Marie's POV

Dee and Dum's room was very scary. There were weapons of all shapes and sizes just lying around. The twins were currently fighting over wither a grenade or an ax were better.

"They are both horrible," I told them. Their faces dropped.

"So does that mean you don't like us?" they asked close to tears.

"No I like both of you, just not the weapons," I assured them. They smiled again.

"Hey, can you tell us exactly why Sam came again?" Dum asked curiously.

"I really don't know myself. I think it might be because my great-grand-mother was Alice. Though that really doesn't answer much," I answered.

"Actually, that answered the question pretty well. Sam is here because she feels responsible for you," Dee told me.

"And Sam doesn't do stuff like that much," Dum added. "Hey do you want to see our treasure?" he changed the subject.

"No she wouldn't," I turned to see Sam limp into the room.

Sam's POV

I walked into the room just in time to hear the twins ask if Marie wanted to see their treasure, which is like asking if she wanted to die.

"We were asking Marie-Chan, not you," Dee said, sticking his tongue at me.

"You little brat," I growled and put him in a headlock.

"Hey you shouldn't do that to a child. You might kill me," Dee tried to get away but I gave him a nugie.

"I don't think a headlock would kill you," I told him.

"Hey, you shouldn't be out of bed yet," Dum told me.

"What are you? My mother?" I rolled my eyes. Dee managed to get out of my grip and then a bright light flashed and I was in a headlock.

"Ha," grown up Dee yelled in triumph. Marie stared in shock at Dee and Dum's adult forms.

"Hey, that hurts," I pushed at him weakly.

"Now you know how I feel," he still didn't let go.

"Weren't you two just kids?" Marie seemed stumped.

"Don't ask," I told her quickly. Then I pulled Dee's long hair. He yelped and let me go finally. "Serves you right brat."

"Ow," Dee rubbed the back of his head. I noticed Dum trying to hold in a laugh at his brother's pain.

"So Marie what did…" I trailed off as a wave of dizziness came. "Whoa," I fell to the ground.

"Sam!" the twins cried and rushed over to me.

"Guess you were right for once," I muttered, putting my head between my knees to try and stop the dizziness. It didn't help.

"Come on," Marie helped me up and put me on the twin's bed, "You two don't mind if she rests here do you?"

"Is she going to die?" Dum asked worriedly.

"Is she?" Dee echoed his brother's fear.

"No she isn't going to die," I told them, "And she also doesn't like people to talk about her in third person," I rolled my eyes. Feeling my eyes start to droop, I closed them and fell asleep.

Marie's POV

I watched Sam fall asleep. She really looked different. I looked at her sleeping form. At first I thought that she was maybe seventeen or eighteen, but now she looked about fifteen or sixteen. What could've caused her to age so much? I thought to myself. Then I heard someone coming.

"Hey you stains, have you seen Sam and Marie?" Elliot came barging in.

"What do you want stupid newbie hare?" the twins said annoyed.

"Don't call me that you dumb asses," he growled and pulled out a gun.

"Bring it Newbie Hare," the twins grabbed their scythe/sickle things and were about to swing when I jumped between them.

I was pissed, "You guys shut the hell up. If you are going to kill each other than do it somewhere else! Don't do it here where me and Sam could get killed!" I screamed at them.

"How 'bout you all SHUT THE F*** UP!" I felt a piece of ice slide down my back as I turned to see the fury etched onto Sam's face. "Can't I ever find a place to sleep in peace?" she mumbled to herself. She got up and walked to the door.

"Where are you going Oneechan?" the twins asked innocently. Though I was pretty sure that it would work better in their kid forms.

"I'm going to find a damn tree to f****** sleep in and if any of you follow me then I will rip your head off and feed the rest of your body to one of my demon friends," she threatened. I shivered as her gaze fell upon me. I looked in her eyes and was taken back. Her eyes were freaky. Silver with a bloody red swirling around her pupils. It was strange, and kind of freakish.

"At least be careful," Elliot sighed.

"Don't worry 'bout me," she told him then walked away into the unknown.

Sam hates being woken up (though she hates people getting into her head even more) Sam hates and fears many things