"Blaze, you should probably give up. I mean, it's been a week. I don't think we're gonna find Silver."

The purple cat looked up at the nightmaren hovering next to her. She hadn't seen or heard from Silver in a week, and most everyone else had given up any hope of finding the young hedgehog.

Blaze, however, was considering hiring a bounty hunter… 100 rings for finding Silver and bringing him back alive. They'd also been stuck in this strange dimension for quite a while, staying in a small town's hotel.

Her ears pricked up as she heard the hotel room door open followed by heavy footsteps. She addressed the person who'd walked into the room without looking up,

"Hi, Shadow. No, you can't stay here tonight. No, I don't have any hot friends for you to sleep with, and no, I won't talk to NiGHTS for you."

The black hedgehog appeared next to Blaze on the balcony and shrugged.

"Okay, that answers my questions… But on other news, I think Reala and me found out where Silver is. We've been searching. Him by going to dreams, trying to find any sign of Silver, and me by appearing in random people's houses by using my Chaos Control…"

Blaze smiled at Shadow, knowing very well that looking for Silver probably wasn't the only thing on his mind, and that the houses he'd been searching probably were home to teenage girls… But then it registered with her. Shadow was probably the single person in the group who knew where Silver was.

"Shadow, WHERE. IS. SILVER!" Blaze had grabbed the black and red-furred hedgehog by the shoulders and shook him as she yelled this.

Blood-red eyes glazed over for a second with dizziness, and then thought. Suddenly, though, Shadow's brain created a miracle by pushing all perverted thoughts aside and focusing on Silver's location.

"Oh, yeah! Silver's in that big, scary castle that we crashed into. Reala found his dream, and somehow got the little guy to tell where he was. Said his leg was broken, but a strange man in a black cloak was making him better…"

Blaze was already at the door, slipping a backpack filled with different supplies on. As she was leaving, Shadow appeared in the hallway and grabbed her by the tail.

"You know, it's kind of dangerous to go there ALL by yourself… You should have a guide!"

Blaze blinked and then nodded. Knowing very well that Reala could be lying, and Silver could really be in some dungeon somewhere. She stepped back into the hotel room and looked at Shadow, who was turning to leave.

"Shadow… Would you go with me?"

The black hedgehog shook his head and continued walking out the door, saying,

"I can't… It was just a suggestion… I think there's a hot girl across the hall from me…"

Blaze sighed, deciding to try appealing to Shadow's perverted-ness. She started unzipping her robe-jacket hybrid, revealing her low-cut, white tank-top. The black hedgehog turned in mid-step and re-entered her room.

"Good, I've got your attention. Now, you will be rewarded if you come with me. I will talk to Rouge and get you a free night with her."

The hedgehog nodded, still keeping his eyes on Blaze's chest. Blaze zipped her robe back up, and put her backpack back on.

"C'mon, Shadow. Iblis save me, I hope Silver's okay."


"I jus' can't do it, Vexen! It hurts too much."

The pale gray-furred hedgehog sat down in the middle of the castle courtyard. He'd been exercising his broken leg for a few hours, and it was getting pretty painful to him. And with Silver not having a very high pain tolerance to start with, this was like torture to him.

Suddenly, though, Silver heard footsteps quickly approaching him. He knew it wasn't Vexen because he could see the human still sitting on the courtyard bench.

"HEY VEXY! I WAS TOLD TO COME AND BUG YOU- whoa, what's that?"

A young human boy had come running up to Silver sitting in the middle of the courtyard. The boy, obviously was a couple feet taller than Silver, with Silver being 1) A mobian and 2) abnormally short for his age. He had brownish-yellow hair that stuck up sort of… Silver couldn't identify the style.

"*poke* what ARE you? You're not a heartless, or a nobody, or anything I've ever seen ever!"

The boy seemed around Silver's own age of fourteen. He'd come running up to the hedgehog and then poked his ear. Silver couldn't even protest. He didn't have enough energy. Instead, he fell onto his back, feeling the cold concrete under the soft fur on his back.

Silver felt someone picking him up. He opened his eyes, only to look into blue eyes instead of forest green.

"Jus' wait 'til I show Puppy!"

Silver looked around, but Vexen was nowhere in sight. So he took matters into his own hands and leapt out of the human boy's arms, using his telekinesis to hold himself up about six inches off the ground, as well as making a blueish force field around him.

The boy looked surprised for a second, but then he assumed a fighting stance too. Having no weapon, he just held his hands out menacingly. Silver was convinced this would be an easy fight, so he stopped creating the force field…


Silver was blasted backwards by what seemed to be a wall of water. Forgetting the pain in his leg, the young hedgehog rushed towards his opponent, telekinetically picking up some large rocks on his way.


The young hedgehog threw a rock at his opponent. Then, though, the two were being held apart by different people. Silver held with his arms to his sides by Vexen and the other boy held by another human.

"What, in the name of Kingdom Hearts did you get yourself into, Silver! Never mind, I don't want to know. We have intruders in the castle and I was told to round up all the youngest members and put them somewhere safe."

A couple minutes earlier

A purple cat poked her head out of the bushes outside the castle.

"Okay, Shadow. We have to break through the guards here in order to get to Silver."

The black hedgehog was busy staring at Blaze's chest, the cat having abandoned her robe for easier movement.


"Riiiight… anyway, you have to try and distract them, while I sneak in. Or we can just blast our way in, weapons blazing."

Shadow nodded his head at this.

"I like plan two… I can give Maria some exercise."

"Err… Never mind, I don't want to know."

"My pistol, Maria… she's my favorite!"

"Riiight… okay, let's go!

With that, Blaze's hands caught fire, and Shadow pulled out another pistol, so he had one in each hand. The two ran at full speed towards the castle gates, Blaze leaving nothing but black marks behind her, Shadow further scorching the soil with his rocket shoes.


Silver was trying to make friends with the four other people he was currently in the lab with, with some success.

"Hi, I'm Silver." He said to a blond-haired boy who looked around Silver's own age.

"Hi? I'm Roxas… What ARE you, anyway?"

Silver puffed his chest out proudly.

"I'm a full-bred hedgehog. I was born in the year 2220, and I've worked for SEGA since I was thirteen."

The boy Silver had been fighting earlier looked confused at him. He suddenly felt someone petting his leg. It was one of the people who had been assigned to keep an eye on the youngest people on the castle. A strange man with an eyepatch and a scar on the left side of his face.

"Hands off the fur buddy! By the way, who are you?"

"Wow, okay, he's for real."

"I miss Puppy"

Silver laughed at this comment.

"Hey, you remind me of my friend, Tikal… She calls the dreaded god of destruction, Chaos, her "puppy"… Gosh… Tikal was one of the weirdest people I knew… but I still really miss her… and Fang, who sneaked into my room at night all the time. And Reala, who scared me, but NiGHTS always told me it was because he liked me…"

General sweat-dropping. No one was sure what to say to that.

"I also really miss Blaze… especially Blaze. We grew up together, you know… I hope I can go home to her soon…"