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It was monday morning( which is never good) and the Preventers office was humming with activity (except for Duo who was singing).
For Lady Une leader of the preventers it was a very stressful morning, but then every morning was stressful. and her mood hadn't been improved by Heero Yuy's secratery quitting on friday afternoon and leaving the building swearing never to come back (Literally). So actually Lady Une was quite pissed off. But she couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor girl who got the vacancy, she was being transsferred from filing to fill in the very important gap.

"i'm going to have a word with that boy" thought Une as she began to massage her temples.


Heero Yuy was walking into his office when he noticed the bare desk where his secratery should be. he remembered a small commotion outside his door but had ignored it and the constant paging as he hacked into some files for his latest case. He frowned at his door as he opened it and scowled at the sight of a strange woman searching through the stacks of files on his desk.

'Who are you?' he asked she looked up at him blue eyes taking in his appearance and current expression, before giving him a cool little smile

'I am your stand in secratery' she informed him 'and my name is Calista.' she straightened up holding some files she had gathered and slipped around the desk offering him her hand. Heero stared at her and she withdrew her hand quickly, giving him a polite smile and saying

' These files are long overdue i need to type them up the new case is on your desk waiting.' then she turned and went out of the room closing the door quietly behind her. Heero glared at his desk like it was going to give him a reason for this new girl, then sat behind it and opened the file reaching for the normally cold cup of coffee that was there from last night.......... which was mysteriously missing. The scowl returned. there was a soft knock on the door and in stepped Calista holding a steaming cup of coffee. The scowl deepened and that special Heero noise sounded

'Coffee sir'
'anything else?'
'.....' Calista walked out and sat back down at her deskmaking sure the door was closed behind her. She sighed and pushed her dark honey coloured hair behind her shoulders before pulling it up in to a pony tail. Then she reached into her bag and pulled out the framed photo of her boyfriend and placed it by the phone, then picked up the files and went to the photocopying room glad to be back on more familliar ground.


Lady Une slammed the phone down in frustration. Heero's ex-secratery was sueing them for emotional stress and Marimaia had forgotten her lunch again... She stood up and streched her legs then stalked off down the corridor to find the so called perfect soldier.