AN: Just a nice little alternative to Jade Dumps Beck where Jade isn't the only one falling apart. Because seriously? You don't date someone for two years, love them, and feel nothing when you break up.

Summary: She left him. What? No. Jade doesn't leave him. She can't. He needs her. They're BeckandJade and JadeandBeck and they can't be broken.

Warnings: Language

Disclaimer: I don't own Victorious. Or this would be "Jade Dumps Beck".

Chapter One
Please Don't Let Me Go

"We're done."


"You're breaking up with me?" I have to ask. I heard the words but they don't make sense. Done? Not possible. We're BeckandJade and JadeandBeck, and I need her like I need air to breathe.

"Yeah." She storms away. "I am."


"You're being ridiculous!" I shout after her. Play cool and collected, play the roles cast. Stay in character and maybe she'll come back. She has to come back.

"What do you care? I'm not your girlfriend anymore!" She screams. So angry. So sad. So already gone.


I can't breathe. She left. She walked away and left. Everything holding me up collapses and I fall heavily against the lockers. I still can't breathe.

Tori is saying something, all worried and concerned, and I can't breathe. I'm sucking in huge lungfuls of air, but it's not working right because I'm still sufficating.

She left.

Jade left.

Jade left me.

This isn't supposed to happen. We fight, we talk, we make it all better again. We don't break up. Jade doesn't leave.

The bell rings its staggered jingle, and Tori grabs my wrist, tries to drag me to Sikowitz's class. No. No, no, no, NO! I have to stay right here. Jade doesn't leave. Not for long.

She always come back.

She doesn't leave me.

"I have to be here when she comes back." The words tumble from my lips, and Tori looks at me like I've lost my mind. Maybe I have. Maybe Jade took it with her when she took my heart.

"Beck..." Tori says quietly. "Jade's not coming back. She broke up with you."

I jerk my hand out of he grasp as if burned. We're BeckandJade and JadeandBeck, and Tori doesn't know what the hell she's talking about.

"She's just mad." I say, and there's no emotion in my voice because my heart walked away. "She'll come back." I'm convincing myself more than Tori, but Tori doesn't matter. She's not Jade, so she doesn't matter at all. "She has to come back."


"Go to class, Tori." I can't deal with her right now. Can't handle her pity and her soft chocolate eyes that say I'm sorry without words. Can't handle any of this. I have to wait for Jade. I have to fix this.

Because we can't be broken. It's just not possible.

I love her too much.

Jade didn't come back.

I stood there until dismissal.

I stood there until detention let out.

I stood there until all the teachers left and the janitor came in to clean.

I stood there until the janitor was leaving and forced me to move.

And Jade didn't. Come. Back.

Jade left.

She just...left me.

I stare blankly at my trembling hands. What am I supposed to do now?

Yoga is stupid. Yoga is pointless. Why am I even here? None of this matters because Jade left.

And she still hasn't come back.

And I still can't breathe.

I go through the motions. But I can't feel anything. There is no tension to be ease. No stress to relieve. No rage to calm. Just the empty void that her absence has left in me. I can't feel without my heart, and it's gone.

She's gone.

Alyssa Vaughn tries to talk to me, wants to give me a ride to school or something. Suddenly I remember that she's the reason Jade left. Her and her text messages. Her and her pretty face posing next to mine as the cameras flash. Her holding me in place saying it'll look worse if I'm running away. And, oh, there's that rage I was looking for earlier.

But I hold it in. Gotta keep up the facade. Beck, Mr. Affable, Mr. Completely Unaffected, gotta bottle that all back inside. Because Jade left and there's no one left to pick up the pieces if I break.

She left me. She left me. She left me. She left me. She left left me. She left me. She left me. She left me. She left me.

She left me.

How could she leave me?