How Could This Happen To Me?

Song: Untitled by Simple Plan

Summary: A night out with friends changed both of their lives. All human. Set in England…

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Previously on HCTHTM: That's when I heard the thing that I feared the most.

His heart's failing; we need to do something now!

Chapter 5

I made my mistakes
I've got no where to run
The night goes on
As I'm fading away
I'm sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

They. Did. It! They saved him. He's alive. Around three hours ago Jake's heart had started failing and he had to under go emergency surgery and he was now sat up in a hospital bed laughing and joking with myself and Charlie. He woke up around fifteen minutes ago and he looked fine. The nurse said that if his vitals stayed like they were, we could go home later to day.

"Hey kid you gave us quite a scare" Emmett said as he bounded through the door, followed by Alice, Rose, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme and…Edward. I wasn't really on better terms with Edward but at least he talked to me in a civil manner.

"Sorry Em, but I couldn't really help it ya know" Jacob muttered.

"I know just a bit of warning next time 'kay" I shook my head. Always the clowns them two. I looked up and caught Edward looking at me. He nodded his head towards the door and walked out of it. I sighed.

"I'll be back in a minute kiddo" I said to Jake and gave him a small smile. He grinned at me and carried on talking to Emmett and Jasper about the new Toy Story film. Big kids I tell ya the lot of them. I walked out the door to find Edward resting against the wall, his eyes on the floor.

"So what do you want?" I asked calmly.

"I want to take you out, as a sorry for what I did" he spoke carefully and lifted his head to look at me.

"And what makes you think I'll accept, since you almost killed my brother and I" I retaliated, who the hell does he think he is…

"Look I said I was sorry and to be honest your brother is a hell of a lot more forgiving than you" he snapped breaking my train of thought.

"What? Jake forgave you?" I was shocked. Jake is normally the one to hold a grudge against someone.

"Yeah, he did I told him everything and he forgave me" Edward said, hurt colouring his voice.

"Oh, ermm well I suppose I will go to dinner with you but this is for Jake and it means nothing ok" I said. His eyes lit up when I said this.

"Thank you, you might want to get back to Jake" he muttered clearing his throat.

"He's got Emmett and the gang, plus I need to talk to you" I said taking in a deep breath.

"Okay shoot" Edward muttered curiously.

"Why? Why did you drink when you knew you were going to drive?" I asked gesturing to one of the white settees. We sat down and I looked at him encouraging him to answer me.

"I don't know, I thought I would be okay, I'd only had two drinks and I wasn't even tipsy, I thought what the hell I'll be alright, but then I saw the headlights of your car and I tried too swerve and well you know the rest" he sighed, whilst twirling his thumbs. O…Kay that didn't really answer my question but it explained a lot.

"Y'know even though you had a couple of drinks it can still mess with your reaction time" I said nonchalantly. He looked at me shocked.

"What?" I asked, a blush colouring my cheeks.

"Nothing, you just sounded so much like Carlisle then" he chuckled. I shook my head and laughed with him.

"I better get back to Jake" I muttered when I had finished laughing.

"I'll pick you up for dinner then" he said with a twinkle in his eye.

"Sure" I turned and walked back into the room. At least I knew why Edward had crashed into us and that he was truly sorry. The sight in front of me was hilarious. Emmett and Jake were trying to arm wrestle each other and everyone was laughing. Looking out the window, I sighed. All was well.

For now it was anyway.

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