Simon and Alisha- love this couple, for some reason they just work!

done during class. I do not own misfits but I would like a power.

changing her.

She waited till everybody had left the locker room, but him.

She smoothed down her top and pushed her hair up slightly. Holding the CDs firmly in her hand behind her back, she crossed the room over to him.

"Hiya" Alisha said smiling softly. Simon turned to face her surprised, yet nevertheless he returned the smile just with a little less confidence then his future self, "Hi" he said.

Every time she looked at Simon, she could almost feel his touch, this hand entwined with hers and the warmth she felt in his arms but the Simon standing in front of her couldn't touch her. Not yet. Simon stared at her. "Can I help you with anything?" he asked politely, interrupting Alisha's train of thought. "Nah… well yeah, I mean kind of well here" she said embarrassed of how tongue tied she had become in front of him. Simon looked puzzled at the CDs Alisha had produced from behind her back. Simon slowly took them from her hands.

"Why are you giving me CDs?" he asked.

She smiled "well these are quite cheery songs, ya' know but more upbeat. After listening to your depressing music the other day I thought you might like them sorry. Look you don't have to take them if you don't want to-"she said rubbing her hand against forehead. "No…No I want them, thank you" he smiled at the girl in front of him. "s'alright" she said looking down. "Alisha…really thank you, nobody's ever done that for me"

"it's only a couple of CDs Simon" she said, trying to hide that warm fuzzy feeling she was getting due to the way he just looked at her. "It's the thought that counts, I guess…I should get going..." he said, awkwardly checking his watch.

"Oh no, seriously go.."

"Sorry I mean I could walk you home or-" he said.

"Nah don't be stupid. I'll be fine" she said walking back over to shut her own locker. Simon made no attempt to move.

"Go Simon" she said smiling.

He picked up his briefcase and put the CDs in; he began to walk away but stopped to turn back to Alisha. "Thanks again for the CDs" he said.

"Don't mention it" Alisha said putting the strap of her bag over her head.

"Oh okay… don't worry I won't" Simon's head fell a little.

"No-" she said laughing slightly "- I didn't mean it like that, I just meant your welcome."

"Oh" Simon said smiling widely. Alisha caught her breath. "Bye Alisha" he said walking away.

"Cya" she said quietly.

She smiled to herself when looking in the mirror. Simon had said to her that her falling in love with him makes him become the strong, confident brave Simon who saved her life. But looking in the mirror, in that moment she realised something. Simon may change because of her love, but his love was already changing her.