart. He tried but failed to hide the small "Your present is dumb."

"Well so is yours" Michael countered even as he clutched the rock to his chest.

AN2: Ahhhh and that is all the fluff that I can handle. This is me in the Christmas mood. Writing horribly fluffy and smoochy Supernatural fics where has my life gone? Lol. Anyways I was wondering if possible, maybe, if anyone was bored enough, if someone would be nice enough to draw chibby versions of the peeps mentioned in this story for me. I have these insane pictures of everyone in chibby version acting out these stories. And I can't draw worth beans. Seriously my drawings look a toddler got a hold of a pen and drew on the wall. So yes if anyone is bored enough to draw some chibby pics for me I would forever love them. And I'd be more than willing to trade some fics for pics! That is if they would want to. LOL okay enough of my begging. Review and leave comments, critics! I survive off these. No seriously I really do!