Timeline: As I Lay Dying

Parings: Bonnie/Damon, Stefan/Elena, Caroline/Tyler

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A Month later

After the defeat of Klaus, everyone's lives were back to normal or as normal as they could get. Jenna's passing still ached in the hearts of the supernaturals of Mystic Falls. John had stepped up and acted the role of guarding towards Elena and Jeremy. Alaric had missed Jenna terribly, drowning himself in teaching as well as alcohol. The pain of losing Jenna was still eating away at him, threatening to completely consume him.

A four month pregnant Bonnie laid on the sofa in the study of the Salvatore Boarding House. Her head rested in Caroline's lap as the blonde braided her long chocolate locks into a single braid. Elena rested against the sofa watching yet another one of the labor videos her and Caroline had picked out for Bonnie.

The girls cringed at the screen, seeing just how painful labor could be. After a while of watching, Bonnie shot up from her sitting position putting her hands up in defeat. "Nope, uh uh. This one goes into the pile."

The pile was in fact an actually a pile. Every time they had brought her a birthing video, Bonnie had thrown them aside, watching as it collected into a massive pile. Elena turned to her freaked out friend, slightly smiling. "Bonnie, it can't go into the pile. You need to watch so that when the time comes, you'll know what to do."

"Elena, I'm nervous as it is. I'm about to deliver a half vampire baby soon. Can't you at least spare me the adding agony until later?"

Elena looked like she was about to give in but Caroline was not having it. The blonde furiously shook her head. "Oh you're not getting your way today Bonnie Bennett. Not only are you going to watch the rest of this one but you are also going to watch every single one in the pile."

The pregnant witch looked at her best friends, her eyes narrowing. With a snap of her fingers, the pile ignited, burning all the DVDs to ash. She turned to her friends with a smile on her face. "There, it's gone. Now you two can't hound me anymore."

Bonnie was honestly scared about giving birth. It was on her mind constantly and it was looming closer and closer. She had several doubts running though her mind, ones she preferred to not show to Damon.

The tall brunette grabbed the pillow she was using to prop herself up and lightly threw it at the witch, grinning widely. "Bonnie, I'm the aunt and Caroline is the godmother. It's our duty to hound you."

Caroline grabbed a pillow from behind her and lightly threw it at Bonnie as well, her ocean blue eyes twinkling. "Yeah Bon, she's right. We wouldn't be good friends."

The witch smiled at the two. They had nothing but good intentions. "Okay, maybe I'll watch the rest of the video…"

The two girls screamed at their victory. Bonnie merely rolled her eyes at their blatant display of forcing her to watch the horrible video. Why would someone tape this instead of consoling the soon to be mother? They were clearly sadistic.

An hour later, Bonnie felt like she wanted to die. The video was way too gruesome and detailed. Elena and Bonnie shuddered at the birthing video. Caroline, on the other hand, was really jumping for joy. She didn't have to go through that ever.

"Okay Bonnie. I give you full permission to burn that video." Elena said, a little in shock.

"Gladly." Bonnie snapped her fingers and the disc was burned to ash. The sound of the door opened and the women turned to see Damon, Stefan, Tyler, and Jeremy all walked in. Everyone except Damon was carrying a brightly colored box with children on the front.

"Something smells burnt. Did you guys cook or something?" Tyler asked. His nose crinkled at the charred smell.

"Bonnie burnt the birthing videos we bought for her." Caroline said, nonchalantly as she finished the giant braid.

The men turned to Bonnie. "What? Those videos were horrible."

Damon sped over to the sofa and grabbed Bonnie, kissing her lightly on the lips. "Missed you."

"Missed you too. What's in the boxes?"

She moved past the vampire and looked closer at the numerous boxes. "Those my dear are baby furniture."

Bonnie watched as Tyler opened the box he had been carrying and pulled out a black wooden crib. The pregnant witch got up as quickly as she could, walking over to the crib. She ran her hands over the wood, smiling to herself. The sound of cardboard ripping brought her out of her thoughts and turned to see Stefan holding a black and red stroller, Jeremy unwrapping a brown bassinette, and Damon was smiling like a child on Christmas morning.


"I know, but from the look of you he's coming soon. I wanted everything to be ready before he graces us with his random appearance."

The witch was so elated with Damon's actions. The rapid movements inside her made her grimace with slight pain. Damon felt it and led her to the sofa, getting her off her feet.

Tyler walked over to Caroline grabbing her hand. "We should go."

Caroline looked at Tyler and nodded. Tonight was the night he transformed and he didn't want a repeat of last month. He wanted to be chained up early so that way Caroline would be far away when he turned. She got up from the sofa and smiled at the group. "See everyone tomorrow!"

Tyler nodded to everyone and walked out of the room, Caroline's hand entwined in his as she followed him out of the house. Damon watched as Bonnie breathed in and out slowly. It had been common occurrence to see her trying to catch her breath after the baby moved. When it took the witch longer to return to her normal breathing, Damon grew worried. "Bon, are you okay?"

Bonnie nodded but her actions were screaming something was wrong. He cautiously picked her up and carried her up the stairs to their room. He watched as Bonnie's breathing evened out as she laid down in the giant bed. Damon raked his hands through his unkempt hair. Everything about the unnatural pregnancy left his mind boggling and he didn't know what to do. He climbed in bed next to the witch, his eyes focusing on her plump lips and dark green eyes.

Bonnie caught him staring and lightly punched him on the shoulder. "Stop staring. It's unnerving."

"What? I can't stare at my soon-to-be wife?"

"No." She said smiling before she planted a small kiss on his cool lips. Damon raked his hands in her chocolate curls messing up her braid. It was true, he wanted to marry Bonnie. They were already bonded but something about reciting vows to her seemed much more absolute. He had bonded them together without her permission. At least by marrying her, he would do something right.

"Damon, you're messing up my braid." She complained. She playfully smacked his hand away from her hair before the appendage could cause further damage.

"I don't like it up. I like to run my hands through it." He said, blue-eyes twinkling. Bonnie was going to object but her eyes were drooping. She was getting tired really quickly. "Fine." She whispered.

Damon made quick work of destroying the braid. Within seconds, her curls were loose, cascading down her back. His hands ran through the chocolate mane, massaging her scalp at the same time.

"Damon, I'm scared."

The vampire's hands suddenly stopped. He knew Bonnie was scared and rightfully so. Labor was painful and life threatening, something he learned firsthand form Stefan's birth. "I'm scared as shit too Bonnie."

Elena and Stefan watched as Damon carried Bonnie up the stairs. The brunette moved to follow them but Stefan grabbed her hand, effectively stopping her. She turned to see Stefan and much to her chagrin Jeremy shaking their heads at Elena's action.

"Stefan…" Elena started but Stefan caressed her check, silencing her. The motherly side of Elena wanted to comfort Bonnie in her time of discomfort but she needed to let Damon to express his feelings. Stefan watched as his brother recovered his self-buried humanity thanks to Bonnie. Bonnie needed him and Stefan had a feeling that the next couple of weeks were going to be rough on her. He turned to Jeremy and then to Elena. "How about we go to the Grille and get something to eat?"

Jeremy was worried about Bonnie too. In the last month, her stomach had grown. He had wanted to check up on her but he advised against it. Damon may be an asshat to everyone else but Bonnie was a different story altogether.

Elena sighed. "Okay but we're getting pizza."

Stefan followed Jeremy out and Elena turned to follow as well but paused. She glanced towards the stairs and wondered if Bonnie was really going to be fine.

Caroline sat on her bed, glancing out at the window. It had been a couple of hours since she had left Tyler to face his transformation. She was always worried about Tyler but even more so tonight. She absentmindly rubbed her neck where her mating mark was. A couple of nights after Klaus was killed, Tyler had marked her telling her that he wanted no one else other than her. A smile had settled on her face indefinitely.

The sound of a door opening had grabbed her attention. She listened as the sounds of footsteps belonging to her mother treaded around the bottom floor. Matt had informed her a month ago that he and her mother knew about the supernatural entities that resided in the town. She had wanted to come clean to her mother but her mother had avoided her like she was sickened with a contagious plague and Caroline had unwillingly played along with their unspoken game of charades.

Sighing, she moved to change but she heard a giant thump coming from outside her house. She smelled the air and caught the scent of her boyfriend. Quickly, the blonde ran downstairs only to find her mom staring at the door, her police issued gun aimed at the door.

"Mom, what are you doing?"

The older blonde said nothing as she kept her aim. Caroline shook her head as she moved closer to the door. Much to her mother's irritation, she opened the door. Tyler, covered in nothing but his stretchable jogging pants, leaned weakly against the doorframe.

"Caroline…." He breathed as he collapsed.

Caroline grabbed the werewolf with ease as he collapsed against her. She slung his arm around her shoulder as she carried him to the living room. Elizabeth lowered her gun as she watched her daughter, with great care, lowered the werewolf down to the sofa. She watched as Caroline wrapped the baby blue blanket around him.

It was only when Caroline heard his breathing even out that she turned to see the unreadable expression that was currently on her mother's face. "Mom…"

"I know what you are Caroline. I've known for a while. Tyler…." Liz said as her voice broke as the words came out.

"I explained it to you once. But I had to make you forget because I was so scared of what you would do to my friends. And Tyler….But now I'm not going to lie to you anymore. I'm not going to be afraid of you anymore." Caroline reached out and grabbed her mother's hand, wincing a little inside as Liz flinched a little. "Mom, I don't want you to be afraid of me. I'm still Caroline; I'm still your little girl."

Caroline quickly pulled her mom into a hug, crying in joy as her mom wrapped her arms around her. Liz couldn't do anymore, she just couldn't. She had tried to evade her changed daughter for over a month now, couldn't separate the horrific monster from her baby girl.

At first she was one in the same, a damned creature with no humanity, no soul. But after watching her pour her emotions to her, she believed that Caroline was no monster. She could still feel, could still cry, she had her humanity intact. After what seemed like forever, the women pulled back. Both were still crying but a smile was etched on their faces. They were finally over that enormous hill of darkness and now Liz wanted to know everything that had happened to her daughter.

"How did this happen?"

Two Weeks Later

Elena and Stefan stood in front of Damon's bedroom door; worried looks shadowed their faces as they held hands. In the past two weeks, Bonnie's health had dramatically declined. They all watched as Bonnie became physically weaker, from not being able to walk more than five minutes before she became tired or sleeping through most of the day.

They also noticed Bonnie had been eating more switching between food and blood, sometimes even both. The couple snapped out of their thoughts as the door opened and Damon walked out, looking tired and worn out, something that was really unusual for the elder vampire.

Damon was a mess. His hair was more untidy than ever and he looked like he had the world on his shoulders. Stefan saw the haggard look and fleetingly missed the days when his brother smirked endlessly.

"How is she?" Elena asked. She was so worried about her best friend and it was evident in her stance and her tone.

"Tired." Damon said, as he rubbed the back of his neck. Bonnie's fatigue was coursing through him, making him feel almost as tired as she was.

The brunette moved towards the door but Damon stopped her. "Didn't you hear what I said?"

"I heard, Damon. I am going to go and cheer my best friend up."

Elena pulled on Damon's constricting arm even though it was a feeble attempt. She wanted to get the message across saying that she didn't care that he had super strength, she was going to see her friend.

Stefan watched the two bicker with rapidly growing aggravation. He hated being the middle person stuck between Damon and Elena when they butted heads over Bonnie. Even though he was his older brother and she was the love of his life, their arguing made him want to just shut both of them up.

"Damon, move."

"I don't think so, Elena."

The green-eyed vampire had enough. "Enough!" The rise in Stefan's voice halted the arguing between the two. They turned to see Stefan's face, a mixture of annoyance and irritation. "Elena. Go check up on Bonnie. Damon. You are going to join me in the kitchen with a much needed stiff drink. Okay?"

The two, fearful of Stefan's wrath, nodded in compliance. Elena glared her chocolate brown eyes at her soon-to-be brother in law. She loved that he was so protecting of her best friend/sister but he, like his brother, could be overprotecting. Damon let go of Elena's arm and watched as the brunette opened the door and walked in, closing it behind her.

Stefan dragged his older brother away from the room. If he was human, the vampire would give himself ulcers with all the worrying he was doing. Stefan led him down the stairs and into the kitchen, not surprised when saw Damon pull out a chair and slumped into it, laying his head on the red oak table.

The younger vampire poured two shot glasses full of well-aged tequila and handed one to Damon who quickly drowned the glass. Stefan sat down in the chair across from his brother and refilled the empty glass while sipping his still full one.

"It should be me." Damon whispered even though he knew Stefan easily heard it. It was something he had been telling himself ever since he came to terms with Bonnie carrying his child.

"What do you mean?"

"I should be the one in pain. I should be the one on the verge of death, not her."

Stefan finished the rest of his drink pouring himself another shot. "Damon, Bonnie is not going to die."

The icy orbed brother scoffed at his brother. "You don't see her pain because she's not showing it. I know better. I feel it every day. It's like her body is maxed out, energy wise. Other people would've given up but I just had to get the stubborn one." Damon hollowly chuckled.

Neither brother said anything else for a while. They sat there nursing their drinks, musing on the chance of Bonnie surviving, Stefan more so. If Bonnie died, Damon would die as well. He would lose both people he cared about in one single stroke. They would all be devastated beyond belief.

Elena walked in the room towards the bed where her best friend laid. Bonnie was facing the other way on her side, seemly asleep. As Elena moved closer to the bed, Bonnie began to move and turned toward her friend. A smiled graced her features even though she looked otherwise. The bags under Bonnie's green eyes seemed more pronounced and her shoulders slumped wearily.

"Bon, how you feel?"

"Like I'm ready to give birth."

The girls chuckled, knowing she was close to doing so. Bonnie, after a few tries, pusher herself into a sitting position, resting her aching back against the headboard. She closed her eyes hoping to catch her breath. When she reopened them, Elena was looking at her with great concern.

"I'm your best friend Bonnie. You know you can tell me anything, right?"

"Of course Lena."

"Are you in pain?"

Bonnie smiled sadly at Elena's question. The tall brunette was always motherly. "I feel inadequate." Bonnie caressed her enlarged stomach before continuing. "He's half vampire and I don't have the means to accommodate him. I'm in pain because he's in pain."

"Damon's worried about you, I'm worried about you."

Bonnie was about to speak but her face scrunched up as a wave of slight pain washed through her stomach. Bonnie let out a slight whimper as it started but then relaxed as it went away.

"Bonnie? Bonnie, honey say something!" Elena pleaded as she grabbed Bonnie's hand.

"I'm okay Lena." The witch said as she opened her closed eyes. The brunettes felt a slight breeze and watched as Damon appeared looking ragged yet alert.

"Is it bad?" He asked.

"No. It passed as fast as it came."

"You need your rest." His gaze fell on Elena. "Elena, get out."

Bonnie and Elena both protested. They were not going to let Damon bully Elena; the vampire had another thing coming. "Damon, I want Elena to stay. Besides it wasn't that bad."

"Elena, get the hell out or I'll have to drag you out."

Caroline came in the room, looking confused at the three in front of them. "Um, guys what is going on?" She was in a happy mood as she came bearing good news but that soon died as she heard the three of them arguing.

"Damon is being such a jerk." Elena said as she crossed the room enveloping the blonde in a hug. Caroline hugged her back before turning to the couple.

"When is he not?"

Damon just smirked at the two. "Hello to you too Blondie."

"Caroline." Bonnie breathed. The young vampire moved across the room and hugged her best friend. She looked so exhausted and it pained the blonde to see her like that.

"You look happy. What's got you so worked up?" Bonnie asked her bubbly friend.

"Well, they're showing Gone with the Wind today in the town square and I was thinking we should go. Are you in?"

Elena immediately said yes. She loved the movie and she was betting Stefan would love the classic. Damon shook his head no while Bonnie smiled in agreement. "Damon, can we go?"

"Uh no. You can barely walk to the door. What makes you think that I'll agree to it?"

"Caroline and Elena. Can you give us a moment?"

The two exchanged glanced before the nodded. Bonnie waited until the door was closed before she turned her attention back to the gorgeous vampire in front of her. "Damon, why can't I go? You love Gone with the Wind. You even have a first edition copy of the book."

"Bon, you're too weak. Please trust me on this."

"Damon, I haven't been outside in over two weeks! Please, just this once before I have to give birth."

Damon tried really hard to resist her pleading but he knew he was fighting a losing battle. He didn't want to see the look of desperation that was now apparent on her face. She was in pain because of his selfish actions and she only wanted to go to a simple screening of a classic movie.

"Fine Bonnie. Why can't you ask for jewelry like most women?"

"Because we both know I'm not like most women." Bonnie replied smiling.

The town square was packed with many of the people of Mystic Falls. It seems like everyone had come out just to see the Oscar winning movie. And with good cause. Gone with the Wind was a rarity, followed closely only by The Sound of Music and Titanic.

Damon and Bonnie were the last to arrive but Caroline, being the ever efficient party planner, managed to save them a spot complete with a picnic basket and a blanket. Bonnie lay in the apex of Damon's thighs, completely content while Damon looked around. There were people dressed up in Civil War Era clothing, men dressed in Confederate uniforms while the women wore their corset dresses with their petticoats. To them it was dressing up, for him it was a blast from the past.

As the movie progressed, Bonnie looked to her left, watching as Caroline's face glowed whenever Tyler whispered in her ear. It was heartwarming to see her best friend smile after all the things she had been through. She had a boyfriend who loved her and a mother who was slowly adjusting to her daughter's vampirism. She glanced to her left, watching as Stefan and Elena leaned against each other. Elena had lost so much, she deserved to be happy.

The witch looked up at the screen, watching as Scarlett commanded Mammy to make her a new dress; Bonnie couldn't help but feel sad for Emily. The witch had to serve Katherine who she bet was a total bitch. Damon rubbed Bonnie's arms, soothing her. "Don't worry, little witch. I assure you that in public Emily and Katherine played their roles, but in private Emily and Katherine fought like wolves."

A smile graced across her face as he eased her sadness. She arched her aching back into his hard, toned torso and she went back to watching the movie.

When the epic movie had ended, the sky had already turned black and hundreds of stars could be seen from the clear sky. Everyone had begun to pack up their belongings but Elena didn't want the night to end. From the look on everyone's faces, they had all enjoyed the classic film. It had been so long that everyone had something to smile about, especially her. She couldn't even walk by Jenna's room, the pain of seeing her unused things ached in her heart.

"Guys, how about we hang out at the Boarding House?" Elena asked the group.

Stefan wrapped a hand around her tiny waist, smiling at her. He knew she was trying to keep everyone in touch with each other. After Jenna died, Elena had taken on a more motherly attitude towards the group, especially towards Jeremy and Bonnie. In her opinion, she had taken so much form Jeremy and she was trying to fill the void. Jeremy nodded in agreement then she turned towards Caroline.

"That sounds great Lena!" Caroline gushed then looked towards Tyler. The werewolf smiled back to the blonde, knowing she needed the comfort.

Stefan glanced to Bonnie and Damon, seeing the initial disapproving look on his face. Damon moved to shake his head but Bonnie squeezed his hand that she was currently holding. She wanted to hang out, even in the state she was in. She felt sad and Damon silently winced when he felt it through the bond. He was a sucker for her and everyone knew it.


Ten minutes later, the group of supernaturals plus Jeremy arrived at the Boarding House and they quickly piled up in the study. Caroline and Elena had made quick work of passing out beverages and snacks, making it feel more like a party rather than a small get-together. Bonnie curled up in Damon's lap while the vampire sat in one of the plush armchairs. Her breathing was labored but there was a sparkle in her green eyes that shined of enjoyment.

Tyler watched all of the people present in the room and he felt himself to be really lucky. He was the only werewolf in this small band of supernaturals but he didn't feel awkward or left out. Why should he? He had an awesome girlfriend who was basically his wife, a group of friends who were just as abnormal, a sort of brother in law who was an ass and two that weren't, but all in all, he was happy.

He watched as Bonnie grimaced slightly in pain and his heart went out to Damon. He couldn't bear to Caroline in pain, so he knew the feeling Damon was going through.

"Caroline, could you help me to the bathroom?" Bonnie suddenly asked.

Her voice was soft but the enhanced hearing supernaturals heard it all the same. Caroline smiled and quickly grabbed the pregnant witch's hand. Elena got up from her place between Jeremy and Stefan and followed the pair upstairs leaving the men in the room. Once the girls were out of earshot, Jeremy took the time to speak.

"She's getting weaker by the minute."

Damon said nothing. Instead he got up and grabbed a bottle of scotch, forgoing a glass and drinking it straight from the bottle. The amber liquid burned like an inferno but he relished in its blaze down his throat.

"If she wasn't regularly drinking my blood, Bonnie would've been confined indefinitely to the bed or comatose."

Silence cascaded throughout the room. Tyler didn't know what to say to the shocking revelation. To think, Bonnie was only walking around and laughing because of Damon's vampiric blood was baffling. Stefan got up and put an arm around Damon's shoulder.

"Damon, Bonnie's not going to end up like Mother. She's too strong for that."

Jeremy, on the other hand, stood up angrily. Sure, he knew that throughout all that Damon had done to Bonnie, she loved him and he loved her. His feelings for her were incomparable to how Damon felt for her. But that didn't change the fact that all of this began with Damon.

"It's your entire fault Damon. YOU did this to her!" Jeremy yelled, fuming. His shoulders slumped from the pent up rage he had towards the vampire.

Tyler pulled the brown-haired teen back down to the sofa. He knew what Jeremy was talking about. Caroline had informed him on how Bonnie's pregnancy came to be and he'd be lying if he said he didn't agree with him but this was neither the time nor the place.

Stefan moved to hold Damon back from retaliating but was surprised when his brother didn't even react to Jeremy's statement. The midnight haired vampire just slumped back down on the armchair. Damon handed the bottle to Stefan and all watched as Damon took deep breaths. The preteen was right, it was his fault that Bonnie was in so much pain, so much agony.

"I'm sorry Damon." Jeremy began to apologize. "I shouldn't have said that."

Arctic orbs stared mirthlessly at the celling as the elder vampire darkly chuckled. "Pulling your punches Jeremy? How unlike you. But you're right. It's my fault. It's my entire fault."

"Damon, stop. Bonnie's not going to like you blaming yourself."

"DAMON!" Caroline screamed bloody murder from upstairs.

Bonnie's pain and panic swept across him both great in magnitude. He shot up from his seat and sped upstairs followed by Stefan, Tyler, and Jeremy. When Damon arrived at the bathroom, he was greeted with the sight of Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline sitting down on the floor near the sink. Blondie and Elena were each holding one of Bonnie's hands as she breathed heavily. She didn't look like she was in any pain but because of their bond he knew better.

"Bonnie?" He asked then he turned to the two on either side of her. "What's wrong?"

Elena pointed to the floor in front of him. "Bon's water broke."

Damon looked down in front of him and saw the pink colored puddle in front of him. He was too wrapped up in his grief that he didn't smell the familiar scent of Bonnie's blood. The hem of her blue dress was damp and he knew blood wasn't normal when the water broke.

Elena let go of Bonnie's hand as Damon bent down to pick Bonnie up. The witch groaned at the pain passing though her as another contraction hit. Everyone followed Damon as he carried Bonnie to their room, gently laying her down on their bed.

"Contractions?" Damon asked.

"I-I've been having them all day. I just didn't realize that they were the real thing." Bonnie breathlessly said. She weakly grinned before she gasped and grabbed onto Damon's arm as her face and her body went rigid. Bonnie suddenly moaned in pain as another one rippled through her.

When Bonnie relaxed, Damon took note that that one had lasted awhile. He turned towards the group, "Someone go and get a doctor."

Stefan nodded and disappeared. Damon ignored the rest and focused his attention towards the beauty that was currently in pain. Tyler and Jeremy silently left the room, knowing that they couldn't stomach the scene before the yet Elena and Caroline stayed, sticking with their friend in her time of need. Tears were blurring Bonnie's vision as another contraction hit, this one more painful than the previous one.

Elena had left the room and reemerged carrying a damp towel. The brunette patted down Bonnie's forehead and cheeks, noticing that the witch was sweating from the pain. "Thanks Lena." Bonnie wheezed between contractions.

Damon squeezed her hand in encouragement and wiped away the strands of hair that were sticking to her temple. "I'm sorry." He whispered.

Bonnie weakly turned to him and it amazed him at the life in her dark green eyes. She smiled at the vampire who had become such an important person in her life. "What for?"

"I did this to you. I'm the reason you're here, in pain, giving birth."

The brunette caressed Damon's pale cheeks, absently noting how the coolness of his skin felt so good to her. "Damon, stop beating yourself up. We did this, okay? I love you-"

Another pain shot through Bonnie, this one more intense than her previous ones. The pain was so powerful that a scream escaped from her lips. When it finally ended, Bonnie slumped back down to her pile of pillows. It left her panting and sweating heavily. Elena kept wiping the perspiration from Bonnie's face and neck, trying to hold back the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes. Bonnie was in pain and she needed to be strong for her.

Caroline had no such strength. When she heard the scream, she couldn't hold the tears any longer. She sobbed, not caring about the murderous glare Damon was giving her. "Mutt, come and get your girlfriend before I strangle her." Damon said, viciously.

Tyler came swiftly into the room and led Caroline out even though she was refusing. Elena stole a look at Damon and he looked up, their gazes meeting. He had a look of wild desperation in his eyes and her heart went out for him, truly.

"Fuck, where is Stefan?" Damon silently cursed to himself. It was getting later and the contractions were becoming worse. "I'm sorry. I can't control it." Bonnie whispered, her eyes barely opened.

Damon and Elena both turned around and saw what Bonnie was referring to. Books, objects, and other things were floating in midair. Bonnie's magic was responding to her emotions and without them in check, her magic wasn't either.

Another wave hit and Bonnie grabbed Damon's hand tightly, a stone support for her. Just then Stefan walked in, followed by a petite blonde woman who was carrying a black satchel. She had on a white lab coat so Damon guessed that the woman was a doctor.

"Bout time. Is she compelled?" Damon asked, eyeing the blonde.

"She is. Her name is Kristy."

Kristy looked at the floating objects and wanted to say something but something was preventing her to ask that kind of question. Instead, she went over to where Elena's side and pulled out a flashlight, looking into Bonnie's green eyes.

Satisfied, she checked Bonnie's pulse then tsked at the results. "You must be the father. How far in between are her contractions?"

"Minutes." Damon said. He didn't even look up because all of his focus was still on Bonnie.

"Bonnie? I'm Kristy." The warm greeting was responded with a strained smile. Kristy reached into her satchel and pulled out latex glove which she hastily put on. She pressed down on Bonnie's abdomen putting slight pressure on the area. "Well, Bonnie. Its time."

The blonde doctor moved around and pulled Bonnie's legs into a half-sitting position. Stefan handed her a throw and she pulled the hem of her dress up, removing undergarments and draped the throw over her legs. Another wave of pain coursed through Bonnie, this one more powerful than any she had before. Her cries echoed loudly as her magic responded once again sending more objects into a floating state.

Damon thought it was going to stop but it rippled through her longer causing him to wince. It was so intense, his fangs protruded in response to her pain. He willed them to retreat as the pain eased but the aftershock was still throbbing between them making the sharp incisors ache.

"Okay, Bonnie," Kristy said from between her legs. "I need you push okay?"

Bonnie cried out in relief; it was almost over. Stefan crossed the room and held Elena while Damon was encouraging Bonnie to push. "Okay babe, need you push and it'll all be over okay?"

Bonnie weakly nodded and felt the coolness of Damon's lips on her cheek. "Okay push!"

The witch closed her eyes and tightened her grip of Damon's hand before she willed herself to push. Pain gripped her tightly and she did as she was instructed to do. She wanted to stop midway but she continued on with everything she had. Her lower body felt like it was stretching and burning at the same time. Bonnie screamed in bloody agony as the strength of her birthright vibrated throughout the room causing all of mirrors and windows to shatter into thousands of pieces.

Caroline, Jeremy, and Tyler all stood outside of the room when they heard the sound of glass shattering followed by a baby's cry. Caroline wiped away at her tears and watched as Stefan and Elena came out of the room, Elena wiping away her tears with the back of her hand.

"Elena, what happened? What is it?"

The tall brunette pulled her pin straight locks behind her ear as she glanced at the blonde with red rimmed eyes.

"It's a boy." Elena said smiling.

Five Years Later

Bonnie Salvatore yawned as she pulled the silk sheets away from her. The bright light emitting from the open windows indicated that it was early morning and hopefully it would be a beautiful day. She lazily stretched and pulled her hands through her bed ridden curls. She turned to her side and noticed that her husband was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly the door flew open and in a slight blur, a body jumped on Bonnie and giggled in glee. She smiled and ruffled the child's hair.

"Good morning Alex." Bonnie said smiling.

"Moring mommy!" Alex said, joyfully returning the smile.

Bonnie glazed down at the child and her heart melted at the sight of him. With his aqua colored eyes, curly black hair, and tan colored skin, Alex reminded her so much of Damon. The only thing she thought he got from her was her nose. Still, she wouldn't have it any other way.

"Where is daddy?" She asked.

The little boy smiled and concentrated on the myriad of sounds coming from throughout the house. "I hear him mommy."

Within a couple of seconds, Damon sped in to the room and grabbed his son from his mother's arms. He twirled him around and around, enjoying the gleeful sounds Alex was emitting. After a while, he stopped and laughed slightly as the child regained his balance.

"Alex, did you wake mommy up?" Damon asked, hid blue eyes twinkling.

"No, but Aunt Caroline wanted me to so she could get ready."

Bonnie furrowed her eyes in confusion. "Where are we going?"

Damon placed a chaste kiss on Bonnie's forehead. "Blondie is forcing us to go to her picnic."

Bonnie smiled at Damon's nickname of her best friend and sister. They had been a family for five years and he still insisted on calling her that, much to Caroline's annoyance.

"When are we leaving?"

"As soon as you hurry your pretty butt up."

She rolled her eyes but got up anyway. Damon grabbed Alex and hoisted him up on his shoulders. "Alex, me and you are going to give your mom time to get dressed, okay?"

"Okay, bye mommy!" Alex said as he waved to her. She returned it with a grin and watched as her husband and her son sped out of the door. She smiled at the supernaturalness of it and hurried to find a comfortable outfit for the picnic.

As soon as Bonnie, Alex, and Damon arrived at the Mystic Fall's Park, they were greeted with the sight of their friends/family. Caroline ran up to them, excitement and enjoyment was very apparent in her face. She immediately hugged Bonnie and Alex, while smiled at Damon. They were on a mutual plan, neither still completely liking the other but tolerated each other to an extent.

She bent down and grabbed Alex by the hand. "Are you hungry, Alex? I have hamburgers and hot dogs."

"Hamburgers!" Alex shouted.

The couple watched as Caroline and Alex walked towards the food table and was greeted by her newly wedded husband Tyler who apparently was the griller on duty. Damon wrapped his arm around the witch's waist and led her towards the bench where Elena, her husband of three years Stefan, Jeremy and his new seer girlfriend Brianna were currently seating at.

After the food was ready and served, the group lighted a bonfire and all the couples gathered around. Alex had gotten tired playing with his father and his uncles and was currently asleep in Bonnie's lap. No one said anything yet it was a comfortable silence. Damon looked around and watched as everyone stared into the roaring fire, reflecting on their lives and how it brought them to this moment. Damon, in particular, was reflecting on how he came to be here.

He wouldn't admit it to anyone other than those in attendance but he was thankful to Emily and the Bennett legacy. They gave him a wife and a child who was his whole existence, one he couldn't live without, one he would, without hesitation, kill and die for. As he thought this, a smile crept on his lips and he pulled his wife closer kissing her on the lips and nuzzling her neck, drinking in their bond and their lover for each other. He and the others could say that their life was without a doubt, irrevocably prefect and they would be together in the life and beyond.

The End

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