My first story – be kind

One word.

Chapter 1

Teddy and Ian had been secretly dating for 2 weeks when it happened. At first they had done all of the couple-y things like watch movies, eat dinner and they even snuck a few kisses in here and there; but Teddy had decided that he wanted to be out – that he wanted them to be out, so that day, as he walked into school, he would find Ian and kiss him in front of the whole of the student body. And there would be no room for error; everything was planned and everything would go to plan.

And everything did, until...


One word. One word uttered in such blatant disgust that Teddy thought he might puke. He was a fag and he knew it, he was disgusting and he knew it. Whats-more, he hated it, hated the very thought of being out-of-the-ordinary and different, hated the fact that when he got changed for Phys. Ed. all the guys turned away from him as if he would peek. He hated it.

Sure, he liked Ian, liked the way Ian made him feel and the way he felt about himself – but what does that matter when everyone else thinks you're a disgusting Fag? It doesn't.

He's always been the womanizing pretty boy and now he's not, he's got absolutely nothing going for him. So why should he bother? He shouldn't.

He wanted to stop all of it and if that meant stopping himself from existing, well then so be it.

Teddy and Ian had been secretly dating for 2 weeks when it happened. When Teddy had killed himself.