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Here is a little mini, half chapter. I hope you guys like this one because I wasn't quite sure how to follow up on Raven and Jagger's awesome kiss… haha

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Chapter 6 ½, Devilish Dates.1


Raven has moved her coffin into a room in Jagger's apartment. She still uses him to fufill her fantasies of Alexander, but he is madly in love with her. This chapter takes place two months after Chapter Six ended.

"Raven, baby, are you ready?" I heard my latest vampire boyfriend call from the other side of the bathroom door.

"I'm almost done! I have to look good to go out," I said before applying another thick coat of charcoal lipstick. I licked my fangs to make the onyx that was embedded in one tooth sparkle in the mirror. "Be right out!" I called, packing my makeup products into my purse. I glanced over my outfit one last time. I was wearing purple and black combat boots, black fishnets, a short, frilly, purple and black skirt with white netting puffing out from underneath it, a chain belt that drooped down my right hip, a black tank top underneath a purple corset, and a bounty of gothic makeup and jewelry. I made sure my electric blue extensions were showing through my thick black hair before opening the door to reveal myself.

"You look gorgeous," Jagger said, wrapping his arm around my waist and leading me toward the door. Tonight we were leaving the club to go to the amusement park.

"Are we ready to go?" I asked my boyfriend.

"I believe so, if you're all set." He said. I nodded and he led me out the door, up the staircase, through the two clubs, and out into the fresh, crisp night air. We got into his car and drove to the park, excitedly talking the entire way. We had gotten through four rides and two long food lines before we spotted them. Alexander and Karmen, out on a date.