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"What the hell are you doing back here?" I said through gritted teeth. I couldn't believe that he even had the guts to come back, much less to actually try and find us.

Ron looked at me, his smile slowly fading when he didn't see one from me in return.

"I guess I just realized that I was a complete arse for leaving you two and that I shouldn't have let my jealousy get the best of me... again, and the power of the horcrux overtake me..." he ranted, continuing on to tell me how Dumbledore's deluminator somehow showed him where we were and that he knew he should come and find us.

So… yeah that's why I'm here now. I'm so sorry I left you guys," he finished looking at me with hope that I was going to forgive him right then and there.

Well he was wrong.

I walked towards him; hand already balled into a fist, and punched him in the jaw, knocking him to the snowy ground beneath him.

"What the hell was that for?" he screamed rubbing the now bruising spot on his jaw bone.

I stood there continuing to glare at him, ears steaming with anger and my breathing quickly turning to fast pants of rage, quite satisfied that my punch had caused him pain.

"For leaving," I started wanting to state the obvious to him; wanting him to know how furious I was that he left.

As he slowly stood from the ground rubbing his mouth, I inched closer and continued, "And for hurting Hermione. For causing her pain; for making her fall into a deep depression that I thought she would never come out of! That's what that was for," I finished again through gritted teeth.

At that statement, Ron stared at me with an open mouth, completely surprised at what I had just told him.

"I hurt her?" he simply asked, voice extremely quite now, making me sigh in frustration.

"Yes you bastard of course you hurt her! You broke her! She called your name over and over trying to get you to turn around and come back. When you didn't, it killed her! I had to hear her cry for days, WEEKS about you leaving. She had nightmares about you being killed by snatchers and death eaters and god knows what else! And you know who was up with her every night comforting her and telling her that they were only dreams? ME that's who! It killed me everyday to see her that way and knowing that there wasn't a damn thing in the world that I could to do to make her happy again... it absolutely killed me! You leaving broke something inside her! You weren't there for her when she needed you!" I screamed, all the rage and anger that has been built up for the past few weeks finally coming out.

Suddenly, I heard shuffling from inside the tent. I turned around to see Hermione standing just outside the tent staring back from Ron to me. I was speechless at that point.

"Hi Hermione," Ron said his smiled starting to grow again. However that might have been his mistake.

Hermione, at that moment, launched herself at Ron, swinging her arms every which way. Ron at that point curled up into a ball in order to try and keep away from her flailing arms. As much as I wanted to let her at him, I came up behind her and pulled her away, my arms tight around her waste.

"How do you think you could show your face around us again? After leaving us! You, you son of a bi-" at that point she broke into tears and fell back against my chest. I pulled her close to me and tucked her head under my chin, protecting her from the thing that broke her, that changed her.

I looked down at the girl crying in my arms. All of this hurt, because of Ron...again. Anger continued to boil inside me and I wish Ron woud have stayed gone. He wasn't there for her when she was hurting or scared. I was. I was always there.

At this point I looked up at Ron, still keeping my protective hold on Hermione. Ron was absolutely speechless as he watched Hermione continue to cry in my arms.

"Hermione... I'm so sorry," was all he was able to say.

Hermione, I could feel, looked at Ron for a moment before turning her face into my chest and began to let out quiet sobs; I held her tighter. My heart broke for her.

I looked up at Ron, realizing that I had to set things straight with him if we wasn't leaving and was going attempt to help us with the rest of this hunt and end this war.

"Hermione," I said into her ear, stroking her hair trying to calm her. She looked up at me with sad, watery eyes.

"Go back into the tent, get out of the cold," I told her only now noticing that she was shaking and she didn't have a jacket on; only her jeans and a sweater that wasn't all that thick. "I would like to speak with Ron for a few minutes okay?"

Hermione hesitated for a moment, not leaving my side. "I'll be in soon I promise," I told her. She only continued to look at me and mumbled, "That's not what I'm worried about."

I gave her a small smile understanding what was going on in her head. "Hermione, I'm not going to do anything to him, I swear. I just have to talk to him okay?"

Hermione looked me in the eyes, saw that I was being truthful, nodded, and walked back into the tent. Once she entered, I turned back to Ron who was watching me with curious eyes.

He sighed and cautiously stepped closer to me, "I am sorry mate. I wasn't thinking about the consequences of leaving. I didn't realize that I would hurt her that much."

I continued to look at Ron. I didn't know what to say to him anymore. I was still angry with him and I knew Hermione was too. But I was afraid to make him leave; I was afraid that I would hurt Hermione all over again by telling him to go. I didn't want to do that. I loved her so much and having her go through that awful hurt again would kill me all over again. I'd rather him here and have her get over her anger for him, then have that hurt come back.

I let out a heavy sigh, "Its alright Ron. I'm not saying that you're forgiven yet, but I can't see her go through the nightmares and the hurt again."

Ron started to smile, understanding that I wasn't going to make him leave.

"Thanks mate," he said grasping my shoulder and entering the tent to find his bunk.

Once I was alone again, I sat in front of the tent, like always, and stared at the dark forest in front of me thinking. Things were going to change now that Ron came back. Hermione and I had grown closer when he was gone and I liked that the two of us were able to bond. But now, I don't have her to myself anymore; that made me a little angry. While thinking this, I heard the tent flap open. I turned and saw Hermione come and sit down next to me. She looked at me with those same tired, beautiful eyes and sighed.

"I can't believe he actually came back," she said. I didn't look at her, but I nodded as I stared off into the forest. I suddenly felt her take my hand and stroke it with her thumb.

"Are you okay?" she asked looking at me with those curious eyes. I was dumbstruck at the fact that she asked me the question I should have asked her that I let out a tired laugh.

"Hermione Granger; always worrying about other people first. Im okay, but I should be asking you that question..." I said putting my arm around her shoulders. She snuggled closer to me and sighed.

"Yeah I'm fine," she paused for a second then looked at me. "This isn't going to change anything between us is it? I mean now that he's back, our friendship doesn't have to change right?"

I sighed and gently kissed the side of her head, "No Hermione, our friendship won't change. If anything, it can only grow stronger."

Hermione, at my response, huddled closer to me and we sat like that for while until it became too cold to be outside. As we sat there I continued to think about what lied ahead. Despite that Ron is back, I won't let my friendship with Hermione falter. I made a promise to her that whatever would happen during this war, I'd keep her safe. And I have every intention of keeping that promise, even if I get to the point of wanting to give up. And Ron may have strong feelings for Hermione, but I guarantee that I care more about Hermione more than Ron ever has. And I'm going to make sure that I get her through this war alive.

Seeing that look in her eyes, that look of happiness and knowing she's safe again. That's all I want to see. I'll make sure she gets it.

Well, that's all! I really enjoyed writing this story and I hope you all liked it as well! Thank you so much for reading I hope to be writing more stories soon!