Timeline: the Return, immediately after Jeremy comes back to life from being killed by Damon. Will follow the events of Season Two but with a little twist! AU

Parings: Bonnie/Damon, Stefan/Elena, Caroline/?

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Chapter One: Rage

Rage! That was all Damon felt as he sped through the woods of Mystic Falls. He hated this town, his holier-than-thou brother, the nauseating girlfriend Elena, but most of all he hated HER! Katherine Pierce, the bitch who used him. Just speaking her name angered him. The realization of her desiring Stefan only ate through him like acid. She never wanted him, NEVER! It was then that he felt it, the familiar feeling of the beast taking over. Every 50 years, he fought it. He didn't like not having control and he was afraid of the chaotic carnage it caused, but not tonight. Tonight, he welcomed it. Tonight he thrived for the numbness it provided. Tonight he gave the beast total control. Let everyone see the real Damon Salvatore.

The beast inside of him howled to be let out. It wanted to spill blood and ravage everything. Damon gladly complied with its wished. The normally icy blue pupils darkened and along with the whites of his eyes, turned an infinite black. Blue veins poured out just below his eyes and sharp fangs protruded from his gums and stopped just above his bottom lip. He was complete. The beast let out a content growl and used his sense of smell to find an unfortunate prey. He, at first, smelled….animals. He ignored them; they were beneath someone like him. He was about to run the opposite way when he caught the scent of something…delicious. The aroma was so tasty; he felt his fangs itch in excitement. He had to have it! Quickly, he sped off into the direction from where the scent was most potent.

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