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- Aboard the Avenger 10-5.
- 8:50 P.M. July 24th, 2557.

Running through the halls of the Avenger 10-5, Doctor Johanna Wilcox desperately searched for solitude within the desolate cruiser as the sound of relentless hunger from her pursuers followed her everywhere she went. The handgun she held in her hand was down to it's last clip, and Johanna knew without a doubt that she'd turn the gun on herself before she would allow herself to be taken by the abominations that walked that halls of the cruiser.

She kept a firm grip on the gun and sighed in annoyance as she came to a stop in front of one of the locked doors. Pointing the gun behind her Johanna quickly began to type away on the small key-pad to hopefully get the door open.

Behind her a soft moan erupted as the slow, sluggish walking cadaver of a security guard came shambling around the corner after her. Johanna pointed the gun behind her and pulled the trigger, being rewarded with the small cry of pain as the husk tumbled to the ground. Slamming the access button to the keypad Johanna smiled when the door opened and she headed for the ladder that would take hers to the second floor. Upon reaching the top she ran down the small balcony and to where the door was at.

It was so strange to her, how quiet the ship was.

In just the two days since they'd taken on the S.O.S. call from a lone ship out in the middle of space everyone had been fine, that was until they'd discovered that there was a viral infection in one of the survivors bloodstreams and had turned them into some kind of walking, flesh eating monster.

When they'd first realized that there was in fact something dangerous aboard the ship they'd done their best to control it but it was to no Vail. None of them had guessed that the viral strain would spread so quickly in such a short time. Half of the staff were infected and almost the entire unit of grunts were killed within the first two hours. She figured that it had to be transmitted through fluids, because if it weren't then the only alternative was an airborne pathogen. However, that would also mean that she was infected—which she wasn't.

Johanna had no idea exactly who else was alive on the cruiser, but if she had to guess she would say that she was the only one left. The last two hours she'd heard gunfire from the hangar bay, but they hadn't repeated themselves. Either whoever it was was dead, or they'd holed themselves up somewhere and didn't want their presence to be known. Not that she blamed them, just the barest of sound attracted those things.

From behind several of the monsters were already gathering around the landing pad just below her. There was an elevator on that level, one she didn't use incase there'd been any on the second floor and was hoping that they didn't know how to use them. The last thing Johanna needed right now was for the damn things to grow an IQ.

"Come on," She muttered as she walked down the walkway and turned onto the next hall.

Halfway down the hall there was a small group of about five of them, Johanna knew that there was no alternative of getting to the command bridge and that them blocking her way seemed as if they were trying to purposely blockade her from calling for help.

"Like hell you will," She muttered as she walked down the hallway, her lab coat trailing behind her.

In just under a minute Johanna had run dry on ammo from shooting the zombies, but at least they were out of the way.

She stepped over the bodies and continued down the corridor, stopping to look both ways to see if it was clear before walking onto the next junction. Opening up the door to the command Bridge Johanna quickly made her way across the bridge and over to where the control panel was at. She stuffed the empty gun into her lab coat then began to try and see what she could do about getting in contact with someone.

Johanna sighed in disgust as she looked at the controls. They were awashed in the blood of the commanding officer of the ship, he'd been one of the first to die. She'd actually been there with him and four other soldiers when all of the chaos had started. He'd come back in less than two minutes, attacking the soldiers and slaughtering them all.

Once she had put in the password to access the communications box Johanna walked over to where it was at and grabbed the mic.

"This is Avenger 10-5. Mayday, we need assistance." She said into the mic. "All passengers aboard except myself have been killed, I need an evac. Please respond."

Johanna knew that there probably wasn't going to be a response. They'd been without contact from any vessel for twelve hours now and were probably considered dead. But that didn't mean that she was out of options as far as escaping.

There were at least four escape pods in the landing pad of the cruiser and was sure that there was at least one left. Johanna knew that she could make it, but if she were to get past those things in the corridors of the ship then she was going to need a new weapon since her handgun was out. Heading for the door Johanna figured that she would have to make a trip down to the armory. Which thankfully was just two doors down.

Stepping through the door she scanned the surrounding area and removed herself from the relatively cover of the room. She started down the walkway and to the left, heading to where the armory was at and pushed it open, stepping back as a freezing wind swept past her, sending a chill down her spine. Stepping through the door Johanna felt her bare skin cool as she entered the freezer-like hall.

To her left was the room she was looking for and Johanna pushed the door open to see that she'd walked into the armory.

A light buzzed softly above her and she shut the door behind her, after making sure the room was clear of any threats she began to look around for anything she could use. Hell, some extra ammo for her gun would be just fine.

As Johanna had thought, the armory had been ransacked and was completely empty of any weapons, but thankfully she did find some ammo for her gun. With the extra ammo she could probably make it if she was careful to avoid any large groups of them.

She searched for several minutes, trying to find anything that would be useful for in case she encountered anything she'd need some extra firepower for and almost thought that there was nothing here until she found it on the third search. A MA5C was placed against the small chest in the room. She picked it up and checked it. Fully loaded and equipped with a sling. Johanna also had found a few extra clips next to it.

Stuffing the clips into her coat pocket Johanna turned back to the door and then walked out.

Her initial plan was to head back to the command bridge and see if she could gain access to the ventilation shaft from there and use that to get past most of the zombies that were on the ship.

Reentering the command bridge she walked over to where the ventilation was at and pried open the gate. She was about to climb in when suddenly there was a soft sound from behind her. Gripping the MA5C tightly she slowly turned around and stared wide eyed as a small figure came out from behind the crates against the wall.

"Oh, my god!" She pointed the rifle at the figure and then began to fire at it.

Well, here is the prologue.

In writing this, I didn't want it to be too obvious that there was a zombie outbreak aboard the Avenger 10-5, but I also wanted to supply enough information that you knew it was happening but don't know anything beyond that. I also gave a little bit of background onto how the outbreak occurred and plan to expand upon that as the story goes on.

Also, in the next chapter I will introduce the main cast of characters who are going to be in the story. Sadly, there will be no canon characters in this story as I thought it would be unfair to the inital point of the story if there was an overpowered character who pretty much put everyone else in the story to shame.

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