Lean on me chapter one

Ok I won't go into many details on what this fiction is about, the first chapter will pretty much explain it, this is a Female Naruto fiction with a twist to most you come across, you'll figure it out pretty soon.


"Have you ever looked back on life and thought of what may have happened if you didn't make such foolish decisions? Have you ever wished you could start everything all over again? Well I have and I am at this very moment." Sasuke lifelessly questioned over the phone, he was looking rather tired, and tired he was, tired of having to wake up every morning to the same old shit.

"I think everyone has times when they think of what may have been if they'd just did things a little differently, but since it's impossible we have to do what we can to move on, despite how troublesome it may be" a woman replied in a lazy, tired tone. It wasn't what Sasuke wanted to hear, even if it was the truth.

"Aren't you guys supposed to be a bit less depressing?" Sasuke questioned angrily as he gripped the handle of a rather 'inviting' gun tightly, "I mean I could pull the trigger at any moment, and you'll have to live with that for the rest of your life" Sasuke commented in a rather sadistic tone, he even chuckled slightly.

"Well if I told you everything would be okay you wouldn't believe me anyway, would you like me to tell you a pile of lies, because if it'll make you stop I could lie all day for you" the woman replied sarcastically to the mentally unstable Sasuke, it was as if she was trying to make him pull the trigger.

"Well it'd be better than hearing the same old crap I hear everywhere else!" Sasuke screamed down the phone, causing him to mentally curse his stupidity, speaking that loud was going to make things even more difficult.

At that moment Sasuke heard his daughter moan inside her room and some bed sheets rustle, he'd obviously woke her up with his shouting, and it scared him, he didn't want her to see him like this, he didn't want her to see what he was about to do.

"Hello are you still there?" the voice asked over the phone snapping Sasuke out of his little trance.

"Oh yeah I'm still here" Sasuke replied slowly, watching the hallway for any sign of his daughter, hoping that she just went back to bed.

"So you understand right?" the voice asked confusing Sasuke who hadn't been listening to a word he'd said.

"No, I was kind of distracted by something, would you go back over it again?" Sasuke asked in little more than a whisper, the shock of his daughter waking up slightly calmed him.

"What were you distracted by?" the voice asked, ignoring Sasuke's question, "By the way you're whispering I guess it's a person right?" the voice asked rather inquisitively, seriously what was this person supposed to be a detective or something?

"My daughter woke up" Sasuke replied quietly as he heard the floorboards creak in the direction of the hallway, "I don't want her to see this you know?" Sasuke said in a guilty voice, but his comment obviously irked the woman over the phone.

"You were going to kill yourself as your daughter slept, are you really that selfish?" the girl asked angrily, to her Sasuke was sick, who would kill themselves with their daughter in the house, especially under these circumstances, after all, this wasn't the first call she'd received from Sasuke so she knew full well that his wife and what she assumed to be his daughters mother, was dead.

"You don't understand, she'd benefit from this!" Sasuke shouted angrily, which unfortunately caught his daughter's attention since he heard loud footsteps approaching the living room.

"She would benefit from her father killing himself? Do you really believe that?" the woman asked as his daughter burst into the room with a concerned, slightly scared look on her face.

"D-daddy?" the little girl asked in a frightened tone, she had yet to see the gun in her father's hands. Sasuke sat quietly for a few seconds prompting an "are you okay?" from his daughter.

Sasuke did his best to fake a smile, "Go back to bed Rei everything is okay" he told her in a put-on fatherly tone, he couldn't let her see what was going on.

His daughter stared at him briefly with her black eyes which she'd inherited from him and shook her head in defiance, angering him, "no!" she shouted childishly, loud enough for the woman on the other side of the phone to here.

"Go back to bed Rei" Sasuke told her again, this time in a louder, more agitated tone, scaring his daughter in the process, despite this his daughter walked towards him slowly, causing Sasuke to panic as he tried to conceal the gun.

"Daddy what's wrong?" the little girl asked, sounding as if she was on the verge of tears.

"Nothing is wrong Rei" Sasuke replied quickly, the frustration in his tone of voice was hard to miss, and Rei visibly flinched in response to his words.

Yet despite this she still approached him, by this point Sasuke completely forgot that someone was listening in on the whole scene. "Rei, sweetie please just go back to bed, daddy really can't deal with this right now" Sasuke begged, but the little girl still wouldn't stop moving towards him.

"Is it about mommy?" the little girl asked causing Sasuke's eye to twitch and anger to boil inside him, "Don't get angry, Don't get angry, she's just a child she just doesn't understand" Sasuke tried to reason with himself, but her comment hit too close to home for him to ignore it.

"REI GET BACK TO BED RIGHT NOW!" Sasuke ordered, not asked, ordered, he was furious, not at his daughter, not at his dead wife, but at himself, more specifically at how could he allow himself to be angered by the words of a concerned child, his child in particular.

Rei jumped in fright at his words and stumbled back a little, eyes brimming with tears as she fell over on her backside, "s-s-s-sorry I didn't mean to" was all she said before she got back to her feet and sprinted back to her room as she cried her eyes out.

Sasuke reached out and tried to shout out to her, to apologise, but he couldn't, instead he picked up the phone and continued talking with the woman as if nothing happened, "I'm back now" was all Sasuke said as he pulled the gun closer to his head.

"That's all, I'm back, is that all you have to say?" the woman asked, completely unaware that Sasuke was moments away from pulling the trigger.

"What else can I say, I just scared the living shit into my daughter, my wife is dead, me and my daughter are going to be evicted from this apartment tomorrow, my job can't afford to keep us alive, my parents have abandoned me, what else do you want me to say?" Sasuke screamed back as tears fell, he was at rock bottom.

"So you're just going to leave your daughter to fend for herself?" the woman asked in an irritated manner.

"Of course not, my parents would take Rei in, after all, it wouldn't be hard to make her look like any other member of my family, she's young too which makes it easier for them to get the 'perfect' grand-daughter that they wanted, don't you understand, even without me Rei wouldn't be alone, only I am alone!" Sasuke screamed, finally getting his last insecurity off his chest, his loneliness to be precise.

"Sir, I have a question for you" the woman on the phone replied, catching Sasuke's full attention. "Do you seriously have no-where to go, no-where to turn, think long and hard about this right now" the woman on the phone asked in a strict voice, which made Sasuke actually consider listening.

As Sasuke searched for an answer he allowed his finger to hover over the trigger, "Do I really have nowhere to go? What kind of question is that, of course I have thought about this before, but there is no-one left for me in this world, except Rei that is, I mean, I never made friends after high school, and even in high school I didn't have many 'friends' except for Sakura and Naruto" and then it hit him.

"Naruto…." Sasuke whispered slightly, not loud enough for the woman over the phone to hear clearly.

"What was that?" she asked

"O-one person perhaps, but I wouldn't know where to find him; I doubt he'd be still living at home." Sasuke replied, stuttering a little as he lowered his gun slightly.

"What about his parents?" the woman suggested, doing her best to stir this mentally unstable man onto the right path, it took some time, but maybe this could help solve this guy's problem.

"They might still be around, but I haven't spoken to any of them in years, how would it look if I just arrived on their doorstep one day, asking them where to locate their son? It'd be too embarrassing, anyway I doubt they'd answer me, they always thought of me as a bad influence" Sasuke finished.

The woman on the other side of the phone just sighed, not knowing the names of your callers made conversations rather hard. "I'm sure it'll be fine, this time I'm not lying, why don't you just try, I mean you're at rock-bottom right? All you can do is move up" she said rather enthusiastically.

"Yeah I suppose…. Thanks" Sasuke replied and put his gun to the floor.

"No problem" the woman responded, she now had a wide smile on her face.

"Hey, can I ask you your name?" Sasuke asked, wanting to thank the woman for all the help she'd given him, she'd spoken to him before last time he called suicide hotline, maybe it was just some weird twist of fate.

"It's Naru" the woman replied, surprising Sasuke slightly.

"Nearly Naruto" Sasuke thought smirking slightly as a small laugh escaped his mouth.

"Hmm what's made you happy all of a sudden?" the woman asked, now feeling much more awake.

"Ah nothing, your name its familiar, that's all." Sasuke replied, "thank you Naru."

"It's no problem umm" Naru replied, obviously looking for the correct phrase to call him, Sasuke picked up on this.

"It's Sasuke" he offered, surprising the young woman, his name was very familiar to her as well. "Could it be?" Naru thought before quickly dismissing it. "Well I best be going, goodnight" Sasuke offered politely, he had been given some lifeline, and he was feeling slightly appreciative.

"Goodnight" Naru replied and at that the phone clicked.

"Sasuke" the woman whispered as she pushed back from her desk and left the call centre of her voluntary job, "I once knew a man by that name, I doubt he'd recognise me now" she mused out loud before looking to the floor feeling rather sad, "life moves on maybe I should take my own advice?" she told herself as she opened the door of her car.

(End of Chapter)

Hmm okay, not the best chapter to start a fiction with but I guess it'll do, trust me the quality of writing will increase next chapter, but it was hard to get the attempted suicide scene right, next chapter has Sasuke finally moving towards being healed of his problems and expect the next chapter rather soon.

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