Hey, it's Girlreadsalot here! I was just letting you guys know that this is the long-awaited sequel for What's with those Quileute boys? And I'm really excited to get this out. You should probably read the previously mentioned story so you understand what had happened. I'd like to mention that I won't update unless I see reviews and I know that sounds mean but, I'd like to know how you guys feel about the story. I'd like to give a shout out to Vampirefairy13 for helping me come up with some ideas for this story.

Bella Pov:

I loved being with Edward. The fact that he had left me was all water under the bridge. Now I was mad that he couldn't change me until he gave me what I wanted, which he wouldn't give me until we were married. I missed Jacob dearly. I hated having my best friend, my support, my sun gone.

I sighed and stared out the window, gazing out at the trees. Why did my life have to be so difficult?

"What's wrong Bella?" Edward asked as I felt a cold hand on my shoulder.

"Nothing. I was just thinking."

"Of what?"

Edward was a mind reader, but he couldn't read my mind. It was just one of my many flaws. "Just stuff."

Edward's golden eyes looked like he wanted to ask me what kind of stuff I was thinking about but he kept it to himself. "Listen Bella, when we get to my house you must be extremely careful, okay?"

I frowned. What was going on this time? "Why?"

"You will see when we get there."

Right on cue the white house came into view. We climbed out of the car and Edward walked in front of me until we were in the living room.

"Oh Edward, stop being so paranoid. She's fine I can see it." Alice snapped from somewhere in the room.

I peered around Edward and looked around the living room. Rosalie, Esme and Alice were all there. Carlisle, Edward, Emmett and Jasper were there too. I was scanning the room a second time when I saw her.

She had straight blonde hair, beautiful pale skin nice sharp features, like all of the vampires did. Although, she had amber eyes.

She was sitting on the white sofa, her legs crossed and her hands folded in her lap.

"Edward, who is she?" I asked coming from around him.

"She is a…family friend." He said staring evenly at the vampire.

I noticed his hesitation and I glared at him. "Did you guys change her? Did you violate the treaty? Edward! You said you wouldn't change me but you changed her! You are such a hypocrite!"

Edward winced as my last sentence pelted him. He took a deep breath. "No Bella. We just took her in. As a human she was living in La Push while she was human, then Victoria bit her. One of your Quileute friends brought her here to live with us and learn our ways."

"My name is Sarah." She said rising and sauntering over to me. She held out her hand.

I hesitated before I shook it feeling Edward tense next to me made me uncertain.

She blinked and looked into my eyes. I saw the hurt and t he pain reflected in hers. "You know Jacob?" she asked sounding strangled.

"Um, yeah." I said looking at her. I thought I recognized her. "Wait! You're Sarah. The Sarah from La Push! I met you when Jake was working on your truck one day. The Sarah with the horses!"

Sarah stiffened in front of me. Her head hung down. "I was that Sarah. Then this happened." She said motioning to her body. "I had Jake sell my horses. And my home. I live here, on the other side on the boundary now. I've heard how desperately you want to be one of us. Change your mind." She pleaded taking both of my hands in hers. "It ruins lives. It took me away from the best thing I ever had." She released me and turned away. "Please excuse me. I'm going out."


I didn't need to go "out" as the Cullens referred to the word. I needed to think. My vampire brain was fully capable of processing multiple thoughts in a minute. But I didn't necessarily need to think. I needed to remember.

When I first became a vampire my human past was very small, I hardly remembered it at all. I didn't – and still don't remember my human mother's name. Where I went to school or who I loathed in that life. I think his name was…Joe? There was one place where I could go and be alone with my past thoughts and with Jacob, without actually being 'with' Jacob.

I had developed the skill of touching an object and receiving all of the thoughts that the previous person had been thinking. If I touched a person's hand I could tell what they had been thinking. The current thoughts are a mystery to me but previous thoughts and memories that they held dear I could access.

So now I sat in my truck with my eyes closed smelling and trying to remember. The smell of werewolf made me want to wrinkle my nose. But I refused. This wasn't just any werewolf. It was Jacob. My Jake.

I had been here a few times before but the memories and the emotions I felt were too much to deal with but, I needed that shock back to reality now.

I breathed in through my nose. I smelled dark woods, a minor hint of sweetness that was so appealing. It was my blood from when I had gotten bitten. With another deep breath I took both of my hands and put them on the steering wheel.

Images of rain pouring down as headlights fell upon a fallen tree with a bunch of blonde hair underneath. A werewolf trying to light a fire and not get burned, I felt it. Love, happiness and warmth.

Then there was pain. Deep shattering gut wrenching pain. Sadness, fear. Fear of loosing me. The skidding of tires on slick mud as the speedometer pushed past sixty on a wet road. There it was. Hope. But it vanished as a broken girl in the passenger seat screamed and clutched at her neck unconsciously.

"Carlisle, I need your help! It was Sarah she — she was bitten." That voice ripped a hole in my soul. It was Jake, crying, pleading broken. As broken as the girl on the seat.

Two tears fell on the steering wheel.

I opened my dry eyes and started the truck I put it in reverse and sped down the road. I didn't know where I was going. I just drove. Down the highway and out of town. I realized where I was going just in time. I slammed on the brakes sending my car into a squealing halt.

I was right there. My front tire was too close to the boundary. I took a deep breath, silently crying without tears. When I looked up I knew what I would see.

A russet wolf stood in the middle of the road, hackles raised. When my eyes met his hackles lowered but he kept my gaze. I saw the hurt, the pain and the anger reflected deep in his brown eyes. He warned me, not to come any closer because he would break if he had to kill me. Loosing me once was bad for him, but loosing me twice would surely kill him.

I turned the car around and drove back. When I got 'home' I sat in the car some more.

Finally, I slowly opened my eyes again. I felt odd, hollow inside. I slowly reached for the handle on the truck and got out. I closed the door and stared at my truck, like an idiot. Oh how I loved the red dodge pickup sitting in front of me.

I remembered the last time I talked to Jacob and how he told me we couldn't see each other anymore because we were "mortal enemies".

I went into the living room and stopped cold when I felt the tension in the air. "Who could it be?" Esme asked her golden eyes wide in concern.

"I don't know." Carlisle said staring at the paper in his hands.

"It would be somebody young, who isn't in control of themselves." Jasper said his arms crossed. He was staring at me a blonde brow raised.

"Jasper don't be absurd!" Emmett shouted as he moved next me.

Emmett was like the brother I had never had. He hung out with me and taught me vampire ways.

"She doesn't know anything. She's smarter than that and Bella was her first human."

"What's going on?" I asked. I didn't understand. What had happened that was so bad?

Carlisle looked grim.

"I'll find out anyway." I promised him.

"Go get Edward and I'll let you know then." Carlisle promised me.

I started for the back door. "Sarah, he's at—"

"Bella's I know." I interrupted Esme and I took off. When I got to Bella's house I knocked on the door.

A man with brown messy hair opened the door. "Can I help you?"