A/N: Not much to really say about this story, except for Merry Christmas :] Out of all the holiday cheer going around, I figured what would be better than a Christmas story for Christmas? 12 Days of Christmas starting today and a chapter of this story everyday until Christmas :] There's going to be Delena in this story, as there always is in my stories :P And, I'm still deciding on who Caroline should be with by Christmas because I kinda ship her with everyone, so if you have any ideas about who Caroline should be with, let me know! So on the first day of Christmas, what is everyone up to in Mystic Falls? xoxo, Avril

Chapter One: Deck The Halls

"Jeremy, what are you doing?" Elena asked as she walked downstairs with her jacket over her arm and all dressed to go outside and face the cold winter day

Jeremy stopped what he was doing and looked over at Elena who was standing in the entryway to the living room. Jeremy was try to untangle all the Christmas lights and put them around the tree but instead, he ended up partially tangled in all of them.

"…Decorating" Jeremy said

"I didn't know you were the Christmas tree this year" Elena smiled a little and put her jacket down on the couch "Need some help?"

"No, I got it" Jeremy said and went back to trying to untangle all the lights

"Okay then, I guess I'll be going" Elena said and grabbed her jacket "Have fun" Elena said as she walked towards the front door and started to open the door

"Elena," Jeremy said and Elena smiled and walked back into the living room "…I could use some help" Jeremy sighed

"Alright" Elena said "Let's get you untangled first"

Elena started getting Jeremy untangled from all the lights and she couldn't help but think back to all the other Christmas's since Jeremy was 10 years old and kept trying to decorate the tree all by himself and every single time he always got tangled up in the lights.

"How do you get tangled up like this?" Elena laughed and finally got Jeremy out of the lights

"I don't know, I guess I just try to untangle too many lights at one time" Jeremy smiled "Thanks"

"You need help getting them on the tree?" Elena asked

"…Yeah, probably" Jeremy said

Caroline stood outside the Boarding House that was covered with snow that was covering all of Mystic Falls right now. But no matter how much snow fell on the Boarding House, it still didn't look very Christmas-y, it still looked like a big, dark, and almost scary house. Caroline sighed and walked up to the door and knocked only for the door to open up as she knocked.

"Hello?" Caroline asked as she walked into the house and took over her jacket. The house was lit up, but she couldn't hear anyone or see anyone in the house

Caroline put her jacket on the coat hanger and shut the door behind her, hoping the sound of the door closing would let them know someone was here.

"Hello?" Caroline asked again

"Just a second!" Stefan called from upstairs and Caroline felt better knowing that at least someone was here and it wasn't just her in the big creepy house

Caroline wandered into the living room and saw the fireplace going, but what surprised her most was all the Christmas decorations out and lit up.

"Wow" Caroline said and looked around

"Jolly Saint Stefan works fast when it comes to Christmas Decorations" Damon spoke up and Caroline jumped a little and turned around to see Damon walking into the living room

"You know, you could have said something when I walked it, I thought something happened to you guys" Caroline said

"Vampire evil schemes seem to take a break during Christmas time, I think deep down, even the bad vampires feel a little Christmas joy" Damon said and sat down on the couch

"Why? Are you feeling the Christmas spirit?" Caroline asked with a hopeful smile on her face, she didn't want to be around a grinch all of Christmas.

"Maybe a little, it's hard not too with all of this" Damon said and pointed out all the decorations in the room

"I never thought I'd see the day where Damon Salvatore is actually in the Christmas spirit" Caroline smiled

"I said I was a little bit. I'm not exactly to the point of singing Christmas carols and dressing up in ridicules Christmas sweaters" Damon said

"You'll get there by Christmas day" Caroline smiled "So, what did you get Elena for Christmas?"

"Who said I was the gift giving type?" Damon asked

"Oh, come on Damon, everyone knows that if you were going to give anyone a present, you would get Elena one for Christmas" Caroline said "You're not the big bad vampire of Mystic Falls anymore, everyone knows that"

"IF I did get Elena something for Christmas, what makes you think I would tell you what it is?" Damon asked

"Because you actually think of me as a friend…somewhat" Caroline said

"I'm not tell you blondie because you couldn't even keep being a vampire a secret from Tyler" Damon said

"He needed someone there for him!" Caroline whined "And that's not fair, I can keep secrets"

"Oh really?" Damon asked

"Yeah, like this one time with Elena- Hey! You were trying to trick me!" Caroline said

"And it worked, you were about to tell me" Damon smiled "I'm not telling you"

"Meanie" Caroline frowned and heard Stefan walking into the room and he was carrying way too many presents

"A little help?" Stefan asked and Caroline walked over and helped Stefan out "Thanks"

"Not that I don't mind because I love Christmas, but, I didn't think that you guys would really celebrate Christmas" Caroline said and put the presents under the tree with Stefan

"I always celebrated it" Stefan said

"And I always did too, just different from how most people do" Damon said with a smirk

"I don't wanna know" Caroline said disgusted

"Trust me, you don't" Stefan sighed

"So, what's with the big set up then?" Caroline asked "And all the presents?"

"Well, it's been a rough year and everyone needs a day of people not dying" Stefan smiled "And presents always make things better"

"I can't think of a time when presents are bad" Caroline smiled

"Well, aren't you two just Santa's little elves this year" Damon said "You better hurry up and go back to Santa's sleigh, I think I hear the reindeer on the roof getting ready to take off and go back to the North Pole"

"Can we go without sarcastic comments from you for one day Damon?" Caroline asked

"Sure, but do you really wanna waste that day right now?" Damon asked

"…No, I'll save it for Christmas" Caroline sighed and noticed a few presents under the tree were for her and she smiled a little, but said nothing

"I'll be right back, there's more upstairs still" Stefan said and stood up

"There's more?" Caroline asked

"Yeah" Stefan said and walked out of the living room

Caroline looked back at all the presents. There were presents for Elena, her, Damon, Bonnie, Jenna, Jeremy, and even Alaric. Caroline smiled when she saw presents from Damon underneath the tree too for everyone, even Stefan, maybe he wasn't such a grinch after all.

"There," Jenna smiled and took a step back to look at the fully decorated Christmas tree "Now, it's a Christmas tree"

"It's nice to be doing something normal for once" Jeremy said

"I know things haven't exactly been…well, normal this year, but when has anything in this family been normal?" Jenna asked with a smile and Jeremy and Elena laughed a little, knowing that Jenna was right, especially when they used to have big huge Christmas parties with their family

"Let's just try not to have a repeat of you having too much egg nog on Christmas Eve" Elena said to Jenna

"I promise to have Alaric watch me this year with that" Jenna smiled "So…you kids going anywhere today?" Jenna asked casually

"Don't worry Jenna, I'm going to go find Caroline while you wrap presents" Elena said and grabbed her jacket

"Jeremy?" Jenna asked

"Uh, I guess I'll go hang out with Tyler" Jeremy said

"Okay, have fun, and Jeremy, please wear your jacket, it's freezing out there" Jenna said

"I will" Jeremy said and walked upstairs to grab his jacket

"Have fun wrapping presents Jenna" Elena smiled and walked out the front door

"Are you guys sure that you're not like related to Santa or something? That's a lot of presents" Caroline said and looked at all the presents she helped Stefan arrange around the tree

"I may have gone a little overboard, but, it's Christmas" Stefan smiled "And Damon got a lot of presents too, that's not all me"

"I know, I saw that labels on them" Caroline smiled and heard someone knocking on the front door

"I'll get it!" Damon yelled from the kitchen and walked to the front door with a smirk on his face as he opened it "Well, well, well, what brings you here Elena?"

"Hi Damon" Elena said and rolled her eyes and tried to walk past him into the house "Is Caroline here?"

"Not so fast" Damon said and kept Elena from walking into the house and pointed up to the mistletoe that was hanging in the doorway

"Really Damon?" Elena asked "Mistletoe?"

"I wasn't so sure about putting it there earlier because of the people that come to the door, but, I'm glad I did it now" Damon smiled

"I'm not gonna kiss you Damon" Elena said

"But it's Christmas Elena" Damon said with a smirk "Plus, it's not exactly like you have a boyfriend that will try to rip my heart out for this anymore"

"No, but I have two friends that will gladly do that for me anyway" Elena said

"It's just a kiss Elena, the time we've spent arguing about this already, we would have kissed and gotten it over with" Damon sighed

"…Fine" Elena said and before Damon could process what Elena just said, she was already kissing him right on the lips, it was a Christmas Miracle after all

"Hey, Damon, I need your help-" Caroline said and stopped when she saw Damon and Elena kissing under the mistletoe "Never mind" Caroline smiled and walked off back into the living room

"What's going on out there?" Stefan asked

"Nothing" Caroline said and smiled "Just a Christmas Miracle"