We are Re-vamping this story. We agreed that 1) there were to many things that wouldn't have really happened 2) we needed to do it with no POV and 3) it was moving WAY too fast

So, this is the NEW Fatal Flaws, the one that will stay around and never leave! Still a L/J story, don't be confused by Remus/Lily at the beginning, James and Lily's relationship was never easy you know!

Love us or Hate us,


Chapter One:

Petunia. That one word meant so much to Lily, she listened to everything that Petunia would say, and do it. Even now, about to start her sixth year at Hogwarts.

Like makeup! Before Hogwarts, Lily never wore makeup, but then, Petunia told her that if she didn't wear it, constantly, everyone would hate her and she would have no friends. And little Lily believed every word. So, from that moment on she never left her house of dormitory without a mask of concealer on. Her friends never knew why, but it masked her beauty, and made her look so unlike her true self.

Today, right after Lily put on her makeup, she put her hair into its usual bun. Another thing Petunia had convinced her to do, this with her elbow-length auburn hair. Then slipping into some jeans and a sweatshirt, she then proceeded to the kitchen to eat a piece of toast with strawberry jam. Just as she sat comfortably in her seat by the window, the doorbell rang.

"Oh! That's probably Vernon!" Petunia said jumping up from her place by the bar. Lily sighed, she had recently been informed that Petunia had started dating this whale of a man, Vernon Dursley. He was perfect for Petunia, no-nonsense, brags about everything, and hates Lily. Even though he didn't know she was a witch, he though she went to St. Martha's School for Very Troubled Women, an obvious lie. Because obviously, she didn't. She went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Lily sighed as Petunia said something to whoever was at the door, it couldn't have been Vernon or else she would have invited him in. Providing he could even get through the door! she thought dryly.

She was still lost in her thoughts of Petunia and Vernon's relationship when Petunia shrieked her name.

"LILY! ONE OF YOUR LOT IS HERE TO SEE YOU, FREAK!" Petunia shrieked as she stalked into the kitchen dragging a confused Lily to the door.

Once Lily managed to pry Petunia's bony fingers off her elbow, she finally was able to see who on Earth was at the door.

Dressed entirely in muggle attire, Remus Lupin stood nervously at her doorstep. Still recognizable, she thought he looked quite dashing in his muggle jeans and worn t-shirt. His dirty blond hair had grown a few inches since she had last seen him, and though he was still pale, he had obviously spent more time in the sun. See, ever since last year (fifth year), Lily had a little crush, that was now a BIG crush, on Remus. He was always so sweet and responsible, the most mature Marauder.

So, there she stood, looking (in her opinion) horrible, right in front of Remus.

"Oh! Er...hullo Remus..." Lily stammered nervously, fingering her old sweatshirt, mentally cursing herself for not wearing something better.

"Hullo Lily!" Remus responded cheerfully, then continued, "James sent me here-"

"James! As in Potter...oh, Merlin help me!" She interrupted him, scanning the neighborhood streets in fear. Once she realized he wasn't there she relaxed and let out a sigh of relief.

"Er...no he's not here...he asked me to come and give you your birthday present from him, and I brought mine too." As soon as the words left his lips Lily remembered that it was her birthday. Her Birthday! July 27th! Of course, that's why today felt different! She thought.

"Well, thanks very much Remus, and tell Potter thanks too...I guess." Lily added the last part more reluctantly and took he two boxes from him. "Would you like to come in?"

"Oh, sure, can't stay to long though because Mrs Potter's waiting for me to come back..." Remus said as he stepped in. As he did Petunia, who had been spying on them the whole time, walked over, glaring at both of them.

"Why Lily, Vernon will be arriving soon, make sure your..."friend"...is gone by then, I don't want Vernon seeing the likes of him in this house! Oh, and change out of that outfit before he comes, or stay in your room the whole time!" She spat at Lily, who flinched and murmured a "OK..." back to her older sister. Remus stared in shock as the sweet yet tough Lily Evans he knew was pushed around by her older sister, who obviously had an effect on her.

"Well, I'd better be going now. Don't want to mess up your sister's date with...Vermin? Oh! Sorry, Vernon!" Remus added after looking at Petunia's annoyed face. And with that, Remus Lupin walked out the door, picked up his broom (that was successfully hidden in a bush) and flew off into the clouds.

Lily sighed as she watched him fly away, then she walked up stairs to her bedroom, and waited until Vernon left to leave her room.

In three days, just three days, she would get to go to Diagon Alley! She had owled her two friends, Alice and Marlene, and they were meeting her there. Lily flopped back on her bed and fell asleep, dreaming of going back to Hogwarts for her sixth year.


Finally August first came, and Lily was at Diagon Alley, with Marlene and Alice, once again.

They were walking in Mademe Malkin's Robes for All Occasions, when Alice suddenly stopped.

"I'm dating Frank Longbottom!" she squealed, and her two friends joined too. But, they were so caught up in being happy, they failed to notice four others enter the shop.

"Lily!" James hugged her as the Marauders entered the shop. Lily wriggled from his grasp only to be caught be Sirius, who did an over exaggerated replay of James reaction. In her second struggle to get out she bumped into the toned chest of Remus Lupin. He smiled and hugged her also, then proceeded to get fitted. Madame Malkin's called her over (during the greeting her friends had started their fitting) and tried on her new uniform skirts, which were considerably shorter than last year.

"Oi! Alice, Marlene! Is it just me, or is this skirt way to short?" She asked them as they came out of their fitting rooms, also in th same short skirts.

"Yea, its so weird, you'd think they'd only get longer..." Alice replied, trying to see if she could pull her skirt a little lower.

As Alice did this Lily glanced back at the mirror, she was a tall girl, with her long hair pulled in its usual knot at the top of her head. In her seemingly shrunken uniform you could clearly see she had quite the curves, not that her other uniforms before hadn't shown them. She was just trying to button the top few buttons of her blouse (that were showing her bra) when James and Sirius walked over, dressed in their new uniforms. Sirius wolf whistled and nudged James, who turned scarlet, yet couldn't take his eyes off her.

"Oi, Jamesy, I've had some pretty good shags with girls with that size." He wiggled his eyes toward her large bosom. "Mind if I borrow your girl for a bit." He winked at a seething James and wrapped his arms around Lily's waist.

"Ugh! Black, get your hands off of me! You dog!" This was apparently funny to both the boys, as they burst into hysterics at the comment. When they got over her comment they found she had escaped to the dressing room, where they couldn't reach her.

Quietly as they could, they waited right outside the dressing room. Sure enough, ten minutes later, Lily, dressed in her Petunia approved, curve hiding, muggle clothes came out. Ignoring the boys standing by her door, she went to pay for her clothes.

Noticing her knot of hair, James realized he didn't actually know how long her hair was, and decided to find out. Walking up behind her he removed her hairtie in one swift movement.

Lily's elbow length, auburn hair tumbled down, like a waterfall. He was so caught up in the perfect way that her hair fell, that he failed to notice the furious look on her face. Grabbing her bag and snatching her hairtie back, she stormed from the store, Alice and Marlene following her with their purchases, giving James a look of fury.

Before following them, he thought, Why didn't she ever wear her hair down?