Chapter 1

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The war was finally over. Voldemort had been defeated by the one and only chosen one, Harry Potter. It was an unspoken and unanimous decision to celebrate tonight and face the reality of all the lost friends, family, Order members, and enemies tomorrow. Tonight was their night.

"HARRY JAMES POTTER!" Both boys looked around startled, when Harry was engulfed and smothered by his love, Ginny Weasley.

"Ginny," Ron said as sternly as he could manage (this was quite a feat for him as he was trying not to laugh at his best mate), "let Harry at least get a chance to breathe."

Ginny, the woman in question turned to give her brother a very -ish glare. She took this as a cue to 'strangle' him next. After Harry finished laughing at Ron's fate, the trio then set off towards the festivities that they knew was occurring in the now-back-to-normal Great Hall.

How did you find us Gin? We looked for you and 'Mione for about an hour, but we just gave up." Ron questioned, wondering where Hermione was as neither he nor Harry had found her yet.

"I just stumbled on to you by accident…but have you seen Herms (her personal nickname for Hermione) around?" Ron and Harry exchanged a glance that did not go unnoticed by Ginny.

"What?" She snapped.

"We actually haven't seen her for a couple of hours…and she's been distancing herself from us for weeks." Harry said uneasily. Ginny fidgeted. She knew exactly why Hermione had distanced herself from the boys. It was better that way…for all of them.

"Gin, do you know something about 'Mione that we don't?" Harry asked Ginny.

"It's honestly not my place to tell you, Herms will tell you when she and everyone else is ready. Don't push her." Ginny responded. Ron sighed. Ginny looked at him pityingly. She knew how much her thick-headed brother liked her best friend, but as he had taken to long to figure it out himself, Hermione had given up and moved on. They were interrupted by a young man handing them free hugs and bottles of fire whisky.

"Everyone deserves a night off – even Harry Potter and his best friends." The man said, before disappearing into the crowd. Ron blushed but stood up proudly at the fact that he was recognized. Ginny and Harry just shook their heads at his childish behaviour.

The trio agreed that a few drinks couldn't hurt them, so without further ado, they all started partying with everyone else.

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