This is my first CCS fic…don't flame me! I'll have two coming up – both chaptering…and some strange themes. This is the first one. It's everyone's point of view about the ones they love, chapter by chapter go person by person on each one. Now who's this?

Yeah. I guess that's what you call it when you like a person. And I mean really like. She's nice, pretty…and that school uniform really does show her legs pretty well…but that's not the point…that's just the boy in me speaking.

The boy in me says she's funny but not too much. That she's kind, that she's gentle – that she's the most beautiful creature I've ever seen. It also points at me and jeers whenever I see her with someone else.

Because the other side of me – the side everyone sees – he knows how strong she is. He knows about her inner beauty.

I'm not saying no one else does. I'm saying I realise it and love it about her…that's right – love was the word.

So I'm sitting here like a lemon and I know perfectly well I should do something in return. But every time I try I either fail or I can't do it.

And the boy side of me – the side I'd managed to suppress all this time; the side that had never been brought out by anyone – even Meilin – that side laughs and points and causes so much anger in me. I go red, get embarrassed or get angry – or all three. And it's all because of her!

I can't stand it…if I stay here longer I know I won't be able to continue. And she's always after Julian…well I can't believe her really I can't…

But she's just so strong and beautiful…

What's wrong with me anyway…? I sound like a whiny little boy…I'm stronger and better than Sakura any day…aren't I?