Título: Cri du coeur

Fandom: The Mortal Instruments.

Claim: Alec Lightwood. Jace Wayland.

Disclaimer: They belong to Cassandra Clare, I swear.

Summary: Alec likes a lot of things, but you see, he loves Jace. —Drabble, Alec&Jace. Para Liz.

Nota: This is the first Jace/Alec drabble I've wrote. I hope this doesn't suck because this is my first time writing in English and if you find any mistake please let me know :3.

Nota2: Muchísimas gracias a Meli, Robin, Liz y Analu por darle una revisada :D, las amo, se merecen un pony y eso.

Nota3: Para Liz, como regalo muy muy adelantado de navidad; te amo, espo :3


«J'en dirais trop et pas assez et tout ça je veux l'oublier»


Alec likes a lot of things. He likes noisy music (the kind that makes you scream and cry and sing out loud the not-so-stupid lyrics while you jump all over the room), the elegant clothes, how the sun rays fall on his face through the open windows in the morning and the way his name is pronounced by his best friend, because, you see, Alec likes a lot of things, but he likes (loves) Jace a little (lot) more.

Alec likes (loves) the way Jace smiles at him, how his eyes seem to shine so bright when he laughs at one of the stupid things that he says or when he kills a demon. He likes how kind he could be if he wanted to, how his moves are always so elegant. How he can be all serious and in the next minute he could be laughing or fighting with that horrible redhaired girl. Because, you see, Alec likes (loves) Jace, but Alec dislikes (hates, hates, hates) Clary. He hates the way she is. He hates how she makes Jace mad and a lot happier. He hates how she can kiss him every time she wants, but, even more, how Jace seems ready to jump off a cliff if she asks for. Because, he'll never admit it, but, Jace likes Clary, more than he thinks and much more than Alec is willing to recognize.

Alec likes a lot of things, but you see, he loves Jace.

(Even if Jace doesn't love him back)