'So…' Jack said, hands in pockets and swinging back and forth on his feet.

'Mmm…' Sam replied. There was an awkward silence.

'Nice of you to come along,' Jack offered.

'No problem, Sir.'

'Sorry that it wasn't all that exciting,' Jack said, looking at Sam with I'm-sorry eyes.

'Oh no, not at all! Not even an ancient time machine can bet a room full of Air Force generals on the excitement scale, Sir,' Sam replied, smiling. Jack couldn't help but laugh. 'Yes, well…' he said. The awkward silence returned.

Oh, stop being so scared!, he told himself. She doesn't bit—probably. Just ask her! She practically said 'yes' anyway; I mean, she ishere, after all. And what happened at the cabin… for fucks sake, man up!

'So…' Jack began. 'Do you…' he said, but was cut short by an untimely cough.

'Sir, are you OK?' Sam asked.

'Yeah, sorry. Holy Hannah,' he said to himself. Sam couldn't help but laugh. 'Sorry, I'm fine. Sam… do you wanna go get dinner?' he asked.

'I thought you'd never ask, Jack.'