maybe it was because it was forbidden that this was so fun.

the way he would breath on your neck, sending chills deep down into your spine as your breath became quick and caught in your throat during those steamy encounters under the football bleachers and empty teachers lounge.

that damn sexy blonde hair that he just couldn't keep out of his eyes, which made you horny as hell. every time they swept across those puppy dog eyes, it took all of your will power to keep you in your seat and not brush them away from his face, then lean in for a quick kiss.

he lust filled eyes that trailed your every movement as you walked past, brushing his arm against your ass, without getting caught. you walked by him on purpose now, just so you could feel his touch through your jeans and bite back a moan.

because you definatley can't stay away from him now.

from your first encounter, your knew he had some sort of chain on you. the way his lips ever so slowly made your name, the quick, taughting clip of the "c", the way his tongue swirled as it went from the "l" to the "a", then right to the "i", and finally as it moved back to form the "r" and "e".


oh, sweet jesus. he got you good.

and you just lovedlovedloved how he kept his brown eyes glued to you, even as he hugged the witch that wouldn't release her grip. even as she insisted they share a kiss everytime they parted, he watched you, and nothing but you.

but she was just a background character now. you two had your own little story playing, right before her eyes.

like that first sweet, uber hot kiss out in the empty dark hallway. how his tongue swirled in your mouth, filling your head with peppermint tinted lust and you just melted in his arms like chocolate on a s'more. oh, what an inconvient time for a power outage.

and that first dance during homecoming? how even though you swore you were both innocent, she watched from the sidelines with hatrid in her eyes while you definatley weren't griding.

and the love making. how he fucked you long and hard on that trip to aspen with the group at two a.m. infront of the fire place. you cried out from both pleasure and pain as he swiped your v-card three times that night, and filled your mind with nothing but him.

and now, you were screwed. you couldn't stay away from him. he was your addiction, your crack, your herion. because even those devious, glossy smirk you gave her as she continued to play dumb couldn't fill the void he created.

you need him. you needed all of him.

because derrick clayton harrington made a monster of you, a monster that ate everything he gave to you, and you still needed more.

and you loved every sweet minute of it.


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