A Christmas Carol - Hetalia Style

Chapter One

Snow. Simple, beautiful snow. It was falling thick and fast outside the windows of the meeting hall in London. Snow! In London! On the 23rd of December! Many believed it to be a miracle. It never snowed at Christmas in England. Always a week early or a week late. But never on those few days. It was dark outside; near midnight. But, the streetlamps outside caused enough of a glow to keep the wondrous sight visible. Arthur Kirkland (the personification of England) kept his head pressed against the window panes, taking in the amazing view. His green eyes scanned his lovely city, and he was tempted to smile. Tempted. He wasn't going to though. As pretty as the snow was, it was still a bugger to walk home in. And in the dark!

Behind him, Arthur could hear the mumbles of the different nations as they packed away after another disastrous meeting. He refused to turn around though. Having tidied away already, he merely wanted to enjoy the view before venturing outside. Also, he wanted to be the last one to leave, so as not to put up with others company. A little below his elbow, Arthur felt a tugging on his sleeve. Reluctantly, he turned to see what was causing the feeling.

"Hiya, Jerk!" his blonde-haired-blue-eyed little brother, Peter, smiled.

"Hello, Brat," Arthur replied, a small smile playing around his lips.

"I'm going to go with Matthew tonight," Peter informed him, motioning towards Matthew Williams, the Canadian embodiment. "You know, 'cos we're all spending Christmas together! Matthew said I could go early if I wanted!"

"Sure," Arthur sighed. "But, I'm not."

"That's why I came to tell you!"

Arthur sighed again. He would explain (or at least get Matthew to explain) that he would not be spending Christmas with anyone that year. He wanted to be alone.

Peter waved at him a little, then walked away to join Matthew as he finished. The Canadian smiled as the boy joined him, showing him one of his papers. Arthur shook his head, sighing. Peter would never give up the silly hope of becoming a nation, would he?

One by one (sometimes in pairs), the nations departed from the meeting room wishing each other a merry Christmas, New Year, and any other farewell depending on whom they were speaking to. Arthur rolled his eyes at the false merriness being shown. Had they not just proved their animosity towards each other during the meeting just now? Had it not been for Ludwig (the German embodiment) there would have multiple wars erupting…

Arthur shuddered at the thought. He didn't even understand why he was acting so strangely. Francis Bonnefoy (the Frenchman) had attempted to provoke him, as did Alfred F Jones (the American), Arthur had, however, been very unresponsive much to the surprise of everyone in the room.

Jumping slightly, and clutching his heart, Arthur was suddenly jumped on by Feliciano Vargas, the Northern Italian embodiment. He stared at the auburn haired man for a moment before pulling himself away. Feliciano, however, beamed up at him.

"Arthur!" he smiled. "Happy Christmas! You seemed a little grumpy so I wanted to cheer you up!"

Arthur looked over the shoulder of the Italian towards Ludwig and Kiku Honda (the Japanese embodiment). Both were hovering near the doorway, clearly waiting for Feliciano, but looking slightly apologetically at Arthur. Peaking his head around the doorframe was Lovino Vargas (the Southern Italian embodiment), Feliciano's older brother.

"Urgh! Hurry up!" he complained.

"Thank you, Feliciano," Arthur said, trying to block the others from his sight. "But, I am fine."

Feliciano looked slightly saddened, but smiled all the same. He waved and ran over to the others, leaving Arthur with a slight headache.

Remaining by the window, Arthur watched as the nations scattered outside. Some playing in the snow, others attempting to find some form of shelter from it. He turned away from the window and looked around the room. Matthew and Peter were just getting their coats on, Peter talking animatedly about Christmas and the snow and how fun everything was going to be. Matthew smiled, letting Peter talk. He seemed to know that if you let Peter talk for a while he would tire himself out. Either that, or he just couldn't get a word in.

Causing Arthur to jump once more, a new form was in his way, blocking the entire view with a tan uniform, blue eyes, blonde hair, and a brown leather bomber jacket. Alfred. Arthur groaned inwardly, pushing Alfred away. He had been so close! Alfred seemed to pout a little, but then smiled broadly at Arthur.

"Come on, old man!" Alfred beamed. "Get your coat! This Christmas is going to be awesome!"

Arthur clenched his fists, trying to remain calm. He had already explained to the idiot that he would not be spending Christmas with anyone, especially that burger-munching-moronic-ungrateful-stupid twat.

"Alfred. I have said this already. I. Am. Not. Coming. To. Spend. Christmas. With. You."

Alfred pouted again. "Oh, come on, Artie! You just gotta!"

"No, I haven't got to," Arthur growled, green eyes meeting blue furiously. "Now, piss off and leave me the hell alone!"

Alfred stared at Arthur, genuinely hurt. He didn't quite know what to say. Which was strange for him. Arthur turned away from him, continuing his staring of the streets bellow. He could tell Alfred was still behind him, but made no motion towards him.

"Arthur…" Alfred finally whispered. "It's Christmas. Y-you can't be alone…"

"Ha!" Arthur laughed bitterly. "Being alone hasn't affected me. You helped me realise that. As for Christmas… I say, bah humbug… Just a waste of time, and money! Once again your country showing off it's major consumerism. Now, I will repeat myself once more. PISS OFF!"

Alfred recoiled from his viscous words, backing away slightly. He had never seem Arthur so infuriatingly bitter and nasty. Christmas had always been so much fun with Arthur there… Why was he being so… different?

"Fine," he huffed, looking Arthur in the eyes. "I want you there. So does Mattie and Peter. Just remember that. If you change your mind, and please do, you can join us. You know where to find us."

Turning away, Alfred walked towards the door. He grabbed his other coat, put it on, and left the room. Matthew looked over at Arthur, confusion easily shown in his violet eyes. Peter, too, was looking confused.

"Come on," the Canadian sighed. He dragged Peter from the room, leaving Arthur on his own at last.

Still fuming, Arthur watched as the trio started to play in the snow as they walked away from the building. Alfred paused for a moment, and turned to look up at the window Arthur was stood in, before continuing after Matthew and Peter. He sighed, his eyes saddened by the sight he had saw. Arthur walked away from the window, grabbing his coat and scarf and slowly walked through the cold building and out in the snow.

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