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Chapter III: First Encounter

Starting out the door, Jacob ordered McGee, Pierce and Keith to stay in the room while him and Hall went to find the others. Keith had protested at first, but once they'd finally settled on it he seemed satisfied to know his friend was being well looked after by a top notch marksman. Outside the door they followed the hall to the left, Jacob had told them to go check out the Barracks, so that was where the two of them were heading to first.

When they reached the end of the hall, the two of them edged around the corner with their rifle's out in front. Whatever had happened to Doctor Wilcox, there was no way in hell they were going to let it happen to the two of them. Nor any of the others if they could help it.

Up ahead Jacob could hear something, like the soft sound of water dripping from a pipe. The only problem was that this hallway had no pipes on the wall or ceiling, so it had to be something else. Signaling for Hall to take rear he started forward, turning on the light to his rifle so that he could see further ahead incase they ran into anything.

Walking down the dark hallway, Jacob staffed with the hall. He didn't want to get a surprise from anything if he could help it, something wasn't right about this place and his men could die if he wasn't on edge.

"Sir, I think I see something." Hall said as they came to a stop.

"What is it?" Jacob asked, his voice barely a whisper.

Jacob thought he could hear someone moaning up ahead, like maybe someone was in trouble. Looking over at Hall the two of them started forward. They were heading down the hall when the door to their right suddenly slammed shut, as if someone was on the other side of it. Immediately the two soldiers ran up to the door each taking a side. Jacob looked over at Hall and then the two of them stormed into the room. He looked around, using the light from his gun to illuminate the room.

Whatever was in the room they couldn't see it though, maybe it had just been the wind. The air ducts in the room were open and it could've just been the air that had caused the noise. But then there was still the moaning they'd heard. Something about that just wasn't right.

"Stokes, come in." Jacob said into his radio. "Do you read? Over."

"Yes, this is Stokes." The radio crackled. "What's up? Over."

"Something's not right about this place, we found someone who told us they were attacked by..."

"Hold on, we found someone." Stokes said in his radio. "Hey, are you—oh shit! Fire! Fire!"

Gunfire could be heard from somewhere in the distance, followed by the loud screaming of men who were surely being attacked. Looking over at Hall, the two of them took off down the hallway to get to where the team was at. When they reached the turn in the hall they soon came to a stop, their path blocked by the most disgusting thing Jacob had ever seen before.

Standing in front of them was the crew of the ship, or at least what was left of them anyways. He didn't get it though, they looked as if they were rotting off of their bones but yet they were walking towards them. Stained lab coats, torn limbs. It was like someone had taken a gun to them and torn them apart. Black blood was crusted all over them, their eyes by far were the most obscured feature of all. They were glowing red, like a devil was possessing them or something.

Taking a step back, Jacob knew that he didn't want to even get close to them. There was just something about the way they were staring at him and Hall, that just screamed at him, telling him to turn around and run.

"Hey, are you guys—" Hall began as he stepped forward.

"Don't!" Jacob yelled, but he was too late.

One lunged forward at Hall and grabbed onto him, tearing into his neck as blood sprayed all around. It was like a beacon to those damn things as they all started running at him and knocked the poor soldier to the ground as they made a meal out of him. Turning around Jacob shouldered his rifle and began to run for his life, the screams coming from Hall enough to pump his legs to go faster.

When he reached the corner he stumbled over an overturned chair, nearly loosing his balance and crashing to the floor. He could hear gunfire coming from behind him, it was Hall no doubt, but as quickly as it had come, it was gone. He reached the end of the hall and turned around, bringing the rifle in front of him and waiting silently for the things to come. His hear was beating heavily in his ears, the moaning faintly heard over it.

Taking aim as they began to walk around the corner, Jacob began to fire. The bullets ripped into the people, like they felt no pain and from the way they were still coming at him, they were oblivious to the latter. He decided to back up, taking five steps backwards and firing for five seconds. Jacob repeated this tactic down the hallway, picking them off one at a time, taking out their legs.

Grabbing for his handgun he turned and fired into the crowd as he ran, the crackle of his radio filled with howling and distress calls from the team that he'd sent with Stokes. There was no time to answer it though, the thing's were right behind him. He had to get to where Keith, McGee and Pierce were or else he was really going to be one fucked man.

Looking around he grabbed some electrical wire that was hanging down from the ceiling and looked to his right, over at where the dripping had been coming from earlier. He stretched out the wires and threw them down onto the wet spot, sparks flying and an electrical current flowing through the water. When they walked over it, Jacob smirked as they lit up like wood, the current flowing through them and pulverizing, and blackening what skin they still had left.

Stumbling blindly through the hallway Jacob finally reached the room where the three soldiers were at and slammed into the door, crashing through and landing on the floor heaving.

"What the hell happened to you?" Keith said as the three soldiers ran over to where he was at.

McGee was knelt next to him in under a second and already checking for any wounds. "There seems to be nothing wrong with him."

"H-Hall," Jacob choked out.

"Where is he?" Pierce asked.

The three men looked at their leader for some kind of answer, but all they got was nothing but shock written all over his face. McGee though, looked to be the most concerned one. With his background being in the medical practice, he knew Jacob looked a little out of it.

But that wasn't the case with him. No, Jacob wasn't screwed up in the head just yet. When he told them what happened to Hall though, they surely were going to think that he was. Not that he'd blame them. Hell, if not for seeing it with his own eyes he himself would think that he was fucked up in the head.

"T-They ate him," He muttered, the words pooling out like a bad taste in his mouth.

"Ate?" Keith said in confusion.

Both Pierce and Keith started laughing, thinking that Jacob was probably trying to play a prank on them. Of course, that was until they heard the screaming from next to them. Doctor Wilcox was suddenly up off the floor and was biting into McGee's arm like it was a cabob. Keith grabbed her by her shoulders and threw her to the ground.

"Don't move!" He screamed, pointing his rifle at her.

The doctor, who was slowly getting to her feet let out a vicious roar that was deafening in the small room and she launched herself at Keith and Pierce who began to pump her full of lead. She took off running at them and was thrown back to the ground by the gunfire, gurgling sounds could be heard rising up from her throat.

Both soldiers quickly pulled out some wires from the room and cuffed her hands and legs before throwing her outside. Slamming the door shut and pushing several crates in front of it they walked over to McGee who was tending to his injured arm. It was bleeding profusely, like it might not stop bleeding unless they got him some serious medical attention. A wound like this, he'd bleed out in five hours if unattended.

"You, okay?" Pierce asked, changing out the spent magazine on his rifle.

"Yea," McGee said as he began to bandage it with the medical equipment he had. "Just need to stop the bleeding."

Jacob slowly got to his feet and looked down at his handgun that was in his holster. The tip was still quite hot from shooting at those damn things, but seeing Wilcox like he had just seen her, there was no denying what they were up against. Although it went against everything that he believed in, there was just no other alternative. The decaying skin, moaning, eating human flesh, they were fucking zombies.

He glanced over at the others who seemed to be preoccupied with making sure that McGee was okay. Jacob could see that he was tending to a wound on his arm. He began to wonder if any of the others that were with Stokes were okay, or maybe had turned out like Hall.

"What the fuck just happened?" McGee asked, glancing over at Jacob.

Jacob shook his head and stood up, "Hell if I know."

He walked over to the door to make sure that it was shut and then jumped back, falling over the dead body of Wilcox as he heard people began to beat on the door. Jacob instinctively reached for his handgun as Pierce and Keith joined him.

"Great, so we're blocked off now!" Pierce shouted as he kicked the wall, bending a pipe.

"So what do you suggest we do?" Keith asked as he leaned against the wall.

Looking around the room, Jacob tried to think of a place where they could get out of the room at. He knew that the room had no other doors, but that also didn't stop him from wondering if maybe there was the possibility of an alternative exit. Jacob glanced around, his gaze resting on the vent on the other side of the room where they had found Doctor Wilcox at.

A smirk came to his face as he walked over to where it was at and glanced inside. It looked big enough for each of them to fit through, maybe tight for Keith considering how big he was but it wouldn't be anything worth complaining about.

"Guy's, I found our exit."

Please forgive me for this chapter being so short, but I felt like their first encounter should be short and to the point of what is going on on the cruiser. Also, for those who wish to know, not everyone but them four are dead. Some of the others will have made it and will be appearing shortly in the future.

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