There was a chance and I believed in it. I had calculated the slim likelihood of everything working out for the better, but refused to accept it- why couldn't I? Stupid girl… I had wanted to believe in happy endings- of everything turning out alright, or good enough. If I had to slay a few monsters to get things to be that way- I could deal with that, but what my gray eyes fell upon seemed altogether much worse than anything before.

Annabeth's Story:

"Ave, Diana," I began, not entirely sure of what I was about to say. "Iuva me invenire Perseum*." That didn't sound right. I had studied for hours but that still didn't sound right. It would have to do.

Upon hearing me, Artemis cocked her head curiously. She wasn't Artemis- I kept forgetting that. "Quid dixis*?"

I panicked, what was she saying? As though I actually knew Latin… I repeated myself.

Diana smiled. "Annabeth, why are you trying to speak Latin?"

I sighed, apparently my Latin wasn't very good. "I needed to talk to you as Diana. I have reason to believe that Percy has been taken to the Roman demigod camp. There was talk of there being an 'exchange' as Jason came to Camp Half-Blood and likely Percy went to the Roman Camp. You offered to help me search for him months ago and I've had no luck. If I can find that camp or even a Roman demigod, then I might be able to find Percy. I don't even know where to begin looking, but I figured, perhaps you- Diana, the Roman goddess, just might know."

"Ah, yes, I did promise to help, didn't I? The Greeks and Romans were not supposed to know about each other, but you can't un-ring the bell," Diana thought for a moment before adding, "I cannot help you- not directly anyway. I have to watch over my hunters- the hunters of Artemis. I can send some assistance- they may prove more competent. They are my hunters- much like the band you have already met, but they are the Roman counter-part. I did not ask them to participate in the search, but as it is apparent Greeks and Romans do in fact, know about each other now, I will call them to help."

"Thank you, Diana." I cheered, trying my best to hide my joy- Diana wasn't smiling.

"I will call for them so that they will be here by dawn," Diana explained. "Oh, and also, good luck, Annabeth," she said as she departed.

Yes! Finally, I might actually get somewhere in my search for Percy. Artemis- as she was now Artemis and not Diana- gathered up her hunters and moved on going off to chasing Lycaon and the rest of his wolves. They left me here, alone, and in the dark.

I pitched a tent for the night, pulled out my laptop and played around with it for a while, worked on learning Latin, and just about anything else to make me feel as though I weren't so entirely alone. This didn't work, so I closed my lap top and tried to fall asleep.

My thoughts drifted to Seaweed Brain, and how it would be to find him, just even to see him again. That was enough to give me goose bumps. But first, I'd have to find that Roman camp.

What if I found him and he was speaking Latin? I winced at the thought. There was a darker fear lurking in the back of my mind that I didn't want to consider. If the exchange really did go the way Camp Half-Blood had received it- with Jason having amnesia and even now, sitting back at Camp Half-Blood knowing next to nothing about his former home.

That could very well be Percy too, over at that Roman Camp. I didn't want ot think about that, not now, not here. No more thinking about that- I put that out of my mind or tried my best to anyway. Damn my need to over-think everything!

Because of that, I cried myself to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke to a noise, if it was even a noise at all. Everything was quiet, but there must have been a noise somewhere- without even realizing it, I had already drawn my knife.

A threat was looming- I could already sense it.

I unzipped the tent gingerly- it wouldn't be the first time I'd found some monster waiting on the other side. I just prayed it wouldn't kill me now- things were actually going pretty well- or at least would be great soon enough.

First of all- it was freezing out and fog loomed about, so dense I could hardly see a few feet ahead of me. I stepped out and my feet sunk into the snow- a few inches must have fallen overnight. I lifted my knife to point my way around. Better safe than sorry.

Then suddenly, something cut through the fog, falling from the sky. I jumped back nearly falling into my tent. Thank the gods for ADHD. Whatever it was, it hit the ground, and stuck out of the snow where I had stood.

I looked at it- clearly it was an arrow- with black and blue feathers tied to the end of it. I pulled it out of the ground. It was a warning shot- or whoever fired it assumed they had killed me.


*Help me to find Percy.

**What did you say?

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