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The first time I saw him he was in the lobby of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital yelling at a woman with short, dark hair wearing an exceptionally tight business suit. I wondered what she could have possibly been thinking while shoving herself into the tight clothing.

He was wearing a funky t-shirt, a wrinkled blue button up, jeans, and Nike sneakers.

My brother and I were walking across the lobby towards the elevators so that we could go up to Dr. Wilson's office. We had been seeing an oncologist at another hospital back in Texas. I moved to New Jersey because the technology firm I work for transferred me.

He is actually my half brother and is about 25 years younger than me. His cancer took him through hell and back in the midst of his last two years of high school. Even though our parents (or rather his parents/my dad and stepmother) lived in a large home, he moved into my loft with me because our parents couldn't deal with his situation. They were always uncomfortable around him ever since he became visibly ill. I was always the one to wait outside the operating room, hold his hand through chemo, and wipe the sweat off his face as he vomited. Despite their lack of personal support, they put up money for the best doctors and treatment money can buy.

My brother had put up a huge fight against his stomach cancer and managed to fight off the cancer and graduate from high school at the same time. He was in remission for most of his senior year.

He moved to New Jersey with me because with everything he went through, he wasn't physically ready for college yet. Upon our moving to New Jersey, his oncologist recommended Dr. Wilson for my brother's follow ups. This was our second meeting with Dr. Wilson. My brother's cancer was back and we both know he would probably be admitted today.

We stared, like half the other people scurrying through the lobby, whenever the middle aged man cracked a wooden cane against the reception desk and seemed to be demanding something from tight suit woman.

She scowled at him and told him, "You are not cutting into this woman's brain so you can just go up to your office, pout, and play with your balls until you can come up with another idea."

I gathered she was his boss, but found it quite strange for any boss to suggest that someone play with their balls while at work. I exchanged looks with my brother to see a slight smirk on his face and realize he was contemplating the same thing.

The scruffy man turned and charged towards the elevator with a fairly prominent limp. My mind immediately wondered what was wrong with his leg. I've always been a nosy person, but this man struck me as particularly interesting.

He stabbed the elevator button with his cane. I wondered if we should hang back to wait for another elevator, but we were already at the elevator banks. When the elevator opened, he stormed in. We reluctantly edged into the elevator behind him.

I glanced at him because I figured it was only courteous to ask what floor he was headed to. Based on his display in the lobby I half-way wondered if he had red demon eyes and breathed fire. I was surprised to see that he was slumped against the elevator wall with his head tilted back and his eyes closed. Previously I was frightened of this man, but now I found myself tempted to ask if he was okay. I decided against it and just asked, "Floor?" He wearily opened his eyes again and muttered, "Four." We were headed to the same place, so I punched the button and waited. I watched him from the corner of my eye wondering if I should be prepared to catch him if he keeled over in the elevator.

His abrupt change in demeanor as soon as he entered the elevator only increased my fascination.

I noticed he was tall with very muscular arms. I found myself checking his left hand to see if a ring was present. I internally scowled at myself and reminded myself that I was here to support my brother, not scout for men!

As the doors opened I was surprised to see him thrust himself into an upright position. The only evidence of his previous weariness was a slight shaking of his right arm and a wobble from his leg before he exited the elevator. He stormed off the elevator and headed down the hall before I had a chance to blink. I'm not really sure why, but I found myself hoping that I would see him again.