~The Vampiress, The Dark Prince, and The Goth Chick~

~Chapter One~

"Goodnight, Alexander," I said to my Gothic Knight, leaning in on my tip-toes for my long awaited good-night kiss. But instead of pressing his lips to mine, Alexander stared down at me, eyes dark and expression blank. His arms were stiff at his sides and I could feel the distance between us like knives cutting into my soul.

"What's wrong?" I asked, concerned. I set my feet flat on the ground, taking his hands. He clenched his hands into fists and rejected my touch.

"You've been like this all night… Did I say something to offend you? I'm sorry if I did; I didn't mean it," I said apologetically, assuming the worst. He shook his head, but not to answer my question, rather as if to expel my words from his memory.

"I have to go." He said sharply, turning around. Before I could object, he disappeared into the cold, dark night.

"Goodbye," I whispered before turning to open the door. Once inside my room, I picked up my kitten and sat on the bed in defeat. I was too distracted to do homework, and too on edge to fall asleep. Although unaware of the time, the eerie shining of the moon through my blinds told me that it was late. I glanced at my Edward Scissorhands clock. "2:14", it read. I sighed, lying back. What would cause Alexander to be so stand-offish? I couldn't recall ever saying something to make him mad. Maybe something happened at home? I wondered to myself. Unable to explain, I sighed and paced across the room. I eventually found myself changing into my small black skull-and-crossbones tank top and matching shorts and removing my makeup. I lied down with Nightmare lying on my chest and tried to fall asleep.

The next morning, after a short, restless slumber, I was rudely awoken by Becky's car horn and my mother's fists pounding on my bedroom door.

"Raven!" my mother hollered, "You're late! Becky is outside!" I groaned and reluctantly got out of bed, quickly slipping into my outfit for the day. I grabbed a handful of cosmetics and ran outside to greet my impatient best friend. I had already climbed into the truck and buckled my seatbelt when I met Becky's horrified stare. "What!" I said finally.

"You're wearing that to school? I mean, I know your goth, but this is a new extreme, even for you!" Becky said. I glanced down at my body. I hadn't thought it was too bad, baggy black pants with studded pockets and chains all the way up- until I noticed that in my rush to get ready, I had thrown on a hideous polo shirt that barely covered my stomach and cut into my armpits sharply- Nerd Boy's favorite shirt. "UGH!" I exclaimed in disgust, opening the car door swiftly and dashing inside. "Don't wait up!" I called to Becky, hearing her tires screech as she hit the gas pedal and drove away at hyper-speed. Knowing that I would be late to school no matter what, I took my time putting on my makeup and getting properly dressed. I took the time to think about why Alexander was in such a bad mood. I rethought about every little conversation we had had over the past 2 weeks. Not once did he say anything catastrophic or anything that would make him even slightly upset.

Ready to go to school, I walked down the stairs and stole my father's car keys from the kitchen counter, leaving a note to explain to him where his car went. I drove down the street at a slower pace than usual, careful not to slide of the icy streets. If Alexander stayed mad, I thought solemnly as I drove toward the school, my first Christmas with him would be completely ruined! I was sweating in fear by the time I parked at the school. I hopped out of the car, bundled in my puffy black jacket, and began walking to the front doors. I had my hand wrapped around the handle when I heard a oh-so familiar voice calling, "Hey! Hey, Monster Girl!" I turned around to meet face to face with my worst nightmare, Trevor Mitchell.

"Trevor!" I gasped in mock horror, "the model student is skipping class!"

"Very funny, Monster Girl. I actually got the class period off to go do research for my environmental studies project. It doesn't surprise me that you skipped." He said, leaning in close. "Get off of me!" I said, disgusted. I shoved his chest and ran inside.

After a long day, I was finally ready to see Alexander. I drove my dad's car to the mansion, stopping in front of the closed gate. I got out of the car and ran to the large gate. It was locked! I sighed, climbing up and over the gate. Once on the other side, I stopped in front of the door and knocked loudly, pounding my frozen fists against the door. This went on for fifteen minutes before Jameson finally opened the door.

"What gives?" I said rudely.

"Excuse me, Miss Raven. Alexander is busy at the moment." He replied.

"Why was the gate locked?"

"We forgot to open it for you," Jameson explained.

"I'll wait inside for Alexander." I said, trying to shove past the creepy man.

"I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to do that. The mansion is very dirty and I have yet to clean it." Jameson said, blocking the door.

"I don't care. You should see my room," I said, shoving hard past him. I tripped over Jameson's shoes, falling face first onto the hard stairs.

"Ohh!" I exclaimed, throwing my hand up to my bloody mouth. I could taste the coppery red liquid filling my mouth. I quickly got up and ran outside, spitting up pools of red into the snow. Jameson gasped, hurrying upstairs. When he returned, towel with ice in hand, I had dyed the snow around the entrance pure red. I quickly grabbed the towel and shoved the cool ice at my mouth. I couldn't tell what happened through the bloody mess. It was pitch black outside, but Alexander didn't come downstairs. Jameson rushed me to his car, taking the back drive away from the mansion. I peered outside the back window with tears in my eyes as I saw the attic light flick on and the curtains shudder, but no Alexander.