On the twelfth day of Christmas dear Shinra gave to me;

12 Loveless Quotes
11 Things unsaid
10 Piano songs
9 Avalanche members
8 Silver snowdrops
7 Traitor smiles
6 read emotions
5 red ribbons
4 Iv lines
3 surrogate children
2 unrequited lovers
and a lonely boy waiting at home

The cave was dark and cold, the only light inside was a faint glow that came from a crystal in the middle of the room. Like shadows in the night something crept along the walls towards the dim light.

The creature landed on the floor, it's wings spread out behind it, golden eyes glowed and flitted about, taking in the scenery.

"Of all the places she could have chosen-" The thing said in a metallic sounding whisper.

"Hush." A deep voice answered from what seemed to be no where.

The thing stepped forward, it's shape changing as it moved towards the crystal. By the time it had gotten up to it, the figure had shifted to reveal a raven haired man in a crimson cloak. His deep red eyes glowed in the dark as they had faded from the harsh gold they had once been.

"She is trapped in that crystal. What do you hope to accomplish-"

"You will remain silent while I am here Chaos. This is one thing that I need to do without your help."

He reached out and touched the crystal.

"Lucrecia." He said, looking up into the crystal and at the auburn haired woman encased within.

"Vincent." A voice echoed back within his head.

Vincent knelt at the base of the crystal and gently leaned his forehead against it.

"Today is Christmas. It has been many years since we celebrated together. My last Christmas with you was spent fighting for my life. It was not the occasion I wanted us to have. Hojo took it from us like he has taken so much from this world. Do you remember how happy we were before that day?"

"Vincent. I remember how we were. So young, so full of life, and so in love. I remember finding you the day after Christmas. You were almost dead. He looked at me and said, "This is why people shouldn't love. There is a risk of losing it."

"I remembered staring at you trying to think of a way to save you. I had been mad at you before I realized what had happened. You never showed up at my apartment. You promised you wouldn't be late and now looking back I was a so naïve. I never thought-"

Vincent gently shushed her, mentally soothing her hurt and pain.

"There is nothing that can be done now. There was so much of our life that we had taken from us, but right now. Here on this very Christmas day, I want to give you the gift I wanted to give you so many years ago."

Vincent reached into his pocket and pulled out a small locket. He placed it against the crystal and the stone became seemingly pliable. It pulled the locket up through the crystal until the reached the space in front of the woman's face.

"How did you keep such a beautiful thing safe all these years? Your old apartment was demolished years ago and now all of Midgar is gone too."

"Hojo made sure I would never lose it." Vincent said, moving the fabric of his cloak to the side just enough so that she could see the recently made cut down his left pectoral.

"It is beautiful Vincent. Thank you."

The locket opened to reveal a picture the two had taken together, both of them smiling and happy. The silver necklace moved until it had the picture facing outwards towards the room, so that all that may enter could see the beautiful couple.

"You are very welcome. I only wish that I could have given it to you when I should have."

"Merry Christmas Vincent."

"Merry Christmas Lucrecia."

Vincent sat back against the crystal and spent his day talking with the woman he loved. If any one asked him, he had the best Christmas he had ever experienced.

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