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Fatal Flaws

Chapter Two

The Marauders followed Lily, Alice, and Marlene to Carlen's Exotic Cat Necessities, and according to the 'Last Chance to get your Exotic Cats' signs, they were going out of business.

As the girls (still not aware they were being followed by four boys) went into the cat filled store, where a frazzled looking lady with short gray hair was selling a striped part Kneazle kitten to a 52-year-old Arabella Figg ("Can I get him a collar that says, Mr. Tibbles?"), Lily spotted a small box that held three kittens in them. The sign above the box read "Kneazle and Cat crossbreeds, guarantied to live up to 50 years!"

Lily picked up the first kitten, it was smaller than the other two, it was soft and had bright green eyes, much like her own, and unlike the other two kittens, which had yellow and amber eyes. Its short fur was reddish brown, and it seemed shy and timid, much like Lily.

Lily tried to put the cat back in the box, but she couldn't stand to put it in there, with that fat, gray, yellow-eyed one, that reminded her of Petunia. So, she made up her mind, and bought the Kneazle kitten.

When she went over to show Alice she bumped into a muscular wall of Remus Lupin. Blushing furiously, and apologizing, she picked up one of the books that had fallen out of his bag and handed it to him.

"Nice kitten," He said, when her new kitten nuzzled his hand, "What's its name?"

Feeling utterly stupid for not naming her new kitten, she sat there like a goldfish, gaping at Remus.

"Umm…well, I just got her, and…um…I haven't named her yet." Lily looked down embarrassingly at her kitten and Remus picked it up and handed it to her.

"It reminds me of an autumn leaf," He stated,

"Why, that's a perfect name! Why, thanks Remus!" She exclaimed happily, using it as an excuse to hug him.

"Well, I better go, my friends are waiting," He told her, and she realized that Sirius, Peter, and James (the latter glaring at Remus) had watched the whole thing.

Blushing furiously, Lily picked up her bag, and Autumn, said a quick goodbye to Remus, and left.

As she quickly left the pet store, she once again ran into someone. This time, it was Alice, who immediately cooed over Autumn.

"Aw, she's so cute! And that name is just adorable! How did you come up with it?" She asked Lily. Lily blushed, thinking about Remus, and filled Alice in with what had happened.

"You two are just so sweet together! I think he likes you, but he obviously knows he'll have to face the wrath of James Potter if he so much as touches you!"

As much as Lily hated to admit it, it was true, James had a bad habit (what he called "convenient accidents") of hexing, attacking, or causing any guy who she went out with (total of two) or talked to, and even tutored! The thought of poor Remus losing his friends being there for him, especially on full moons, (she had discovered this when she found that Remus was a werewolf, and then realized they all disappeared, they were forced to tell her) was absolutely horrifying.

"Oh, your right Alice, poor Remus, he already has his, um, Mother who's ill, and that would be tragic to lose his friends trust too!" Lily exclaimed, for Alice didn't know that Remus was a werewolf.

"Well, come on then! Let's go talk with Marlene about this!" Alice grinned mischievously and dragged a reluctant Lily to where Marlene was waiting for them, still at the pet shop. Marlene agreed with her friends about Remus, and then, noticing Lily's discomfort of them freely discussing the situation when people could hear them, suggested they go to Diagon Alley's new ice cream shop, Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor

Sitting between Alice and Marlene, licking her Peach Phoenix ice cream, Lily heard a familiar, once friendly voice.

"You better run, stupid Mudblood!" The slimy voice of Severus Snape rang out across the alley, as a young muggle born ran from him and his group of Death Eater wannabe's. Lily noticed that some of the group were of age, and had their wands out. With a jolt she realized they must have hexed the muggle born. Leaving her friends (and ice cream) Lily ran over to where the girl sat, crying alone while Severus and his friends continued to verbally taunt her.

"Hey look! It's a big puddle of mud, eh, Zabini?" Mulciber nudged his friend and pointed to the pretty redhead. Severus immediately froze, she had her back turned and was intently talking to the muggle born they had been taunting. Before he could stop them, Zabini and Mulciber both shot his own personal hex, Sectumsemtra, at his true love. Quick as a flash, James leaped over, pushed Lily out of they oncoming spell and then he turned to face the Wannabe Death Eaters.

"Do you know what you almost did?" he asked, glaring Mulciber down.

"Yeah, we almost got rid of that filth!" Mulciber answered, his cronies jeering.

"If you hurt her, ever, in anyway, I will make sure that my father, Minister of Magic, will put you in Azkaban!" And with that, the Wannabe (and a few real) Death Eaters stalked off. James turned to Lily and helped her up.

"Are you alright?" he asked her, her hair falling out of its knot.

"Y-Yes," She said shakily, fringe falling in her face. "Thank you."

James looked at Lily, and looked right in her eyes. He saw a little girl who was scared and needed someone. James wrapped his arms around Lily and buried his nose in her long red hair. She smelled like flowers - lilies, to be specific. She was a good head shorter than him, so her head came to his chest. It was like all the dreams he had where he saved Lily and she admitted her love for him. He was of in his own world of Lily, when something brought him back to earth; his shirt was soaked, and Lily was shaking. James realized with a surprise that she was crying. Lily Evans, the unbreakable, the perfect Prefect, was crying.

James was about to say something comforting when Alice, Marlene, and the Marauders found them.

"Lily!" Alice and Marlene screamed, taking her away from James and, even thought there were only two of them they somehow made a human wall around her. Realizing that the "moment" he had was over; he turned to his friends, a smile on his face. Sirius looked at his friends face and laughed.

"Prongs, what happened? You just ran off!" Sirius shook his friend by his shoulders.

"I hugged Lily," James smiled dreamily. Sirius burst out laughing and ended up rolling on the ground.

"Erm, good job?" Remus said, patting James on the back, and Peter came up and shook his hand.

James felt a light tapping on his shoulder and turned around to see Lily, with her friends behind her, looking a little pink in the face from crying, and her hair was still down.

"Hi Lily!" He said, smiling very widely.

She looked quite bashfully at him, then said, "Thanks James, for saving my life… but you didn't really have to threaten them with your dad and all; I'm not worth it," And with that, Lily, Alice, and Marlene walked past him, each saying hello to Remus and then going into Quality Quidditch Supplies store - for Marlene's sake.

Marlene darted around the Quidditch shop, ooing at the new Nimbus 1007s and looking at the improved color changing Quaffle's. While she was staring at the practice snitches - which you throw or enchant at others so they can catch them - the Marauders walked in.

Sirius, being the sneaky man he is, snuck up behind Marlene as she was going through a basket of the practice snitches, looking for a purple one. He tickled her sides and she threw the basket in the air out of shock. Lily, being beside her, used her abnormally fast reflexes to catch every single one of the little colorful balls and place them back in the basket. Everyone gaped at her, especially the newly named Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, James Potter.

"What? Did you want me to let them fly around?" She asked, wondering what was so shocking.

"Sirius, I think I just found Gryffindor's new seeker." James said in awe.


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