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Emily crouched down in the snow behind a small bush, shuffling clumps of ice under her feet. A pile of perfectly-formed snowballs lay to her right, within reach. Her eyes darted between the opening door in front of her, the splatter of blood on the floor, and the snowball which was currently being passed from hand to hand.

"Hey, Prentiss, you coming or what?" Morgan called as he and the team stepped outside. He had the door open, and was waiting for Emily to come outside.

Garcia shivered. "Derek, are you blind, or did you not just see her go outside? Like five minutes ago? Before us?"

Morgan's shoulders slumped. "She left." If she hadn't been hiding, Prentiss would have had a whale of a time teasing him about the dejected look he wore. As it was, she stuffed her fist in her mouth to hold in her laughter.

And managed to hit herself in the face with her own snowball.

My IQ is unrivalled, she thought sarcastically.

"What was that?" Hotch asked, eyebrow raised. The unit chief was the only one whose teeth weren't chattering. Emily hurriedly grabbed another snowball from her pile, wiping her mouth on her sleeve as she did so.

"I bet she's hiding," JJ said, surveying the parking lot with new-found interest. "That would be the type of thing she'd find funny."

Morgan immediately perked up. "Here, Prenty-Prentiss...Here, girl..."

Prenty-Prentiss? She rubbed the ball in her hands, jaw set. You and me, we're going to freeze that bald egg-head...

Reid came closer to her bush, his glancing around- just as she knew they would. "Hey guys?"

Morgan didn't look up, completely occupied in his attempt to antagonize his colleague. He walked closer to where she was hidden, arms outstretched. "Come on, Emsy...I've got chocolate...Here, Emmelina..."

EMMELINA? Oh, he's so gonna get it now...She struggled to decide whether to aim for his head or his groin.

"Guys!" Reid tried again.

"Here, Emmikins..."

That's it. Crotch it is.


"What is it, Reid?" Hotch asked, walking over stonily, his hands firmly in his pockets.

"Blood."The word seemed to resonate through the empty parking lot, and effectively stopped Morgan halfway through a "Come here, Emmy-pop".

"Whose blood?" JJ asked, earning her a sigh from Morgan.

"JJ, we just found it," he said, using the dig to hide his worry. "How are we supposed to know?" Rolling his eyes, he sighed again. "Honestly! Blondes!"

JJ flattened her hand and raised her hand to hit him, but Hotch stopped her with a look. "Right, sorry-the blood. Focused. Continue."

The team knelt down in a circle around the spatter of blood, and Emily's face fell as she saw Morgan prepare to crouch down behind Rossi.

No! Move! That's right...yes...a little more...No, the other way! Yes! Yes! Perfect!

As Morgan crouched down with his back to the bush, a snowball whizzed through the air and smacked him on his shiny bald head.

He swore and stood up, gun drawn, only to have a slightly gentler one hit his crotch. He doubled over, gasping. "Who the fuck was that?"

Emily jumped out of the bushes, armed and smiling brightly. "Emmy-pop!"

JJ and Garcia cheered. "Go, Em! Shotgun on her team!" They both ran over to take cover behind her bush as Rossi, Reid and Morgan bent down to gather ammo.

"We need cover! Protect your balls and run like hell!" Rossi hissed, as the girls made short work of Emily's ready-made ammunition. "Move move move!" They ran to the clump of bushes a few metres away from the girls' bush and ducked behind it.

Leaving Hotch alone in no-man's land.

The unit chief paled as six snowballs hit him all at once- three aimed at the men, and three aimed at the women.

Apparently, his team couldn't aim.

"Stop!" He spluttered, fielding flying balls of ice from every direction. Six heads popped out of the bushes, assessed the situation, and re-aimed.

And they hit him all over again. He could see there really wasn't any choice but to pick a side and get revenge. Quickly surveying the two teams, he weighed the pros and cons.

If I go on the boys' team, he thought, I'm stuck with Reid, who can't aim to save his life. But then, they have Morgan, who can throw curveballs with snowballs. And if I go on the girls' team, I will never hear the end of it.

His mind made up, he darted to the bushes and dived behind one just as a snowball zoomed past his ear.

"What's our plan?" he asked Morgan, who shrugged.

"Get 'em good." He dropped a large pile of snowballs in Hotch's hands. "I'm going in to their base. Cover me."

He leapt up and ran for the girls' bushes, his heroic attempt marred by the dozens of snowballs hit at him from all directions.

During his spectacularly-failed run, Morgan learned five things:

1- When excited, girls appear to grow five arms each.

2- Each of those five arms has super-speed, and can throw fifty snowballs a minute.

3- Sprinting into cross-fire with the best of intentions does not magically make you immune to snowballs.

4- Being hit from the front and back at the same time is not pleasant. At all.

5- Hotch cannot aim.

The last discovery was made when he realized that 20% of the snowballs- namely, the ones raining down on his head and back- were gifts from his unit chief, who was supposed to be on his team!

Meanwhile, at the girls' bush, Emily was huddled with JJ and Garcia. "Okay, none of them can aim. Let's all just grab a mountain each and ambush their base."

They quickly patted mushy clumps of snow into what resembled balls, and stood up, just as Rossi, Reid and Hotch appeared out of their bushes, armed with their own snowballs.

"FIRE!" Garcia ordered, charging ahead into the flurry of snowballs. "Fire with cold! Fire with ice! Fire with- oomph!" She groaned as Reid struck her torso. "Oh, I will get you for that, my little- oomph!" She fired a snowball at Reid in retaliation, but missed and hit Rossi instead. He and Reid focused on Garcia.

JJ, Emily, Hotch and Morgan were circling each other, sending snowballs flying in every direction.

"Garcia!" JJ yelled suddenly, dropping her snowballs and running forward. "Now!"

She and Emily dropped their snowballs and simultaneously rammed into Hotch, who stumbled backwards into Morgan. Garcia threw a double-whammy, sending Rossi flying into Morgan, who let out a painful groan.

Garcia turned to look at Reid, snowball at the ready. She pointed at him. "Want to keep your trouser trout, then I suggest you park yourself under Rossi." His eyes widened, and he scurried under Rossi's leg.

Emily and JJ cackled with laughter, falling onto the ground as they took pictures of their colleagues tangled in each other's limbs. None of them noticed Morgan and Hotch pull themselves out of the pile and creep towards them, packing ice tightly into little balls.

"GET 'EM!" Morgan yelled, hitting Emily square in the face. Rossi attacked Garcia, while Reid and Hotch ambushed JJ, stealing her phone and deleting every picture. Morgan ran after Emily, who was attempting to run and find cover. "Oh no you don't!"

He leapt at her, pushing her onto the ground and straddling her. She rolled them over so she was on top, trying to get away, but he kept her pinned down against him, laughing.

"Okay, that's enough now," Hotch ordered, smiling slightly as he handed JJ back her cell phone, adding a clump of snow on her head for good measure.

Emily struggled to get free. "You heard him, Morgan."

He grinned widely, gripping her wrists tightly. "Oh, I don't think so, princess. You know what I want to hear."

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Oh, you don't?" he repeated teasingly. "Then I guess I'll just have to stuff this down someone's neck and-"

"Don't you dare!" she shrieked, twisting away from the snow in his hand, which was dangerously close to her coat collar.

"You know what I want..."

She scowled, but a smile threatened to tug its way back onto her face. "Fine. You win," she muttered under her breath.

"What was that Emmsy?"

"You win!"

He loosened his grip and she tackled him, rolling over him and making sure her elbows hit him in all the right places.

"That's enough," Hotch repeated more firmly, although his lips quirked upwards.

They stood up, brushing snow off themselves. Reid, Rossi, Hotch, JJ and Garcia trudged into the BAU, and Emily started to follow them before Morgan stopped her by grabbing her wrist. She turned back questioningly.



His eyes were gazing deeply into hers, and she could feel him asking for permission. She swallowed and nodded.

His lips met hers, hesitantly at first. She returned his kiss tentatively as he gently ran his tongue over her bottom lip, asking for entrance. She opened her mouth and when she deepened the kiss, he pushed her up against a wall, passion replacing uncertainty.

He broke away first, and their eyes locked. Hers were filled with doubt, his with lust and love. "Emily..." he whispered hoarsely, before his cold lips met her soft, frozen ones again for a quick, gentle kiss, his hands running through her silky hair. They parted again, and this time it was her who broke the kiss.

"Derek, I-"

"Emily, I know you don't want to ruin our friendship or our work relationship, but I really like you, and I think this could work. No, don't argue," he said as she opened her mouth to speak. "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever met. You're smart, and funny, and witty, and gorgeous and you've got a killer body. Every time I see you I think I'm going to burst."

She shook her head, but she was smiling at the compliments.

"Emily, if we don't try, we'll never know if it could have worked. I really like you..." he nuzzled her neck. "So what do you say? Will you go out with me?"

She paused, trying to think but unable to because of the fire that was raging through her body.

I guess that answers it.


He grinned in delight, grabbing her hand as they walked into the BAU. "Hey, hold on..."


"Where did the blood come from?"

She laughed, pulling the door open and waving at their expectant team mates, who were shrugging off their coats. "That is for me to know, and you to find out."


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