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Author's Notes: And it is officially over! Thanks to everyone who reviewed! It's been a fantastic journey, albeit filled with much, much angst. And yes, I realize that the epilogue title is a little crude, LOL! (I never said I wasn't crude...) Let me know what ya thought. :D

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Epilogue: Moving On By Moving In

"This is really not my color," Kurt said sourly as he stared at himself in the mirror. "Seriously not my color."

"I thought black went with everything, Fancy?" Dave said, smirking as he glanced up from the issue of 'Sports Illustrated' he was perusing.

Kurt sighed heavily, rolling his eyes dramatically. "A fashionable boy needs a hint of color, David. " He gave a twirl, robe flying up around him like a petticoat. He'd really rather be wearing the petticoat. Why did graduation robes have to be so *drab*?

"Well, I like mine fine," Dave said dryly, tossing his magazine aside with a smile. "I think it's a good look. Very respectable."

Kurt abandoned the mirror, a warm feeling growing in his chest as he turned to study him. Dave had come so far from the angry, broken boy he'd been two years ago. It kind of made Kurt want to tear up. "I'm so proud of you," he murmured, as he untied his robe letting fall to the floor. He moved toward the bed, settling down next to Dave, snuggling up against him.

Dave put an arm around Kurt's shoulders, pulling him tight, and Kurt's breath hitched as he felt Dave's lips brushing the top of his head.

"Would it be too ego inducing if I said that you're the reason I'm here? "

Kurt smiled and nuzzled Dave's shoulder. "Give yourself some credit, sweetie. You got here yourself, and you overcame a lot of obstacles to do it."

That was an understatement. He'd more than overcome, he'd fucking conquered. It had been almost two years since Dave finally came to his senses and moved in with the Adams family, but they hadn't been easy. Dave may have escaped the abuse, but the scars were still there, and more than a few open wounds, too.

Thanks to Mr. Adams endless connections, Figgins had allowed Dave back in McKinley, but this time he didn't have anything to hide, something that had dramatically improved his grades. Kurt supposed it had been somewhat difficult to fit homework in between the beatings and the whoring. The Adams had begun the lengthy adoption process immediately, making it very clear that they considered Dave one of their own; however, it had still taken over six months just to convince the boy that he wouldn't be tossed out with the trash at any moment.

Dave's 'Pops', as he'd always called him, was behind bars, where he very much belonged in Kurt's not so humble opinion, but he knew that Dave still had that ratty old photo of the man taped to the back of a frame on his bedside table that sported a picture of him and Kurt at Breadstix on their first actual date. Kurt loved that picture, with Dave blushing deeply as Kurt kissed him on the cheek. He had promised Dave that night that he would do his best to understand how Dave felt about his father and do his best to support him, no matter what he felt personally. And that was what Dave had really needed. Support, love, and people who cared.

"Seriously," Kurt said, when Dave just sat there, playing idly with Kurt's hair. "You have come so far, Dave. You should give yourself a little credit."

"Yeah, I guess," Dave said with a shrug, as if surviving sixteen years of fucking torture at the hands of the ones who were supposed to protect you was no big deal at all. "I just did what I had to do."

More like, what he'd been forced to do. Kurt reached up to cup Dave's face with his hand, pulling him into a kiss. Dave made a soft sound of pleasure as Kurt suckled his lip, sighing when the boy pulled away.

"You know, we've still got at least two hours until we have to leave for the ceremony," Kurt said suggestively, pushing himself up on his knees and running a hand down Dave's chest.

"Kurt," Dave said, sounding amused, "if Christopher walks in on us having sex one more time, I think he's probably going to go into cardiac arrest. And Azimio says that I have to give him at least twenty-four hours warning so that he can be sure to have his headphones on and his iPod turned up before we start."

"Oh, come on, Dave!" Kurt said, making a silly face. "After tonight, we are officially high school graduates! This is our last chance to make youthful love!"

"Baby, no offense, but they're probably going to be carding you when you're forty. I think we'll be making youthful love for awhile." A smile spread across his face as Kurt gave him a playful slap.

"How about you hush up and kiss me?" Kurt didn't give him time to reply, straddling his lap and pushing a rough kiss on him. "That okay with you?" he questioned breathily as he pulled away.

Dave gave him a grin, reaching up to run a hand gently through his hair. "Yeah, that's okay with me." He leaned forward, his lips pressing hard against Kurt's.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered as he began to kiss along Kurt's nose, making Kurt blush a little.

"It's the beauty routines," he said lightly. "You can't beat 'em."

"No," Dave said sincerely, pulling back to look him in the eye. "It's just *you.*"

Kurt moaned as Dave leaned forward again and kissed him deeply, those big arms wrapping tightly around Kurt's body, one hand slipping down to caress his ass.

"Feels so good," he said, rolling his hips as as Dave kneaded his butt cheek. Kurt traced his lips along the other boy's jawline, kissing gently at his ear. "Dave," he said whispered, sliding a hand down the boy's chest. "How about… How about you be on top this time?"

Dave went suddenly still, muscles tightening under Kurt's touch. "Please, David?" Kurt said, heart speeding up a little. "You know I really want to…" He moved to kiss the other boy, sighing when Dave turned his head away.

"Y-you know I'm not really comfortable with that, Kurt," Dave said, voice so low that Kurt could hardly hear him. His hand slipped back up Kurt's body to settle on his waist.

"I know, sweetie," Kurt said, reaching up to stroke Dave's face. "I know that it scares you—"

"It doesn't scare me," Dave cut in, a scowl on his face.

Great. He'd struck the male ego. "Okay, maybe scared isn't the right word," Kurt said soothingly. "But you know that I *want* this, Dave."

Dave rubbed at his face, looking tired. "I… I just don't want to hurt you, Kurt," he said in a voice so small that Kurt almost gave in. But today was a special day, a day to celebrate the things they'd done and the things they would do in the future. The things they would do together. He wanted to be with Dave, completely.

"Dave," Kurt said seriously, "I promise that if you hurt me, even a little, I will tell you." He caught the boy's head between his hands, forcing him to look him in the eye. "This is about love, Dave, and I want to do it."

Dave shifted uncomfortably, Adam's apple bobbing as he took a nervous swallow. "I-I just don't understand why you want to."

Kurt raised an eyebrow. "Well, why do you want to with me?"

"Because… Because I love you, and I want to be with you." Dave paused, a sheepish look on his face. "And because feeling you inside me is hot as hell."

Kurt laughed, shaking his head. "So, don't you think I want a chance to feel you inside me?"

"Kurt," Dave said, brow furrowed in worry. "I… I just…"

"You don't want to hurt me," Kurt finished, giving him a small smile. "Dave, I know we've had this argument before, love." He reached out, taking Dave's big hands in his, giving them a squeeze. "But today is a special day, Dave. You're doing the thing you've always dreamed of, the thing you worked so hard to achieve. And I want it to be a special day for *us*, too." Kurt squeezed his hands again. "Please, David, let's just try?"

Dave took a deep breath, staring down at their laced fingers. "You really want to, Kurt?" he asked in a small voice. He looked back up at him, eyes searching. "You really want to?"

"Yes," Kurt whispered, leaning forward to brush his lips against Dave's. "I really, really want to."

"And… and you'll tell me if I…" He made a face. "If I'm hurting you?"

"Of course I will, love," Kurt assured him, smiling comfortingly. "I promise."

Dave gave a deep chuckle. "Well, I've always found you to be pretty good at keeping your promises." He gave a half shrug. "You kept my fat ass around after all."

"Don't self-deprecate, David," Kurt said primly, making the other boy snort.

"I was just teasing, Fancy." He reached out, touching Kurt's collar. "I… I guess you should take that off." A smile grew on his face as his hands fell to the waist of Kurt's pants. "And these…"

Kurt smiled, a little wickedly. "I think that's a good idea, Dave."

The other boy grinned and pulled his t-shirt over his head in a smooth, practiced motion. The muscles in his arms bulged, and Kurt wet his lips as he took in the boy's strong upper body. Dave was a big boy. And Kurt liked big boys, he liked them very, very much.

Kurt shimmied out of his trousers faster than he would have thought possible, considering how tight they were, his cock twitching as he brushed his palm across it.

"C'mere," Dave said as he kicked off his jeans, crawling toward Kurt in just his boxers. There was a noticeable bulge between his legs. Dave was a big boy indeed.

"Catch me if you can," Kurt replied with a laugh, crawling gracefully backward, making certain that his unbuttoned shirt framed his slim body as well as possible.

"I don't need to catch you," Dave said with a laugh. "The headboard's about to do it for me."

Kurt laughed as well, propping himself against the pillows leaning against said headboard. "Darn it, the bed fouled me again!"

"As if you really wanted to escape."

Kurt giggled. "Well, it's no communal shower."

Dave shook his head with a grin. "You always gotta bring that one up, don't you?"

"Hey," Kurt said primly, "maybe I *wanted* to date Tiny Tom."

Dave made a rude sound. "I thought Sammy was more your type."

Kurt grimaced. "I do not date boys who remove genitalia with their teeth. It's a hard and fast rule of mine."

"I'm sure Sammy-Girl would be truly disappointed," Dave said drly. "Now, c'mere, you." He crawled forward, wrapping his arms around Kurt and pulling him tight, mouth covering his.

Kurt pressed his tongue deeply into Dave's mouth, rolling his shoulders as the other boy tugged off his shirt, letting it fall to the mattress.

"How do you wanna do this?" Dave whispered into Kurt's ear, his breath coming a little too fast. Kurt could feel him against his leg, already half hard.

"I don't know," Kurt admitted, feeling a bit breathless himself. "What do you think?"

Dave frowned a little, leaning back as if inspecting Kurt. "Lay down on your back," he said finally, crawling backward so that Kurt could comply.

Kurt obeyed, smiling lasciviously up at Dave, wiggling his hips in a way he knew drove the boy crazy. "You mean like thiiiis?" Kurt said in an overly innocent voice, stretching his arms over his head.

"You are shameless," Dave muttered, the grin on his face betraying his amusement. "Completely shameless." He pulled open the drawer on the bedside table, pulling out a tube of lube and one of the half a dozen loose condoms they'd hidden in there. And also in the bathroom cabinet. And under a vase in the living room. And behind the breadbox in the kitchen, much to the dismay of the Adams' housekeeper.

Dave popped open the tube with his teeth, a familiar sight, one Kurt saw at least a few times a week. Of course, it was usually followed by the boy slicking his fingers and putting them up his own ass, biting his lip in concentration as he prepared himself for Kurt.

It had been only in the last six months or so that Dave and Kurt's relationship had bloomed beyond deep kisses and a few under the clothes gropes, but Kurt didn't mind. The last thing he wanted to do was rush Dave. He couldn't rush Dave, not if he really wanted to be with *Dave* and not the persona Dave so often took on to protect himself.

It was true that just a few weeks after they'd started dating, their kisses and petting *had* led to *something.* As in, Kurt had done something with someone, but it hadn't been Dave. The big lughead had assured him, over and over again, that this was what he wanted, that he was ready, that it was fine… Then Kurt had slipped inside him and Dave had lain there in silence, eyes staring off at nothing while Kurt tried his best to engage him. Instead of passionate words of love, Kurt had gotten short, quiet responses to everything he said, Dave's body language practically screaming for Kurt to finish up and get off of him.

Needless to say, it had pretty much ruined Kurt's mood, cutting the encounter short. Then he'd had to sit through forty-five minutes of Dave apologizing for not being good, saying that he could do better, promising all sorts of things as long as Kurt didn't leave him. Finally Kurt had burst into tears, unable to stand another moment of Dave's desperate attempts to hold on to Kurt by offering him his body. They had spent the night clutched in each other's arms, Kurt whispering into Dave's ear, telling him over and over how much he loved him for him and how he only wanted to be with Dave when the boy was really, truly ready. In fact, he'd forced Dave to promise him that he wouldn't offer to be with Kurt until he was really, truly ready. Kurt wanted Dave because he loved him, not because he wanted to fuck him.

It had been awhile before Dave was ready, but it had definitely been worth the wait. Dave still hadn't let Kurt be bottom, but he had finally let the other boy take him in his mouth. It made Kurt a little antsy that Dave hadn't wanted Kurt to do certain things, worried that deep down the boy found them abhorrent and was only doing them for Kurt's sake; however, Dave seemed more than happy making love with Kurt. In fact, he wanted to do it as much as possible. Hence all the hidden condoms.

"All right, baby," Dave said, voice soft as his hands slid under Kurt's thighs, slowly spreading them up and apart. "Slide forward a little, okay?"

Kurt nodded as he scooted down the bed, butterflies in his stomach. "Is this good?"

Dave gave him a gentle smile. "Perfect." He took a deep breath as he picked up the lube, slicking it liberally across his fingers. "Okay, I… I'm going to put my finger in you, all right? And if you want me to stop—at any time—just tell me and, by God, I will stop, okay?" He sounded worried and Kurt smiled up at him in an attempt to calm him down a little.

"I know that, Dave. I trust you."

Dave's shoulders tensed slightly at the words, eyes clouding over for a moment. Kurt winced, wondered what he was remembering. It was never something good. This happened occasionally. Someone would say or do something totally innocuous and Dave would sort of fade away for a moment, off into his strange land of nightmarish memories. But it would pass. It always did, and it happened less and less every day. It was just part of being with Dave.

"Okay," Dave said softly, shaking his head as if to clear it. He reached down with one hand, stroking Kurt's thigh. "Here we go."

Kurt sucked in a breath as he felt Dave's finger slide between his butt cheeks. The lube was cool and slick against his skin. A moment later he felt the tip of Dave's finger pressing slowly, gently into Kurt's hole.

Dave paused as a small sound escaped Kurt's lips. "You okay, baby?"

"Yeah. Yeah. It's just… a funny feeling." He laughed, a little embarrassed. "That sounds stupid."

Dave shrugged, looking a amused. "Nah. It *is* a funny feeling." His finger slid in a little further, wiggling slightly, and Kurt gasped.

"Okay," Dave murmured, "I'm gonna put another one in, okay?"

Kurt nodded quickly, heart beating fast in his chest. "Yeah."

Dave smiled down at him and pulled his finger out, leaving Kurt feeling strangely empty. It was quickly replaced with something bigger, however, and Kurt lifted his head up, straining to look down at Dave's fingers inside of him.

"You're doing good," Dave said, reaching out to grab Kurt's hand, stroking his knuckles. "Just relax…"

Kurt let his head fall back onto the bed, pulse definitely going all out now. "Yes…" The fingers moved inside of him and he moaned as his cock rose from the intimate touch.

Dave let go of Kurt's hand to wrap it around Kurt's dick, gently massaging the base. "Okay," he whispered, looking nervous as hell, "now… now I'm going to… to…" He swallowed hard and Kurt gave him an encouraging smile.

"Please, Dave. I want to feel you."

Dave nodded, short quick nods, over and over again, as he slipped his fingers out of Kurt, hand releasing the boy's cock. Kurt watched, breathing shallowly, as Dave began to rub his now fully hard cock with lube, a lot of lube. More lube than Kurt had ever used.

"Going all the way there, lover?" Kurt said in a teasing voice, and Dave blushed a little.

"You can never have too much lube." His voice was gruff.

Dave reached out, putting his hands underneath Kurt's thighs. "Okay, baby," he said, "I'm gonna lift up your legs, okay?" He leaned over Kurt, settling himself between his legs and lifted Kurt's leg, bending over so that he could rest them gently on his shoulders.

Kurt gasped, feeling strangely vulnerable. Dave then reached out and tugged Kurt's hips forward suddenly, and Kurt gave a nervous little laugh. Dave grinned at him, but his eyes were serious.

"Okay, Fancy," he said, "are you ready?"

"Yes," Kurt said, suddenly desperate to feel Dave inside him. "Yes, please…"

Dave nodded then dropped his eyes as he began to guide his dick between Kurt's cheeks.

Kurt bit his lip as he felt the head of Dave's cock press into him. He must have made a face, because Dave stopped, reaching out and brushing Kurt's forehead.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes," Kurt breathed, distracted by the strange sensation of something so large pushing into him. "Go…"

The pressure returned as Dave slipped in a little deeper.

"Does it hurt?" Dave questioned, sounding worried.

"It… it does," Kurt brow furrowing a little as he tried to figure out a way to describe the sensations he was feeling. "A..a little bit… but… but not in a bad way. Not in a bad way at all. Good… Please, Dave, I want you…"

Dave nodded slowly, a small smile growing on his face. "Yeah, it can be… nice. Very… nice…" He blinked rapidly, breath catching a little, and Kurt realized that it had to be costing him to be so calm, so in control.

"Please, Dave," he said, reaching out for the boy's hand. "Please, take me."

Dave took a deep breath then gave a sharp nod, smile growing wider. "Okay, baby…"

Kurt moaned as Dave pressed deeply into him, and then began to thrust out a slow, easy tempo. Kurt raised his hips in time with Dave's, nails digging into the boy's big hands. "Oh, God, Dave," he moaned, as a warm pleasure washed over him, "yeees…"

Lips covered his, sucking and licking, teeth pressing lightly into his flesh. Dave's hips began to move faster, and Kurt moaned into the boy's mouth then made a sound of annoyance when Dave pulled back, lifting his head to try and take back the boy's mouth. Dave pushed him gently back down, and a moment later he felt a big hand wrap around his cock, thumb running along his leaking tip.

"Yes, Dave, yes," Kurt moaned, using his legs on Dave's shoulder to yank him closer, wanting to see that big, sweaty chest. "Pleeease."

"God, you're so fuckin' hot," Dave muttered as his hips moved madly against Kurt's ass, a rhythmic slapping of flesh. "Oh God, you're beautiful. So fuckin' beautiful…" He let out a loud groan, hand on Kurt's cock pumping faster.

"Please, please, please," Kurt chanted, craning his head back as he continued to arch his hips. "Yeees."

Dave's short breaths turned into harsh gasps, sweat running down his brow. He was definitely close, and Kurt wasn't far behind.

"Gonna come," Dave moaned. "Kurt, Kurt, Kurt, I'm gonna come…"

"Come in me," Kurt gasped back. "Come on, baby, I wanna feel you…. Oooooh! I wanna feel you come in meeee."

Dave hips were pounding now, his strokes short and fast. "Love ya… Love ya, Kurt…"

"Oh God," Kurt said, nails still digging into Dave's hand. "I love you too, oh my God, I love you…"

With a shout Dave came, throwing his head back, body arching as shudders of pleasure went through him. His hand tightened on Kurt's dick, squeezing almost to the point of pain and Kurt let out a frustrated cry.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God…"

Dave began to pump Kurt's cock in earnest, grinning a little stupidly down at him. "Come on, baby, come on… Come for me… I love you, baby. Come for me…"

That was enough. Kurt's hips bucked madly as he shot and Dave's body sort of collapsed down on him, Kurt's face buried in his lover's chest.

Kurt moaned as he let his legs slip off Dave's shoulders, body going limp. "Oh my God," he whispered, words a little muffled by Dave's chest. "So good."

Dave murmured what Kurt assumed was assent, breath still heavy. After a few moments the boy lifted himself up on his big arms and moved backward, sliding out of Kurt.

Kurt sighed at the feeling, the muscles in his ass twitching and a pleasurable ache spreading within him. Dave rolled to the side, a leg and an arm flung over Kurt's smaller body. They stared at each other for a long moment, both breathing hard, then Kurt let out a hoarse laugh.

"So… What you say we do that again sometime?"

Dave laughed as well, wiping at his brow at the back of his hand. "That sounds good to me, baby."

Kurt smiled, reaching out to pull Dave close, pressing their lips together, then drawing back with a smile. "I love you, David," he whispered, feeling warm with afterglow and pleasure. "I love you so much."

"I love you, too, Kurt," he whispered back, eyes looking a little bright. "I love you so much, and I always will."

Kurt ran his hands through Dave's hair, caressing the boy's hair. "You promise?" he asked with a teasing smile.

"You know I do." Dave laughed, shaking his head in disbelief. "Who'd have getting sent to the pen with a princess in my pocket would do me so much good?"

Kurt laughed as well, lashes fluttering. "Well, I can't say I'm proud of having used a textbook to bludgeon, but I'll tell you this, Dave Karofsky, I couldn't have asked for a better cell mate than you."

"I really do love ya, Kurt."

"I really do love you, too."

The End (Again!) ;P