"Bloody hell! You, Draco Malfoy, are in the wrong compartment." Hermione said filled with shock, standing by the compartment door.

"Don't raise your voice with me, you mudblood. You're the one in the wrong compartment." Malfoy spat back. Hermione didn't want to believe it but it was too bad to believe, Malfoy was made Head-Boy. She unknowingly fingered the gold badge that was pinned on her robes, the badge of the Head-Girl.

"You're a head girl, Granger? Well, this is some joke now, isn't it?" Malfoy sneered. Hermione glared at Malfoy with pure hatred.

"Are you just going to stare at me, Granger?" Malfoy asked with a mischievous smile.

"Don't test me, Malfoy." Hermione said, trying to add as much poison as she could in her voice.

"I'd like to see what a mudblood like you would do," Malfoy snickered.

"There must be a mistake," Hermione said, thinking deeply of the possibilities of what kind of life she would live with Malfoy in their own dorm and shuddered at the thought.

"I was pretty sure I would've been stuck with someone who had more, er, girl in her." Malfoy said in a taunting voice.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Hermione snapped.

"It means that I would have better fun if I was stuck with Longbottom than a mudblood," Malfoy retorted. When he saw that she wasn't going to say anything, he took out a quill and began writing as if nothing happened.

Hermione wanted to strangle him. His existence was a maddening thought alone; now she was going to be stuck with him for their 7th year.

Hermione took a deep breath and mentally chanted.

"I am Head-Girl and Malfoy does not exist"

This calmed her and opened her book and began to read. Books always seemed to do their magic with her. She forgot Malfoy was in the same room as her while reading. She was lost in thought reminiscing, when Harry, Ron and she used to the polyjuice potion. She remembered that they had used it to get information out of Malfoy. Her thoughts plummeted again once she came back to reality and saw that Malfoy was inside the cabin with her.

"What are you glaring for, mudblood?" Malfoy demanded, looking at Hermione. Hermione was about to retort when a knock on the door of their compartment was heard. They saw that the prefects were waiting outside. Hermione stood up while Malfoy continued to write.

"Is there a problem?" Hermione asked.

"Our schedule tells us we were going rounds in the train and you were to assign us where," A girl in Hufflepuff informed her.

"Right, right, I forgot about that." Hermione said. She saw that Malfoy would not be helping but she didn't care. She could prove to everyone she could handle being the Head alone, without Malfoy. She began giving them instructions and soon, they were patrolling around the train.

"Malfoy, we're supposed to patrol too," Hermione said. She was able to peek at what Malfoy was writing but all she saw were words being scratched out.

"Do it for me, will you, mudblood," Malfoy said, not looking up.

Hermione glared at him and slammed the compartment door with extra unnecessary force.

Hermione immediately went to Harry and Ron's compartment. He saw that they were with Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom and, Ginny Weasly.

"Hermione, our Head-Girl!" Neville announced. Hermione smiled weakly as she sat down beside Ginny.

"Who's our Head-Body?" Ron asked with curiosity.

All Hermione could do was groan. She was not in the mood to talk about Malfoy now that she was away from him.

"Draco Malfoy, isn't it?" Luna asked in her dreamy voice. No one said anything. Everyone looked at Hermione to which she replied but nodding solemnly.

Suddenly, there was a burst of noise from the compartment.

"NO! THERE MUST BE SOME KIND OF MISTAKE—"Ron shouted his eyes wide with shock and his face red.

"Afraid not," Hermione said quietly.


"I agree," Hermione said.


"I certainly hope so," she said with a groan


"Shut up, Ron." Hermione said.


"Shut up,"


"Ron! Shut up!"


"Shut up!"


"DAMN IT, RON, SHUT UP!" Hermione screamed. Ron flinched and saw Hermione glaring at him. He turned red and sat down again.

"Sorry, got carried away there," He mumbled. Hermione huffed and didn't say anything. She already knew and considered this stuff but Ron voicing it confirmed that she might be truly stuck with Malfoy for the entire year. She felt sick to the stomach thinking about it. Suddenly, being Head-Girl was not such a nice thing after all, at least, not while Malfoy is there.

"We'll talk to Dumbledore for you," Harry said, rubbing Hermione's shoulder.

"Thanks, I'd appreciate that," Hermione said.

"Good idea, Dumbledore seems to have a soft spot for Harry," Luna said.

"Blimey, a whole year with Malfoy," Neville murmured.

"We'll be here, Hermione," Ginny said, smiling.

Hermione smiled graciously at her friends. She might be living with Malfoy but she still had freat friends to depend onto. This thought gave her a sense of relief.

"Mudblood, we're supposed to lead the first-years," Malfoy said, appearing at the door. Ron stood up immediately by instinct.

"Don't call her that," Ron said, trying to tower over Malfoy although they were the same height.

"I'll call her whatever, I damn please," Malfoy spat. Hermione threw one last smile at her friends before she had to team up with Malfoy to lead the first-years.

Hermione caught Malfoy bullying a couple of them but she immediately stopped it with Malfoy calling her a mudblood. After they lead the first years to their houses, they both stood outside the door of Ravenclaw, where they dropped off the last batch of first years, unsure of what to do now.

Hermione stood awkwardly but Malfoy seemed undisturbed. Hermione was disturbed that It was the time for them to go to their own dorm which they were to live together with for the rest of the year.

"Hurry, mudblood, I'm not waiting for you" Malfoy said already a few feet ahead. Hermione caught up and silently walked with Malfoy until they found their dorm.

"Responsible heads" Hermione said as their password for their dorm.

The dorm was nothing special. It looked like the Gryffindor common room but smaller. It also had the flags of each house on the walls. There were 4 rooms; one room for Hermione, one for Malfoy and a bathroom for each. It was a cozy dorm but being there with Malfoy made the dorm seemed like a jail.

"I pick this room," Malfoy announced, moving his luggage in. Hermione didn't complain and started packing her stuff to the drawers. After half an hour or so, they were settled in at their new "home"

Hermione went to the main room and waited for Malfoy to get out. She had some things to discuss with him.

Finally, Malfoy went out.

"We need to talk," Hermione said. Malfoy sat on the couch in front of her and looked rather bored.

"This better be worth my time, mudblood,"

"Dorm rules," Hermione announced. Before she could start, Malfoy had snapped back up and beat her to it.

"Here are my rules, Granger; my stuff are not to be touched by your hands, you are not allowed to go to my room, keep your stuff away from mine and, you will most definitely, not eavesdrop on me or whatsoever, got that?" Malfoy said.

"What secret are you keeping?" Hermione said with a sly smile.

"That's my business, mudblood,"

"Oh and you're allowed to my room, if you would like some of me," Malfoy said with a smirk. Hermione took a while for the message to make sense in her head and when she finally did, she attacked Malfoy by slapping him.

"That is so—so, so disgusting!" She said furiously. Malfoy continued to smirk. Hermione now saw the hell she would be living in.

"Don't pretend, Granger. I know you fantasize about me," Malfoy said, his smirk bigger. Hermione couldn't believe what was going out of Malfoy's mouth. It was disgusting to live with let alone, fantasize him. Hermione, never ever ruined her dignity by thinking of sleeping with Malfoy. She never even thought about talking to him or acknowledges his existence. It was disgusting. Malfoy was disgusting.

"You will not come in my room, ever! You will not touch my stuff and you will stay out of my way!" Hermione spat angrily.

Hermione stood up and was about to stalk out but Malfoy grabbed her arm. She fell backwards and fell into Malfoy's lap, his arms wrapping around her waist. She squirmed and struggled to get out and considered gouging his eyes out but remembered she was a Head-Girl.

"Let go of me!" She demanded, struggling. She hit the side of Malfoy's head but he seemed undisturbed by it.

Out of breath, she glared at Malfoy's gray eyes that had the reflection of the fire from the fireplace beside them. Unbeknownst to her, she was just staring at Malfoy's eyes. The flame dancing around his eyes were mesmerizing.

After a minute or 10 minutes, Malfoy pushed her to the floor. Hermione stumbled and hit the floor.

Malfoy laughed and said, "Yup, mudblood has been fantasizing about me,"

Hermione, flustered, wanted to hit Malfoy but didn't risk being caught again.

She started to go in her room before Malfoy had called out,

"Granger! Don't let your thoughts get ahead of you. As if I would like a mudblood or sleep with one but you obviously seem to have no trouble with the thought of sleeping with me. It's never going to happen, Granger. I was just testing how easy you were for me," Malfoy laughed loudly.

Hermione slammed the door hard.

• • • • • •

Hermione had purposely woken up earlier the next morning to avoid Malfoy. She took a mental note to wake up before Malfoy did. She eventually caught up with Ron and Harry who were bearing bad news.

"We really did try, Hermione," Harry said apologetically. They just told Hermione that they had talked to Dumbledore regarding the Heads but Dumbledore said his decision was final and he knew he made the right choice. Hermione could not pretend to smile again. She was still embarrassed on how she was mesmerized by the eyes of Malfoy and how Malfoy tested her. She hadn't told her friends of course on how easy she was.

"Did something happen?" Ron asked, looking at Hermione worryingly.

"No," She lied. "Let's just go to Potions"

"It's the mudblood who practically jumped on my lap once we were alone," Malfoy said when the three of them entered the room. Hermione turned red again.

"What are they talking about?" Harry asked.

Malfoy mocked Hermione by hugging Goyle and making funny faces. He laughed hard and so did Crabbe and Goyle.

Great, now Malfoy's going to spread how she jumped to him, Hermione thought.

"Leave me alone, Malfoy" Hermione hissed.

"Oh! Did you hear what she said? That I would leave her alone, funny, how you practically almost kissed me a while ago." Malfoy said loudly enough for the class to hear.

"It's hardly the first day, Hermione and you did that?" Pancy Parkinson shrieked. All of the Slytherins were laughing loudly. Hermione had never felt more embarrassed in her life.

"She said to leave her alone," Ron said, glaring at Malfoy.

"You should tell her to leave me alone," Malfoy snickered. "I told her she wasn't to do anything near me as a house rule but she jumped on my lap and tried to kiss me."

A wave of murmur, gasps, and laughter crossed the room. Hermione just wished she would be gone. She was going to have to kill Malfoy later, she swore on it.

Ron was about to punch Malfoy but fortunately for Draco and the opposite for Hermione, Professor Snape came in.

"Behave now," Snape said, eyeing Ron whose fist was still clenched and was glaring at Malfoy.

"Tell that to Granger," Malfoy snickered. Snape pretended not to hear him.

"Today, we are to discuss the purposes of the potion which enables you…" Snape's voice drifted off. Hermione wasn't listening anymore. She would have probably studied about it anyway. All she was thinking on how she would kill Malfoy. This was what she did until dinner.

"What was Malfoy saying about you jumping to his lap?" Harry asked "Which were undoubtedly lies," he added when Hermione glared at him.

"It was nothing," She sighed. Ginny appeared and joined the conversation.

"I'm starving." Ginny said "Malfoy's sick, of course it was lies" but she gave Hermione a look as if she knew something.

Hermione dismissed it for now and decided to ask Ginny later what it meant.

Ginny had other plans though. She grabbed Hermione and said, "We'll meet you guys at the table. Save us a seat!"

"Where you guys going?" Harry asked.

"Girl talk," Ginny winked.

Ginny dragged Hermione to a secluded hallway and crossed her arms.

"What happened, really with Malfoy?" Ginny asked. Hermione erupted.

"We were talking about the rules and he told me something very indecent and I told him I would never sleep with him because it's disgusting! I was going to leave then he grabbed and I landed on his lap, I didn't put myself there nor did I try to kiss him. I was lost for a while but I did not try to kiss him and I certainly most did not jump on him as he claims. He's a bloody bastard and I was going to leave but he said something like I was too easy and it was all a joke and I despise him very much," Hermione said it all in a fast pace.

"Wait, what do you mean by 'you got lost'?" Ginny asked with an eyebrow arched. Hermione was flustered once again.

"I sort of lost track of my mind…" Hermione whispered.

"So you just sat on his lap?"

"I guess"

"Staring at him?"

"Oh, I wouldn't call it staring, really."

"Hermione!" Ginny said when Hermione's voice got lower as she answered.

"It's nothing, Ginny. Thank you though. I'm just really mad and embarrassed at the lies he told." Hermione said with a sigh of relief. It was nice to have a friend to talk to about who wouldn't go punching Malfoy like Ron all the time, not that she was complaining.

"Let's go eat," Hermione said, avoiding another one of Ginny knows looks.

They walked down to the Gryffindor table and squeezed themselves between Luna and Ron.

Hermione was not in the mood to eat. She excused herself and went back to her dorm, figuring she would enjoy the free time alone with it before Malfoy came.

"Responsible heads," she told the portrait.

She figured she would read a book until she was sleepy but then she saw Malfoy's room. This was an opportunity for her to take her revenge. She walked in, seeing that his room was surprisingly organized. She searched the drawers for something interesting.


She slammed the drawers shut, nothing there.

She saw a big trunk on the corner but it was locked.


The padlock clicked open. Hermione double-checked to see if anyone was there. She opened the trunk and gasped.

• • • • • •

"It was a fantastic day wasn't it, mudblood?" Malfoy asked when he entered the dorm.

"It was, indeed" Hermione replied with a huge smile. Malfoy looked taken-aback and shrugged.

"Why are you looking so happy?" Malfoy asked.

"Oh, nothing really, I listened to some music titled "If it's all right with you", "When Angels fall", "Time isn't healing" and "In my Arms", those kind of songs." Hermione said slyly.

Malfoy froze in his tracks. Hermione knew she hit dead on.

"Ever heard of it?" Hermione asked unable to restrain herself.

Malfoy didn't answer. Hermione giggled.

"No, I don't listen to muggle music" Malfoy sneered but wit uncertainty in his voice.

"Muggle music? Oh no, In fact, I have the notes right here. Perhaps you would like to play them?" Hermione said, holding up stacks of papers.

"Where did you get those?" Malfoy demanded, his eyes flashing.

"So you do know those songs?" Hermione giggled.

"Give them to me," Malfoy demanded, his hand outstrectched.

"Only if—" Hermione negotiated but it was too late before she realized Malfoy had tackled her to the floor.

He restrained Hermione to the floor by pinning her two hands above her head.

"I have to admit, I never knew you were a musician, a poetic one at that," Hermione said.

"I told you, to never look at my stuff!" He said, still restraining her.

"I had to find out something bad about you when you spread those lies!" Hermione spat, her anger back.

"I read the lyrics, pretty deep for you, Draco, never expected it." Hermione said stiffly. "Let me go," She said as her arms were starting to hurt.

"Those were mine, my secrets! You should have never gone through them!" Malfoy said, his face redder than Neville's face being embarrassed by Snape.

"I saw you had a guitar too, a muggle instrument and a harmonica," Hermione said, giggling once again. She was proud of what she found. She found music sheets, lyrics, a guitar and a harmonica inside the trunk and all the songs were written by Malfoy himself. Basically, Hermione found out Malfoy's soft side.

"Shut up! I will only release you once you promise to never tell anyone!" Malfoy demanded.

"Fine! I won't!" Hermione said, her arms aching. Malfoy hesitated but released her anyway.

She stood up and smirked but Malfoy seemed just really mad. Hermione couldn't feel but feel w twinge of guilt.

"Look, it was my revenge for you spreading those lies!" Hermione said. Malfoy glared at her with pure hatred.

"I've been keeping it a secret for so many years and you, a mudblood, found out. It may seem hilarious and not believe it but that box is my oasis. It's the only place where I could escape, my safe place. When I write, I write what I feel and keep them in the box. When times become bull for me, I write songs and it relaxes me. It saves me from insanity. It saves me from everything that I fear. It's my only oasis but now that it's discovered…" Malfoy whispered.

Hermione wasn't sure if Malfoy was talking to himself or to her bur Hermione was sure that she felt bad, going through his stuff. Malfoy may seem arrogant, conceited, mean, vain, and all of the negative things above but looking at it, having a death eater for a father, being forced to join you-know-who, having battles and never made any friends, and keeping up an image for the sake of pride was quite a load to handle and if it is true what he said, that music was his oasis, Hermione felt guilty.

Hermione handed back the sheets of paper to Malfoy who reluctantly took them. Without a word, he retreated to his room.

Hermione could not sleep that night. Hermione had Harry, Ron, Ginny and other great friends and she didn't anything else but Malfoy lacked so much in his life, mostly because of his father. Malfoy could have been wishing what Harry, Ron, and she had at the moment. Although they were not as rich as the Malfoys or purebloods, they were happy. Malfoy could only let go of himself through his music. Hermione knew Malfoy felt he lost his oasis again because she had invaded a place where Malfoy could be himself. As much as Hermione reminded herself of how Malfoy had been mean to her and her friends, she couldn't feel guilty for she knew she had so much more than what Malfoy had and she just probably took away the last thing he had kept holding onto.