A/N: Hey this is a new story of course so this has been sticking at the back of my mind forever and I'm finally writing a story for it. So Here's the summary. Isabella Marie Cullen is the biological Daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen. She was taken away from them when she was born and they never saw here again. When she's 16 they meet again while she's at Hogwarts. The Cullens were asked to watch her because she is being hunted by the Ministry. She has never lived outside of the magical world except when she was with her parents. She was raised by the Weasly's. How will she get along in the Muggle World with her siblings and Parents? WIll she ever forgive them or no? Please read and Review.

Chapter 1

Bella POV

My name is Isabella Marie Cullen. I was taken from my parents by the Ministry of magic when I was born. I'm a muggleborn witch and half vampire. My parents were full vampires. They said it was a miracle that I happened. I'm an anamagus, Metamorphagus, talk to animals, Occlumency, Legilimen, Parseltongue, and I can see anyone anywhere at any time. Right now I was in Professor Dumbledore's office waiting for him. I was over with Fawks talking to him. Dumbledore walked in and said,"Isabella I have called you in here so I could talk to you about the Ministry and their decision to take you from your parents all those years ago. Now you know that your parents were vampires correct?"

I said,"Yes. Of course. So were all 5 of my siblings. What about them?"

He said,"The Ministry is trying to hold off the day you are legally aloud to look for them by trying to put you in Askaban. I have tried reasoning with them and they won't see reason. So to keep you out and let you meet your parents. They will take you to America. Forks, Washington to be excat. You will live the life of a normal Muggle untill I can convince them that you with your parents is not a bad thing."

My mouth hung open. I asked,"Wait? I'm living the life of a muggle? I've never even been out there before. How am I supposed to be like a Muggle? I can barely go a day without using magic."

He said,"I know. You will be able to use your magic. I've taken the trace off so that you wouldn't be found by using magic. You will only be able to use it when you are out of school."

I looked at him and asked,"School? Muggle School? Like a high school that teaches math and science? Many things I don't know about. How am I going to know this?" My hair turned red and I laid my head back against the chair I was now sitting in.

He said,"Calm down. I asked your parents and siblings to teach you when you arrive. I will be taking you by Portkey in three hours. Your things are all packed in your backpack shrunken of course. There are potions and all your Muggle Clothes your school clothes are staying here minus your skirts, shoes, and shirts. They will not give away anything. Are we understood? Go get your backpack and say goodbye to your friends. Get your wand and meet me back here in 2 and a half hours." I nodded and got up.

I ran back to my room and put on some black Jeans and a white, grey stripped shirt, black boots that go to my ankels, and a purple trench coat. I grabbed my backpack and went down to the common room. I hugged and said goodbye to my friends Hermione, Harry, Luna, and alot of other gryffindor's. Then my siblings Ginny, Ron, Fred, and George. I left to go back to the professors room. I brought my pure black owl Nyx and Diamond back snake Draco with me.

I asked,"Professor can't I take my owl and snake with me? I mean they wouldn't interfere. Plus they're really good friends. I need some friends from here."

He sighed and said,"Yes. You can take them with you. Change your owls color and you can communicate with everyone here as well."

I asked,"Really? Everyone. Even Molly and Arthur."

He said,"Yes. You can. Come on. The Portkey's leaving in a minute." We walked out to the balcony with Draco on my shoulders around my neck, Nyx in hand in her cage, and backpack on my shoulders under Draco. I grabbed the umbrella Professor Dumbledore was holding and the room spun. We landed on the ground by a cliff and in the forest. We walked for a while till we got to a huge white house in the forest.

Dumbledore said,"Here we are. Come on." He pulled me up the stairs and knocked on the door. I put Draco in his cage and held it in my hand with Nyx.

A girl with spiky black hair opened the door and said,"Bella. Yeah your here. Come in now. Dad's at work and mom went to get him. They didn't want to be late, but right now we can show you your room and Professor Dumbledore can do his magic stuff. Come on." She grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. She took the cages and said,"Wow this is a pretty owl, but what's in the cage?" She bent down to look.

I said,"Careful. Draco bites sometimes."

She asked,"Who's Draco?"

I said,"My Diamond Back Snake. He's in the cage. The Owls name is Nyx."

She put the cage down and I asked,"What, don't like Snakes?"

She said,"No. I hate them. They scare me. Emmett loves them though. I'm sure they'll get along."

I said,"Draco's nice. He wouldn't hert anyone unless they were threatening him. And I'll tell you if he feels threatened." I bent down and took him out. He slithered up my neck and hung there. Then I took Nyx out and let her fly onto my arm.

Dumbledore said,"Why don't you get your siblings Miss Alice. Then maybe show her the room and let her put her backpack down."

She said,"That's what I was gonna do. Thanks. Come on."

She dragged me in the other room and Emmett said,"Woah cool snake." He walked up and petted him gently.

Draco hissed,"I like him. He'ss Nicce and gentle, but he acctss like a 5 year old." I chuckled and The professor looked at me as did everyone else.

I said,"Nothing. Never mind."

The professor asked,"What did he say." I said,"He said,'Emmette was nice and gentle, but he acts like a 5 year old. And finally that Draco likes him.' "

The Professor said,"Your lucky. The snake didn't take a liking to me for 4 months."

Emmett asked,"Can I hold him?"

Draco was already crawling up his arms and I said,"Does that answer your question?"

He said,"Yeah. It does."

Alice said,"Come on. Esme spent weeks getting information from Professor Dumbledore about what you liked and since nobody from school or anyone that doesn't know what Hogwarts is your room looks perfect and we think your gonna love it." She dragged me upstairs to the last floor and to the door next to the end of the hall.

I asked,"Who's in the next room?"

She said,"Oh. Edward's in that room. Then over next to you both is the piano room. It has the piano. Which is the only instrument in there."

She opened the door and I walked inside behind her. The room was amazing. The walls were maroon and gold like my house colors with the lion crest on the far wall under the desk, which was light brown like the one's at school. The floors were carpeted with stripes of the two colors, the bed was against the wall beside the window. There was a closet near the window and a workshop for the clothes I made and my potions.(A.N/Pics on Profile.)

Alice asked,"Well how do you like it."

I said,"It's amazing. It looks alot like my room in Hogwarts except there's only one bed instead of 2 or 3."

She said,"Yep everyone has their own room. So now I can tell Esme how much you like it. I'm gonna go downstairs and tell everyone while you unpack your things."

She left and I took out all my potions and magic things. I put them in the drawers of the workshop. I put all my fabrics in there also on the opposite side. Then all my books on the bookshelf I magicaly put beside my desk. I put my school books for Hogwarts that i brought in my desk then somethings I had for muggle school on the other side like I did with my potions and fabrics. I set up some areas in the room for Nyx and Draco by the window and my bed. After I had everything unpacked I sat on the bed and heard a car. I looked out the window and saw them. My mom and dad. I made sure my tattoos were covered and went downstairs before they came in.

Jasper asked,"You unpacked already?" I nodded and they walked in. I stayed hidden in the shadows alittle hoping they couldn't see me.

Mom said,"Professor Dumbledore. I thought you weren't coming till tonight."

He said,"Well I thought I'd get a head start. To give her a chance to unpack get to know her siblings." Draco slithered up around my neck and stayed there.

Dumbledore said,"Well she finished her room a few minutes ago. Mary-Alice said,'She loved the room.' Which is a good thing."

Mom said,"Good. I'm gonna go and see if she's alright." She walked towards the stairs.

Dumbledore said,"Oh not that way. She's very good at staying hidden. Isabella? Draco? Come out."

I stayed still alittle longer and Draco grabbed my ankel and pulled me out. I hopped out when he was taking my ankel. He let go and I picked him up. I asked,"Why did you do that."

He rubbed his head on my face and I said,"I love you too Draco." I put him in the cage and Dumbledore pulled me over to him.

He said,"Isabella."

I said,"Sorry."

He Whispered,"Your hairs blue."

I said,"I can tell. I'm scared."

He chuckled and said,"There's nothing to be scared of."

I said,"There's loads to be scared of." Everyone had cleared out except my parents.

Dumbledore said,"Well I better be getting back. I've left Professor Snape alone to long. You know how he is."

I said,"He's crazy and evil. He hates everyone in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. Practicaly anyone who's not in Slytherin."

He said,"I know. Why do you think he's the head of the slytherins."

I said,"Why do you keep him around. He's a horrible teacher."

He said,"Not excatly. He's methods are most medieval that I have to talk to him about. After all he did almost kill you with the lizard."

I said,"He did kill me. If it wasn't for Madam Pomfrey who knows what would have happened. And with the many scars he's given me why?"

He said,"Don't worry. I'm keeping an eye on him."

I raised my eye and asked,"Really? Then why did he give me a new scar last night and you didn't do anything?"

He said,"There was a meeting."

I said,"No there wasn't. I wasn't there."

He said,"There was a meeting about you, so you couldn't attend."

I said,"That's not fair. I'm part of the Order too you know."

He said,"I know. I know. You can still come to the meetings."

I said,"I'll apperate if I have to. Just use the mark so I'll know."

He said,"Of course. Now I really have to go. Behave."

I said,"Sure. Sure. Whatever you say Professor."

He apperated out and everyone came back in. Alice ran over and asked,"What scars? What Mark? What's the Order? Who's Snape?"

I said,"Uh. Snape is the Potions teacher. That hates everyone. The Order is a secret Society. The Mark is just that a Mark that tells us when meetings are."

She asked,"Where's the Mark? What scars?"

I said,"The Mark is um around. The scars I got in detention with Professor's Umbridge and Snape. They gave me a pen and I wrote stuff then it burned into my skin."

She asked,"Where's the Mark." My sleeve was rolling up and I looked to see Nyx. She rolled it up to part of the Mark and I stopped her. Alice grabbed my hand and rolled it up to the Mark of the Order of the Phoenix which was just a Phoenix flying that went from my wrist to shoulder

Alice backed up and Emmett said,"Woah. Little sis you got a big tattoo." Everyone looked at him and I rolled my sleeve down.

Rosalie asked,"Why would you get that thing."

I said,"I'm in the Order of the Phoenix. Everyone has one in different places. I just put mine on my arm. Professor Dumbledore's is on his back."

Alice asked,"What about school? It's not that easy to cover up something that huge?"

I said,"I'm just gonna move it to my back. Then people can't see. Can I go upstairs now?"

They let me go and I ran upstairs. I pulled out some books on Muggle American history and read the book. I may not need to know it forever since I'm going back to London really soon but I need to be ready for school. I sat there and read for a few hours till someone walked in my room. I looked away from my book to see my mom.

She sat down on the end of the bed and asked,"Are you okay? You've been really quiet up here."

I said,"Yeah. Just reading for school. Since I know nothing about America."

She said,"That good, but you missed dinner. What would you like to eat."

I said,"I'm not hungry. I'm just gonna go to bed in a few hours when I finish the book."

She said,"Okay Go to sleep it's almost midnight anyways." She took the book and put it in my backpack. She laid me down and said,"Go to sleep. Edward's gonna take you to school in the morning to get your books and schedule." She left and I fell asleep with Draco by my head and Nyx on my other side by my arms.