Chapter 10-Dawn of Battle

The group consisting of Naruto, Haku, Yugito, Gai, Lee, Kakashi, Kiba with Akamaru, Shikamaru, Tenten, and Anko had reached the boarder between Earth and Fire Country. They had been heading to Iwa almost nonstop, resting every so often to replenish it, and consider battle strategies to fight off the army of White Zetsu Clones along with Madara himself. The plan itself hadn't really changed, even after going over the original one that Naruto came up with several times, if only to have him reconsider it, and not put his life at risk in being captured by Madara.

Naruto however, would not be persuaded to change his plan, as he had the experience in fighting such vast numbers, and trained by someone far more powerful then Madara. It didn't comfort his lovers, who had joined him on this mission, but they knew once Naruto made up his mind, there was nothing short of Kami's own intervention that could change it, and even then it would require a lot of convincing from the deity.

"Naruto, can I talk to you for a moment," said Kakashi quietly knowing this would be their last conversation before facing Madara's army and the Uchiha himself.

"Sure. Make it quick though. My lovers want to have some last minute cuddle time with me and they won't like it being decreased because of someone else taking up our alone time," said Naruto while Kakashi smirked under his mask.

"Naruto, I know how things for you were bad in Konoha when you were born, and being your Father's student...I feel like I failed him in not protecting you when growing up. It was wrong of me. The Sandaime Hokage had forbidden anyone from adopting you, it did not matter if the intentions behind the adoption were pure, or for ill means of causing you harm. All I could do was watch out for you the best I could, but again the Hokage sent me off on ANBU level missions, as that was my rank, and being ANBU Captain requires me to lead teams of them on missions that took me out of the village more times then I was even in the village," said Kakashi, as he had wanted to protect Naruto when the boy was growing up, but the Sandaime had always denied him, and was starting to reach a bit of a boiling point prior to Minato's son being taken away from the village.

If anything, Kakashi was going to ask Naruto be put on his Genin team so he could train the kid once graduating from the Academy, and bring him to the level of greatness both their Fathers had been. When the abduction came, Kakashi had been livid, blamed the Sandaime instantly for this happening, didn't even hesitate to testify against the old man when Tsunade came back to take over in being the next Fire Shadow, and while some would consider it treasonous to betray the old had been treason in itself to betray the wishes of the Yondaime Hokage in the first place.

"I understand. Thank you for the apology. Even if it wasn't entirely necessary. It was the Third Hokage, who should be apologizing for his actions against me, and my family for the betrayal. Not that he can anymore since he's dead. Long overdue if you ask me. But that is neither here nor there. We have a new battle to begin. One where our minds must be focused and our hearts hardened knowing showing even the slightest hesitation in battle will mean our death or worse for some of us. Rest Kakashi. You will need it for tomorrow and given your own Sharingan Eye maybe needed in this fight...I think it would be prudent to regain every last drop spent today," said Naruto while patting the man on the back and then heading back to Anko, Tenten, and Haku for their much desired time together.

'Naruto's going to have some private time with those two and he's talking to me about getting some rest? Why do I suddenly feel...old?' thought Kakashi, as he let out a small chuckle, and decided to do what his sensei's son asked him to do.

(The Next Day)

"Wow! Look at the size of this army," said Kiba seeing the White Zetsu Clones marching against Iwa's walls, which were already weakened from the infighting, and showed signs of breaking within the hour.

"This is nothing. You should have seen the Zerg doing their thing on the planet Ulaan when I was still fully human and with my surrogate Father. They were everywhere!" said Naruto, as he grinned at the sight of so many White Zetsu Clones, and it got his blood pumping like the days of old when fighting for his surrogate Mother.

"I'll take your word for it," said Kiba nervously, as he saw Naruto face, and smell the ever growing bloodlust from the hybrid.

"You all know what to do. Let them come to me, be on your guard Madara, and if you get severely injured...retreat," said Naruto while looking at Haku, Anko, and Yugito more then anyone since they were close to his heart.

"I won't leave you!" said Haku, as she wouldn't have someone else close to her heart face a massive army alone, and without the power of her bloodline.

"If you are severely injured Haku, then you must leave the battlefield! That is not up for debate and I will not allow someone that I care about die before myself on the battlefield. Do not argue with me on this Haku. It is an argument you cannot win," said Naruto, as he saw the girl staring defiantly at him, and knew this issue was one Haku was not going to let go of easily.

"My place is by your side. Whether I live or die here protecting you doesn't frighten me." said Haku while Naruto just smiled at her.

"That's what I love about you Haku. You always no what to say to inflame my passion!" said Naruto before kissing her on the lips and turned to see Anko pouting.

"Hey! What about me? I feel the same way too!" said Anko since she wanted a kiss and so did Tenten.

"Of course you do my sexy snake woman and weapons girl," said Naruto before giving the snake woman and weapons girl a kiss that he knew would make them weak in the knees.

'Lucky bitches,' thought Yugito to herself while looking away from the romantic scene, but soon found a hand on her chin turning her to face Naruto moments later, and was given a kiss that made the Nibi inside her mind jumping for joy.

"Don't think I've forgotten about you Yugito-chan. In the time we've spent together, even before this when at the Kage Summit, I've been pulled to you, feeling your desires, and wanting to satisfy them. When this is over, I look forward to doing that, and I know you do too," said Naruto while the blushing blonde kunoichi could only just nod.

"Yes! My vessel got a hot stud for a mate. You're going to get laid! You're going to get laid!" said Nibi while Yugito blushed even further in embarrassment and anger.

'Shut up Nibi!' thought Yugito knowing that hearing the demonic cat was not helping.

"You're right. You are right! We need to survive this and make sure he does too. Then we get back to Konoha and you get your freak on!" said Nibi while Yugito sputtered at the idea.

'DAMN IT NIBI!' yelled Yugito in her head furiously before refocusing on the real world and seeing Naruto still smiling before realizing he was hearing this conversation with the feline.

"We'll talk later Yugito-chan. Count on it. Now, let's move out, and put an end to Madara permanently!" said Naruto before he transformed fully into his Zerg hybrid state and let out a great roar that shook the ground around him.

It had the intended effect, as the White Zetsu Clones looked in his general direction, and soon saw the form of Namikaze Naruto charging at them with blinding speed with a look of fury on his face. The army opposing the Leaf Shinobi turned to face him fully before they charged too in order to meet Naruto in glorious battle. Behind the Namikaze was his squad of highly skilled and deadly Leaf Shinobi preparing to assist in the battle in front of them.

(Inside Iwa)

"What the Hell is going on?" said Kurotsuchi, as she had destroyed several White Zetsu Clones at the wall of the village, and now seeing them leave it for something else.

"We don't know Kurotsuchi-sama. There was a roar from a beast of some kind and now all these creatures are converging on whatever made it," said a Jounin, as he saw the large number of the enemy moving away from the wall towards something charging towards them in the distance.

Another demonic roar echoed even louder before the sounds and sights of a battle soon appeared before the eyes of the Iwa Shinobi on the wall. Soon, White Zetsu Clones were being seen flying everywhere, and not always as a whole body. Many were cut to pieces, torn to shreds, and all out destroyed by whatever they were facing. Shortly after the battle with the unknown creature started, large Snake Summons appeared, and began smashing through the Zetsu Clones. A powerful Water Jutsu tore through a portion of the army before that same excess water went up into the air and came down again in the form of thousands senbon shaped needles. The sight of the dark blue demonic fire came next, as it quickly burned through the army, and some of them being strangled by tendrils made of shadows wrapping around multiple clones.

But what came next was really surprising, as the entire area around Iwa soon became heavy with energy that it made everyone's hairs on the back of their necks stand on end, and every Iwa Shinobi along with every citizen hiding behind its damaged walls could feel the intense power being generated at this moment. The sky above became dark, as the clouds rumbled with thunder, flashed lightning, and all of it clearly being unnatural. Of course, everything that had been happening in the world lately was considered to be unnatural so it wasn't too surprising that a storm of this magnitude would just appear out of nowhere, and come down like a tornado upon the army that had just had a village size whole put through it.

"I know this power. The rumors are true!" said Kurotsuchi in a whispery voice.

"Kurotsuchi-sama?" said a Chuunin right next to her.

"Namikaze Naruto. There have been rumors speculating he can create such an attack to wipe out a large army if there was ever a time to use it. It was also rumored he used such power on the people of the Leaf when they formed a mob to overthrow the Hokage and kill him," said Kurotsuchi, as she saw large portion of the White Zetsu Clones become disintegrated into ash, and knew that this boy was to be feared just like his Father.

If not more!

"And he's here? Do you think this Namikaze is going to finish what all these creatures started?" said a Jounin having feared the Yondaime Hokage and now feared the man's son.

"No. His Father may have been a bane on our village, but the Yondaime was honorable, and I sense his son is too. For the moment, we stay defensive with our guard up, and just watch things play out," said Kurotsuchi, as she strangely enough found hope despite the seemingly bleak situation her village was in, and wished for the hope to increase in her heart that the son of their greatest enemy in the Leaf would ironically become their very savior in this dark chapter in Iwa's history.

(With Naruto)

Naruto was thrilled to be in a battle like this one, as it had been too long he realized since his last one, and relished the feel of his claws tearing through flesh of multiple enemies. His psi blade cutting through each Zetsu Clone like they were nothing. Naruto clawed, he sliced, the Namikaze even bit into the throat of several of his enemies, and spit out the flesh only because it tasted badly in his mouth. Kyuubi himself was howling with joy at the sheer brutality his vessel was delivering to Madara's forces and knew the Uchiha's time would come.

Speaking of the man...

"Most unexpected. I had heard rumors of your power, but even I did not believe them to be true, and thus assumed it was something of a bloodline from your Mother's side of the family," said Madara no longer wearing his mask, as he appeared in front of Naruto while the Zetsu Clones just went around them, and engaged the others.

"You're not far off from the truth Madara," said Naruto, as he was feeling all his instincts in him screaming to rip this bastard to tiny pieces, and show him what it means to suffer.

"So my pet has been talking about me behind my back. For shame Kyuubi. I'll just have to find a way to make you suffer for such things after your extraction from the boy," said Madara knowing the Kyuubi was listening.

"Kyuubi says you can try asshole. Unlike last time, you weren't dealing with an Uzumaki, who was pregnant, and unable to fight back," said Naruto having seen the fox's memories of how it stirred during Kushina's pregnancy and how Madara struck in order gain control of Kyuubi.

"Oh really? And how do you intend to stop me child? Surely the fox has told you of my abilities and I doubt even you can lay a hit on me regardless of your unusual powers," said Madara, as he didn't really care about the loss of his army, and could easily make more of them now with the Kyuubi or Nibi vessel.

By this point, at least one of them would suffice until the others were captured, and their demons were extracted.

"Your power is nothing compared to mine. Try it right now against me. Unless of course, the great Uchiha Madara is afraid to die in the same manner as Itachi, and the rest of his organization when it comes to fighting me?" said Naruto in a mocking fashion while the Uchiha narrowed his eyes at him.

"Such arrogance. Your village is the same way. The Senju Brothers spoiled them during each of their years serving as Hokage and the Sandaime was too in love in being among the pride of their students to make the necessary changes to stop it. Your Father actually did see it, but the Third Shinobi War came, and his duty to the Leaf only strengthened the arrogance in them into believing they were unbeatable. By the time I set in motion for Kyuubi's release, attack, and resealing...well by that point the only way one could even successfully humble the village was to destroy them almost completely if not entirely! The Sandaime Hokage knew that the people would hate your guts for what you held, as he also knew that the only way to take the title of Hokage away from Danzo, who had long since desired the seat of power, was to let them hate you, and see to it that your life was considered lower then the dust in a corner of some poorly ventilated room. The old man did not have the strength, nor the 'Will of Fire' he long since preached about in order to make the necessary changes to the village, and there were no such supporters on the Councils," said Madara seeing Naruto scowl at him.

"Because all them would be removed from the seat of power through the change and they did not wish to give it up unless it was for greater power," said Naruto seeing Madara nod at the Namikaze understanding things.

"Exactly! I always thought a Shinobi village should have a tight inner working structure, which contrary to the Senju Clan, would have kept the Leaf strong, and free from the poison that is arrogance," said Madara seeing Naruto raise an eyebrow at him.

"By making the Uchiha Clan the dominant force in the village and every other person not of Uchiha blood a slave?" said Naruto having read the Uchiha's mind and seeing Madara scoff at him.

"Perhaps. You make my way of doing things sound so...inhumane! At least, during the time when I fought my rival for the right to be Hokage, the plan to make the village mine in that manner was in my head, but during the damndest thing happened in our fight, as I realized a man of my power was thinking too small, and should broaden my horizon. I mean, why settle for ruling over a single village like Konoha, and only for a few decades at the very least? I had a revelation! A revelation where I saw how I could use my powers to rule over so much more in this world, and be more then just a single Hokage in what would be a long line of them. I read ancient text residing deep within the Uchiha Clan home, examining its contents behind left by the Eldest of the actual two sons of the Sage of the Six Paths, and my connection to the great nine. Forming them into a single entity that is the Juubi, which was a being of incredible power far more so then that of the Kyuubi itself, and the Sage of Six Paths sealed that very power inside his own body. In truth, the Sage was the very first Jinchuriki, and yet no one except his own family knew of it," said Madara with Naruto just continued to stare at him.

"Gee, I wonder why that is?" said Naruto sarcastically to Madara knowing no one outside of the man's own family knew because people would see him like everyone else had seen Jinchuriki up until now!

"The actual body of the Juubi was sealed into the very moon itself and the only way to access rather was to bring all the tailed beasts together in a single statue to unlock the means to gain access to the body," said Madara seeing Naruto smirking at him.

"You gain control of the body and use it for yourself using Orochimaru's body swapping based Jutsu and since this is the Juubi's body were talking won't be too weak to reject your spirit given the connection the Uchiha Clan has to the Sage of Six Paths. But your plan hit snag since my return since all your members of the organization is lost and there are so many people still strong enough to oppose you.!" said Naruto seeing Madara scowl again knowing he was right.

"Sadly yes. Given how Jinchuriki are treated, I was hoping you would weak, pathetically weak with your education sabotaged, and skills being marginal at best none existent at worse. Now here I see you now, as something more then human, dangerous, and a threat to my plans," said Madara before finding himself surrounded by mirrors made of ice.

"You also forgot one important thing Madara," said Naruto while Haku's masked face appeared around them in the mirrors.

"What? This? Hardly," said Madara before he tried to teleport out of the area, but found himself unable use his power, and frowned at why that was.

"Anything you can do with those eyes meant to help in your escape Madara...I can easily nullify with my powers! Haku, hit him with everything you've got!" said Naruto seeing his lover throw wave after wave of senbon needles at the Uchiha, who took out a kunai, and began block a majority of them using his Sharingan to see the moves.

Acting quickly, Madara drew his katana with his free hand, and moved to engage Naruto in combat while suspecting his attacker form the mirrors would hold off her throwing the senbon needles at him out due to the risk of hitting the Namikaze. With his psi blades at the ready, Naruto blocked the strike from Madara's sword, which was laced with a thick coating of his chakra to combat the psi blades themselves, and did the same for the kunai in his free hand. Using his eyes, Madara was able to prevent the "wings" on Naruto's back from hitting him, and two were fighting it out in close range combat.

"Do you really think saving Iwa will accomplish anything? They'll kill you for being the son of the Yondaime. Your actions will gain you nothing!" said Madara, as he slashed, blocked, dodged, stabbed, and tried to maim his foe standing in front of him.

"Then they would be fools. In my time being home, I have gained the support of so many individuals, and allies around the Elemental Countries. Not to mention, my mates would unleash a fury none of the Biju could match," said Naruto while mentally apologizing to Kyuubi.

"Don't apologize. You're right about that. Those women love you kit and I wouldn't wish their wrath on anyone. Not even Madara. And I HATE this guy!" said Kyuubi inside his head.

"Such a pathetic emotion that is love. I despise all things that love. In my world, love will never be felt by others, and never be expressed once I become this world's rightful God!" said Madara while continuing his fight with Naruto while the Namikaze threw the man back with a psionic pulse.

"Enough! I am tired of your words and babbling on about being a God. You are as bad as Uchiha Sasuke was before I ripped him apart and to think I never even thought that there was someone just as arrogant as him.! It infuriates me!" said Naruto, as he let out a roar that shook everything around him, and launched a massive psionic wave at the Uchiha.

Madara was thrown back by it, as he was unable to dodge, and smashed right through one of Haku's Demonic Ice Mirrors before feeling his body get picked off the ground by that very same power. Naruto had manipulated gravity around the old living Uchiha and the only remaining one living in the world so the man was helpless.

"Naruto's really pissed. Kami it makes me hot," said Anko making the others sweat drop.

'Okay. Its official. She's spending way too much time with Fu,' thought the other Leaf Shinobi watching the woman from the sidelines and then looking at Naruto focused on the form of Uchiha Madara.

"I already killed the last two Uchiha before you. One was weak. The other strong yet was foolish to underestimate me. You on the other hand are coward, who hides in the shadows, and are too afraid to walk into the light unless there is no other choice. You have no honor. Your very presence is an insult to my own and those I care about! I cast you into Void that even now hungers for your soul more then any other on this planet Uchiha Madara. I assure you, what awaits there will not be pleasant, and your soul will suffer in its cruel...icy...grasp!" said Naruto, as he began forming a psionic Rasengan in his one hand, but unlike the usual ones he made...this one was much bigger, and far more powerful!

This massive Rasengan was created to make the one receiving it, whether an army, or a single individual...suffer!

"This isn't over!" said Uchiha Madara, as he tried to break free from his prison, and the execution that was about to follow.

"Wrong again! Unlike the Shodaime Hokage, I'm not leaving anything to chance, and there is nothing in your bag of tricks now that can save you from your long overdue death! 'Chōōdama Psionic Rasengan!'" said Naruto, as he launched his attack right at Madara, and true to form the attack made a massive explosion that shook everything around it down to their very foundations.

Buildings, the ground, trees, and people trembled while feeling the power behind that one attack caused by one person.

Namikaze Naruto.

"By Kami's own eyes!" said Kurotsuchi, as she saw the area Naruto was in was no more, and neither was the body of the Uchiha he had slain.

Even the bodies of the White Zetsu Clones in the general area had suffered some form of disintegration at the hands of that Rasengan. Kakashi put up defensive Earth Wall Jutsu on reflex just to ensure his team survived, even though they were behind the Namikaze, and safe enough not to be harmed by the attack.

Still, it didn't hurt to be cautious, and not put up the wall in the first place.

"We're done. Let's go home," said Naruto walking away while motioning the others to follow.

"Wait!" said Kurotsuchi, as she appeared a few feet way from him, and the other Leaf Shinobi tensed.

"Yes?" said Naruto with his back still to her and only turned his head slightly to see the woman's face.

'Crap and troublesome all in one! We forgot all about them. A whole village filled with Iwa Shinobi facing us and we're exhausted fighting the army Madara made while Naruto is probably feeling a bit drained himself. Even if he hides it, there are signs that such an attack required concentration, and more energy when holding down someone like Madara in place to use it,' thought Shikamaru while seeing the Iwa kunoichi take a step towards Naruto.

"You are Namikaze Naruto, correct?" said Kurotsuchi, as she saw him turn face her fully, and nod his head yes.

"I am. Are you here to fight me now and regain some lost honor my Father took from you in the last Shinobi War?" said Naruto seeing the woman shake her head no while smiling at him and then surprisingly leaped forward before wrapping him up in a hug.

"Thank you. Thank you for saving us," said Kurotsuchi while Naruto was just as stunned as the others with jaws dropping and fingers pointing dramatically.

On both sides too.

"You are welcome. Though I must admit, a thank you was not what I was expected from an Iwa Shinobi, and even less from the Granddaughter of the Sandaime Tsuchikage after just witnessing my power being used to destroy so many of our common enemy in battle like that," said Naruto while wondering how it was different women from all over seemed to pull towards him.

"Let's just say, your actions helped clean the slate, and give us both a fresh start. In fact, this whole thing with the Jinchuriki going rogue has opened up a lot of eyes, and ears to the truth. For too long, Jinchuriki have been used as tools, and weapons of war with no respect being given for their loyal service. You give that to them and because of that alone they would follow you. Han and Roshi at one point hated the Yondaime Hokage with a passion. However, Iwa's treatment of them for being weapons, and not as people made them hate us even more. So they left and before long they joined up with you. You! The son of the Yondaime Hokage himself. Even if they didn't know until later, for them not to hate you for being his son is very impressive, and it shows just how much respect they have for you in return for the respect you gave them," said Kurotsuchi while staring into his glowing blue eyes.

"I'm glad to hear Iwa's had a change of heart through your guiding hand, but I know for a fact Han, and Roshi want no part of the village anymore. In fact, they wished to live their own lives away from the Shinobi villages entirely, and in peace once this situation with Madara was settled," said Naruto to test the waters of this woman's intentions and see how she would react.

She smiled.

"Its probably for the best. At another time, I would probably been against such an action by those two, but given how things have changed, my opinion had too, and I support it with all my power," said Kurotsuchi seeing Naruto raise an eyebrow in surprise.

"And what of your Grandfather? He is the current Tsuchikage if I understand correctly," said Naruto seeing the woman smirk.

"Actually, it's the late Tschikage as of yesterday. The intense stress of Iwa's Civil War, plus the invasion of those things Madara was leading against us was too much on his old heart to take, and he died last night in his sleep from complications," said Kurotsuchi seeing the Namikaze nod.

"I'm guessing because of this recent event, you are now the current Tsuchikage, and ruler of Iwa?" said Naruto with the woman nodding.

"As of early this morning? Yes," said Kurotsuchi with a smirk that reminded him a lot of Anko.

"Then perhaps you are willing to discuss talks with the Leaf in the form of a ceasefire between our two villages?" said Naruto seeing Kurotsuchi wrap her arms around his one.

"Of course. However, since the Hokage is in her own village, and you are here...perhaps a means of communicating to her through yourself could be arranged? I mean, you are here with us, ready to talk a ceasefire agreement, and it seems to be a waste in my mind of a perfectly good opportunity to set a foundation now with a representative of the Leaf here to work something out," said Kurotsuchi while the girls fumed and the guys thought only one thing.

'He's got himself another one,' thought the guys while picturing a rampaging Fu trying to kill Kurotsuchi for her attempts at seducing Naruto.

"I suppose we can work something out before my return to the Leaf to inform my Hokage of the success of our mission," said Naruto while sending a look to Kakashi to take some of the others back home to report this to the Hokage so she knew what was happening.

"Then follow me. I hope you don't find the state of Iwa to be distasteful to your liking," said Kurotsuchi, as she led Naruto into her village, and could see Shinobi from both sides did not like this.

"Naruto-kun," said Haku, as she looked into his eyes, and knew he saw her worry.

"Its all right Haku. Go home with the others. I'll be okay. I promise," said Naruto and saw Haku reluctantly nod.

"Kakashi. Should we not do something?" said Gai in a whispered tone to his rival.

"No. Naruto can take care of himself if things go bad. The sooner we get over the border to Fire Country and Konoha to tell the Hokage the better," said Kakashi back to Gai in an equally whispered tone.

"How long is a trip back to the Leaf from here?" said Shikamaru knowing time would be of the essence in the event things did go bad.

"A few days given how drained we are. Unless...Anko, do you have enough chakra for one more summoning?" said Yugito turning to see the woman nod and already going through the hand signs.

"Way ahead of you Yugito-chan! Time to travel in style. 'Summoning Jutsu!'" said Anko, as she summoned a smaller snake summons then her previous high level one, and was meant to help the summoner get from one destination to the next at high speed.

"Come on! The sooner we get to Konoha, the sooner we can report to the Hokage, and let her know what's going on," said Kakashi before jumping on the summons with the others doing the same.


"HE'S WHAT?" yelled Tsunade while glaring at the group of Leaf Shinobi and seeing everyone except Naruto with them.

"He's in Iwa with the new Tsuchikage. Apparently, she wants to discuss a ceasefire with the Leaf, and peace between our villages," said Kakashi seeing Tsunade's eyebrow twitch at the mention of the Tsuchikage being female.

"Of course she does. Just like the Mizukage back at the Summit. What is it with that gaki and his ability to make women weak in the knees just by being near him?" said Tsunade, as she saw Shizune out of the corner of her eye blushing like a school girl, and once more feeling that same twitching eyebrow twitching more violently.

"Its an animal thing," said Naruto appearing by the window and getting off of it before being tackled by the females in the room.

Except Tsunade for obvious reasons.

"Explain what's going on gaki or these girls go without their daily dose of you for the next 6 Months!" said Tsunade seeing the girls glaring at her and Naruto just smirking that infamous Uzumaki smirk his birth Mother always had before dropping a bombshell about something major.

Kushina did that to Minato in telling him she was pregnant. Poor bastard fainted into a coma for 3 days before Tsunade could pull him out of it.

"In a nutshell? Iwa wishes a ceasefire with the Leaf while things settle down and my last name inherited from my Father is no longer cursed there. The new Tsuchikage and I have already reached terms open to renegotiating if you disapprove of them," said Naruto, as he used his powers to float over the document to the Hokage, and ignored the glare she sent him.

"Oh, I'm sure you did. You're lucky Fu puts up with your womanizing ways Naruto," said Tsunade while the Namikaze looked irked by her words.

"That's the pot calling the kettle black. Shizune has long since put up with your constant gambling and sake drinking without much complaint," said Naruto with Tsunade glaring daggers at him for that and then redirected it at Shizune.

"Its true," said Shizune while acting sheepish in front of the Hokage.

"," said Tsunade before looking over the document pertaining to the ceasefire and terms that could be changed if she wish to make any.

"Don't you ever do that to us again!" said Haku, as she slapped his shoulder, and glared at him.

"Even if the female Tsuchikage had a point?" said Naruto seeing Haku's glare intensify.

"Especially if she has a point," said Haku not wanting some Iwa slut seducing her man.

"So possessive. So fierce! You want me to ravage you when we get home," said Naruto with a grin while groping the girl's rump.

"Pervert!" said Haku while blushing up a storm and continued glaring at him though it was weakening from his touch.

"Says the woman, who insisted I take her the night before we save Iwa from Uchiha Madara, and his army," said Naruto with a smug grin while the woman grumbled.

"Enough! No perverted talk in this office while I'm Hokage," said Tsunade glaring at the Namikaze and his harem.

'For now,' thought Naruto smirking knowing this office would never be the same again once he was Hokage.

"Everything seems to be in order from what I've read so far. It will take me a few days to properly look everything over, but things appear satisfactory, and will get back to the new Tsuchikage soon," said Tsunade while seeing all the women in the room around Naruto while the guys grumbled about him being a lucky bastard.

"Then our work here is done. Madara is destroyed, his army has been obliterated, and the Shinobi villages are now stabilizing once again," said Naruto knowing he was going to get some much needed vacation time and knew just how to spend it.

"Yes. It is. Congratulations to all of you on a job well done. Take the rest of the week off to do...whatever it is you all do," said Tsunade and nearly regretted it when the girls let out squeals of delight before they took off with Naruto back to the Namikaze Estates.

"I'm going to regret this...aren't I?" said Tsunade to see Shikamaru shrug and mutter out "troublesome" before realizing he was the only one left in the room with Tsunade.

"I'm going to go watch clouds. Though I do not envy the poor Genin team given the D-rank mission to watch over his kids," said Shikamaru before leaving the room and the Hokage just let out a small chuckle.

"Yeah. Those kids are going to force me out of this office faster then Naruto ever could. Right Shiz-huh? Shizune? Hey! Damn it Shizune! I didn't give you the week off! GET BACK HERE SHIZUNE!" said Tsunade while yelling the last part out the window.

"Maybe I should go back," said Shizune fearing Tsunade's wrath before being pulled into the house by Anko with an "eep!" leaving her mouth.

"No way Shizune. You're here now and once here to get some Namikaze loving...there is no going back," said Anko before giggling like a pervert while Shizune blushed further.

Truth was, Shizune really liked Naruto, and was always afraid to show it for several well known reasons. First, was the Hokage herself being overprotective, and basically banning the woman from ever being with Naruto. Second, was Naruto having enough wives in his harem for restoring his clan, and that her presence would upset the current way of things. Third, the female Jinchuriki formerly of Taki, and her possibly deeming Shizune to be unworthy of being with Naruto.

"She's got a point Shizune-chan. You're beyond the point of no return now," said Naruto with a grin on his face and saw the blush on hers increase.

"Be gentle," said Shizune before she let out another "eep!" and soon found herself in the secondary Master bedroom since Fu had claimed the first one to be her own with Naruto on account of the pregnancy.

"We'll see," said Naruto before he kissed Shizune passionately on the lips and somehow turned the whole thing into one big orgy with the group of females around him.

Oh Yes. Life was definitely good.

(Epilogue-Years Later)

Naruto sat in the Hokage's Office, a small on his face, as he sighed happily at getting all the paperwork done, and thanking the use of Shadow Clones in making it possible. In fact, it was because of the makeup of Shadow Clones, Naruto could alter it to mix with his psionic abilities, and perfect his illusionary skills to create solid clones that could last all day in terms of living while making a small army of them. He had them do all of the paperwork while he got to relax, train, or have some fun with his wives.

Not to mention it gave him time to spend with his own children.

Fu had given birth to twins boys. One with spiky blonde hair, the other with green, and yet they inherited their Father's pranking habits from his childhood years. Of course, the boys knew right away to never prank anyone in the family, which they never did, and they knew not to from the psionic bond they shared with their parents.

Sadly, for the rest of Konoha, the pranking twins decimated all they targeted, and boy did they know how to target. First, they put some scentless itching powder they created on Kiba without him knowing, which made it look like he had fleas, and it didn't help that the man was going on a date within the hour. The members of the Aburame Clan nearly had heart attacks when the twins put a fumigation tent over their homes and pumped helium into the home.

Who knew an Aburame could speak with such a squeaky voice and keep a straight face at the loss of his dignity in front of the Hokage no less?

The boys were punished for their pranks, but it never did stop them no matter how much "evil" they got themselves into, and their future half-siblings only made the adults around them sans the Namikaze Clan members get gray hairs. Each child showed they inherited their Father's ability to use psi blades when they got older, which Tsunade theorized was suppose to happen in order to prevent the children from activating them before the end of their Mother's pregnancy, and cut their own way open into this world. Over time, each of Naruto's children grew their own "wings" of their own, and used them in combination with the other abilities they inherited from their Mother's side of the family. With Haku, her own daughter could strike with them behind ice mirrors, and even use ice strips to form armor in an emergency should anything break off. Haku's youngest child, a boy with incredible psionic strength, could manipulate ice to store psionic energy for a time, and then chuck it like a bomb.

Hinata's triplets, which the other wives still claim only happened via fertility drugs, each possessed the Byakugan Eyes, which got the Hyuuga Elders in an uproar, and demanded they have the Cage Bird Seal on them. This of course made Naruto very angry, his anger showed upon hearing their demands via a massive storm cloud above Konoha, and the massive amount of lightning flashing outside the window when talking to the Hyuuga Elders making a stink.

No one knows what was said in the room other then Naruto, Hinata, and of course the Hyuuga Elders themselves. However, when it was over, the Hyuuga Elders were rumored to be thrown out of the office through several walls, down several floors, and then took a sharp painful turn to the hospital. A message to Tsunade, who took up employment there, had received a message from her successor to "treat them with the respect they deserve", and had an evil looking smiley face on it to let her know what he meant.

Back to the three children consisting of two girls and one boy. Each child had gained a set of claws, which made their Gentle Fist even deadlier, and inherited their Mother's own flexibility to make it more dangerous. They also formed a psionic bond with each other, which allowed them to communicate on a mental level, and work perfectly in terms of teamwork. They could also open up a link with anyone they wanted and create bonds with others when working with other Shinobi in a coordinated effort.

The other children that Naruto had with his other wives either inherited their Father's or Mother's personalities that made many an Academy teacher have gray hair if not an extra line of wrinkles. Iruka being one of them, as he cashed in for retirement after only getting through teaching half of the Namikaze kids on account of their pranks, and was given a hefty pension for getting that far with the man's family.

The Mizukage had also become involved with Naruto, as he had formed his own family in Mist, and his son was learning to use the psi blades like a sword. There was some concerns made by Tsunade originally that his offspring living in another village would be used against Naruto or the other siblings. However, Naruto knew his child would never do that, as there was a link between each sibling, and a bond that prevented them from every striking out against the family. The same was said about the Tsuchikage, who had married Naruto like the others under the guise it was strictly political, but that was to appease the minority of people in Iwa, who apparently couldn't let all sleeping dogs lie, and while officially it was political...Naruto knew otherwise.

The Kazekage had her own marriage to the Nara Clan Heir Shikamaru, who thought the whole idea of marriage was troublesome, and got hit on the head with a frying pan from his Mother before she dragged him to get a tuxedo for the marriage. This was of course when Shikamaru and Temari were still dating while no means of marriage had even been spoken between them. Yoshino had met the woman on several occasions and instantly set a date for them on the third meeting with Temari blushing while Shikamaru's earlier mentioning of marriage being something he dared not repeat in front of his mother again being heard. All the while dragging her son to the tuxedo store, Yoshino was going on, and on about how only mentally strong, and patient women could marry into the clan since all the children born from the Nara Clan were lazy genius males.

Naruto was the one to make the marriage official, though he did question the Genjutsu behind Shikamaru where his Mother stood seemingly happy, and suspected she had a katana pointed at the man's back. If Temari did notice it, she didn't say anything, which made Naruto suspect Nara Yoshino informed the female Kazekage in advance, and it was only natural for the Nara men to get cold feet at their wedding.

Apparently, Shikamaru's Father went through the same thing in his younger years, but he had an actual ball, and chain literally attached to his feet with Gravity Seals on the ball to make it way 4 tons for good measure.

In the end though, it worked out well for the two with Shikamaru now living in Suna, and Gaara keeping a watchful eye on the poor Nara in the event he should even try to break the female Sabaku's heart in someway. Naruto wished them the best of luck, seeing those two were in for a wild ride of marriage, kids, and Shikamaru being chased around by one crazed Sabaku no Gaara for the times the red headed Jinchuriki felt the Nara was shirking his duties to his wife by watching clouds all day.

The poor bastard.

As Naruto looked out the window of his office, he wondered about his surrogate Mother Kerrigan, and hoped she was all right. He had a feeling that even though she was no longer the infamous Queen of Blades the Overmind had made her from the beginning, there was going to be no rest for her either on account of the many enemies she had made because of it, and hoped Jim Raynor could protect the woman from further harm. He had hoped to see their future through the Void, but the veil of the future was too thick to even pierce this time around, and knew from here on out...the fight would be their own. He had lived in their world in a figurative sense, told his children stories about the time he was up there beyond the stars, and wished for them to see it. But Naruto knew that simple fact could never happen on account of the Protoss never allowing his children to do so due to their unique genetic makeup.

Naruto had made peace with that too a long time ago and preferred things this way since this world he was on needed him along with his current family then anything out there in the Galaxy ever did. The moment his time with Kerrigan had ended, Naruto knew that the path she walked in the Galaxy, he could not follow, and only hoped that the vision of the future the Overmind saw without Kerrigan did not come to pass.

Deep in his heart, Naruto knew she would survive, and defeat this enemy that threatened everything in the Universe.

Kerrigan was his Mother after all and just like her son...she didn't die easily!


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