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First of all, if you don't know who Amos is, I suggest reading my other story set in Ambera, Silver Resistance: Mystery of the Heart. Otherwise none of this will make much sense at all.

I'll admit, when I first came up with Amos he was little more than a plot device, and I had no idea I'd grow so attached to him. But I guess I have, because I've started working on this story-set to focus exclusively on him.

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Amoscandar and Sera are mine; Ambera and all related material is ScytheRider's; Pokémon and all related official material is Nintendo's.

Ambera – North of the Gold Division – Nighttime – Year 693

"Inside, quickly!" he barked, backing out of the hole and casting an anxious glance at the sky. It was fully dark now, and yellow eyes were popping up all over the place.

Behind him, he heard the Torchic dive into the hole he'd dug. Growling at the Watchers still materializing overhead, he turned and dashed in after the much smaller Fire-type.

He had not had time to make the hole bigger, and so between the two of them and the bag that had been laid across his back there was not a whole lot of room to maneuver, and no room for any kind of light source: the two of them were trapped in the dark, with the Watchers floating around outside. He kept a wary eye on the entrance for a few minutes to make sure none of the phantasms would enter; all the while, the Torchic sat pressed against the far wall of the foxhole, hyperventilating.

"Oh man oh man oh man what if they come in? They'll eat us, Captain! They'll—"

Her protests were cut off suddenly as Amos wrapped a tail around her and pulled her up against him. She was still shivering violently, but even this died down after a few moments of being pressed up against the much larger Pokémon.

"I assure you, child, they will not enter here. Rudimentary it may be, but a shelter is a shelter, and they will not enter one without sufficient provocation."

The Torchic was silent for a second, and then uttered a sound of pure confusion. Amos checked himself.

"I mean to say… We are safe here, Sera. A Watcher will not enter any kind of shelter, no matter how basic. We will be safe here until sunlight drives them away."

"Oh." Another moment of silence. "Um…. Captain?"

"Yes, Sera?" he replied, turning his head away from the entrance and laying it down on his paws, red eyes shining slightly despite the darkness, emitting a kind of gentle warmth that helped abate fear.

"What… are the Watchers?"

Amoscandar said nothing for a long while. Indeed, what was there to say? He could not tell her what he did not know. A gaping hole in his knowledge, that: shrouded in mystery, just like the identity of the Master himself. How long had he been at this Resistance business? Too long, he realized sullenly. Too much effort for not enough gain. All he had done was endured, and that for too long. Perhaps the Call capable of routing the Master would never come…

He blinked, realizing he had never responded to the Torchic's question. "Ah… I honestly… cannot say, Sera. I know nothing more about them than you."

"Really?" She seemed amazed. "Really, you don't know? But you're so smart, Captain! And you've lived for such a long time! I thought for sure you knew everything!"

"Everything?" Amoscandar chuckled wryly. "Hardly everything, child. I dare say Alakazam is a far smarter Pokémon than I. No, what I have is not intelligence, child, so much as I have wisdom."

"Well, then, you're really wise!" chirped the Torchic happily. She seemed to have forgotten entirely about the dire circumstances she was in, and Amos was glad that her worry and fear had gone. Again, a wry laugh escaped his muzzle.

"Yes… well, perhaps I am. But not simply because of my age, little one."

Sera chirped in confusion again.

"Nay, child, it is more than simply the length of one's life that yields wisdom. Longevity in and of itself does not grant wisdom. Experience is the greatest teacher, not the living of life. On the one tail, here is a Ninetales who has lived his full life isolated in the mountains, never leaving, never exploring; on the other, here is a baby Vulpix who, in the short span of her life, has lost her family and her home. I pray you, in that instant, tell me which you think is the wiser?"

There was a thoughtful silence for a little while.

"Um… The baby, right? 'Cause even though she hadn't lived as long, stuff had happened in her life already…"

"Yes." Amos inhaled, and realized he had little to add; anticlimactically, he shut his muzzle and turned his head away from her slightly.

"So you must have experienced a lot…"

Amos said nothing.


"What?" Amos shook his head, ears twitching. "Oh… Yes. Yes, I have…"

"Um… Are you okay?" asked Sera after a short pause, hopping up beside his muzzle and cocking her head worriedly.

"I am fine, Sera," he muttered, looking forward again. "I… There is simply quite a lot on my mind." He paused. "It is late, Sera. I promise you, you will be able to sleep in peace. I will protect you."

"Okay…" agreed the Fire-type uncertainly after a moment. He wrapped a tail about her and drew her close to him, and after mere minutes the sound of her breathing and the feel of her heartbeat had slowed. She had been more tired than she had let on: had he been driving her too hard?

Had he become so calloused to this life? Had he become so engrained in his routine that he had stopped paying attention to the individuals? Perhaps… perhaps it was time to…

Amoscandar's eyes drifted shut, and for the first time in a long time he dreamed of before.