I know nothing more about the plot or characters of Country Strong than is evident from thereleased clips and trailers. I haven't even been formally introduced to this pairing (Them: We're Beau and Chiles. We're going to be your temporary favourite pairing while Gossip Girl is on hiatus. Me: Blair, get back to New York and on top of Chuck this instant!), so I'm basically just guessing. From what I've seen, they're going to be just plain gorgeous.


She's different. He's too aware that she's different, jumpy. Trumped up little beauty queen with a smell like sunshine, and she's under his skin. He's a fool for noticing her, a fool for not seeing her for what she is: another brick in the wall, another hurdle. She's sweetly sharp like licking cut glass; he knows. She knows it too, and that's why her diminutive little body space enjoys entering his body space and making the air vibrate. She's that much hot sauce.

A little is a lifesaver.

Too much can kill you.

He's seen girls like her, walked just behind them all his life. What's another guitar picker with too many dreams when there are ten of her, pocket-sized and long-legged, ready to belt and holler and hum and dance when you wind the key? But even then, she's still different. She's teased and squeezed and powdered and pouffed, but even God-save-her Kelly Canter doesn't have hair that long and that brown, or eyes that big. She's a china doll, and he's a bull in a shop full of her. Is it worth the risk, really, of building courage for her to sit on and swing her legs? She'll sketch another path in the dust with her pointed toes, croon her way to caramel completion and let the money do the talking. He's lost her. He's lost her before he even had her.

But he runs his lips over hers, and hers and bare and pink and sweet.

She's different, but every girl wants to be kissed.