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A Christmas Carol - Hetalia Style


Over the following year, only a few things had changed. Yes, Arthur still acted the same towards his fellow nations (fighting with Francis for example), but he was brighter. Not the next fading nation, he seemed to have found a new strength, one that kept him centred and most importantly: happy. That strength came in the tall, handsome form of Alfred F Jones.

After that Christmas, the one that changed Arthur's view, he had been more open, more trusting. Where, in the past, Arthur would scoff or yell or flee when Alfred tried to be near him or comfort him, he now would smile and speak, even hug the younger nation. He no longer felt the burn of that war tear him apart when it rained, or flinch at the fireworks on the 4th of July, because he had Alfred to wipe away any tears and hold him tightly, reassuring him that all was now well.

Sat in his home, Arthur looked out of the window on Christmas Eve. Standing, he ventured to the window, sighing in content as snow drifted through the air once more. He welcomed the snow, as though it was a long lost friend who had helped him to come to his senses. He held his hand out of the window, trying to catch some of the delicate flakes as they fluttered past. Shivering slightly, he closed the window. Before he walked away, he took one last look along the streets, trying to spot the one thing that could this scene even greater than it already was. Alfred. Though Arthur had said he needn't, Alfred had insisted on being the first Arthur saw when Christmas morning came. So, he had decided that he would come to Arthur's house on Christmas Eve. At that moment, it was nine thirty. Arthur sighed, then went to make himself some tea. Alfred would be there soon, yet Arthur still felt a little lost.


Arthur could he his name being called distantly, but it seemed to be hazed by fog. Why was there fog in his home?

"Arthur! Come on!"

The fog started to lift as Arthur realised subconsciously that he must have fallen asleep whilst waiting.


He felt his shoulders being shook gently, so blinked awake. He looked up into Alfred's worried blue eyes and finally felt content. Alfred sighed in relief, as though he had thought Arthur was dead. Silly boy, Arthur thought. To make Alfred feel certain that he was alive, Arthur put his hands onto his cheeks and pulled him down into a deep kiss. As Alfred pulled away, he smiled down at Arthur.

"Normally when I wake you up you yell at me!" he laughed.

"Normally I would, but I felt like a change," Arthur replied.

"Well, this is one change that I can get used to!"

Arthur laughed and then stood up. He noticed that Alfred was still wearing his coat, and his hair was damp with melting snow. He seemed to be shivering a little, so Arthur took his coat and threw the blanket that was over the sofa over him. After hanging the coat up, Arthur turned to see Alfred in the same position as before.

"Honestly, Alfred," Arthur moaned. "You're supposed to use it get wa-"

The rest of his sentence was cut out, as Alfred threw the blanket around Arthur's shoulders and used it to pull him against him. He then kissed him deeper than before, making Arthur's heart skip a beat. They pulled away as the clock above the fireplace began to chime.

Midnight. Christmas Day.

Arthur looked up at Alfred, and smiled. He was the first face he would see on Christmas morning! Alfred, realising this too, pulled Arthur in for another kiss. The smaller blonde wrapped his arms around Alfred's neck, pulling himself into the latter's warm embrace. Arthur felt something tickling along his forehead, and noticed that the piece of stubborn hair (the lock that Alfred referred to as Nantucket) still had a little bit of snow stuck to it. Shaking his head, Arthur lifted his hand and brushed the snow gently away. He stopped, however, when Alfred shuddered into him, slightly leaning his weight onto the smaller man.


Alfred was smirking a little, but seemed to be trying to get his mind sorted. Hang on a minute, Arthur thought.

"Alfred, did you… did you like that?" he said, smirking now himself.

Alfred laughed a little, then brought his mouth to Arthur's ear.

"I have an early present for you," he whispered, his warm breath making Arthur shudder. He grabbed Arthur's hand and pulled him up the stairs. Arthur, though stunned at first, kept up with Alfred's pace, smirking once more as Alfred headed for his bedroom.

Shutting the door, Alfred pushed Arthur against it, leaning his entire body against the smaller man. He kissed him once more, licking his bottom lip. Arthur happily let his tongue venture inside, making his own fight against Alfred's. Seeing his opportunity, Arthur stroked Nantucket once more, causing Alfred to moan into the kiss sending vibrations through Arthur's entire body. Arthur took control for a moment, pushing Alfred down onto the bed and sitting on his lap. He ran his fingers through his hair, smiling at Alfred's desire filled eyes. He unbuttoned his shirt, kissing along his jaw line and down his neck. Alfred shuddered at the other's gentle touch, moaning as Arthur sucked on his collar bone. Alfred undone Arthur's shirt as the latter continued to kiss along his collar bone. Alfred shifted back on the bed, switching their positions so that he was on top. Arthur was startled by the sudden change, staring up at the younger nation. Alfred deliberately put one hand beside Arthur's head, and the other on the front of is trousers. Arthur moaned at the sudden contact, beginning to breath deeply. Alfred took both of the trousers off leaving them both in boxers. The pair smirked as they realised they were both wearing boxers of their national flags. Alfred kissed down Arthur jaw line, down his chest and around his belly button, all while holding his hips and stroking them with his thumbs. Arthur moaned softly at the sensation, unsure where to focus.

"S-stop… t-t-teasing!" he panted.

Alfred laughed and went on to kiss along Arthur's hip line.

"Git!" Arthur moaned.

Once more, Alfred laughed, taking the elastic of Arthur's boxers with his teeth a little. He then let them snap back.

"ALFRED!" Arthur squeaked.

Alfred sniggered. "Did you just squeak?" He repeated his last action.

Arthur squeaked again. "STOP IT YOU GIT!"

Alfred leaned down near Arthur's ear and purred "I wanna see what other funny noises you'll make!" before running his finger along the elastic line.

"Ngh…" Arthur moaned, breathing deeply.

Alfred smirked, then slipped his hands under the elastic line and poked a little. Arthur melted at his touched, quietly moaning his lover's name. Alfred took Arthur's boxers off and poked his thumb along the head of his now exposed member.

"NGH!" Arthur cried incoherently.

Alfred liked the head, prodding gently with his tongue.

Arthur moaned louder, bucking slightly into the younger mouth. Alfred pulled away and smiled at him.

"Patients is a virtue!"

Arthur growled, mentally cursing himself for ever teaching him that. Alfred smirked at him momentarily before taking the whole thing into his mouth. Arthur's eyes widen, throwing his head back in a silent scream of pleasure. Alfred moaned as he toyed with Arthur, the vibrations of his voice being sent straight through the latter's spine. On impulse, Alfred gently scraped his teeth over the head, looking back up at Arthur, who cried out.


Alfred obliged, humming as he did so. Arthur shuddered at the sensation, as Alfred kept the action going.

"S-stop! Ngh… Alfred, s-stop!" he groaned.

Alfred stopped, licking up the little drops of precum.

"Yes, Arthur?" he asked innocently.

Arthur couldn't answer, he merely lay back panting. It was at that moment, that Alfred put his first finger into his entrance. Arthur screamed at the suddenness, but calmed as Alfred kissed him passionately.

"It'll only hurt for a little bit," he soothed.

Arthur nodded, wincing as the second finger went in. As soon as Alfred added the final finger, he started to them around. Arthur screamed Alfred's name as he hit his prostate. Alfred aimed there once more, making Arthur scream again. The smaller nation pulled him down into a forceful kiss.

"Fuck me now, or suffer the consequences," he panted as he pulled away.

"HaHaHa!" Alfred laughed suddenly, making Arthur thrown in confusion. "It's gunna be a white Christmas!"

Before he could react, Arthur whimpered as Alfred pulled his fingers out. Alfred placed his member at the entrance, waiting for Arthur to say when. Arthur nodded weakly, then cried out as Alfred pushed into him. He pulled out, then pushed in again, keeping this new wonderful pattern. Arthur cried out again, only able to say Alfred's name. Alfred grabbed Arthur's member and started to pump out of time with his thrust, hoping to drive the older nation crazy. Arthur knew he would be long with this treatment, so came instantly as Alfred hit his prostate dead on again. Alfred followed soon after, panting Arthur's name. He pulled out and flopped next to Arthur, who pulled the duvet over them. Alfred put his arms around him, and Arthur put his head in the crook of his neck.

"It's gunna take a lot to beat that present, huh?" Alfred muttered.

"Uh huh…" Arthur whispered, close to sleep. "A hell of a lot…"

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