The Child Who No One Wanted

"Nowaki! You're not supposed to be playing with those dolls!"

The dark haired child, still blushing from the pleasure of play, looked up in confusion.

"W-What do you mean I'm not supposed to?"

His fellow roommate, Takeiyo, grew furious. "Dolls are for girls, you dummy!"

Now Nowaki was even more confused. "But Naomi-san never said that."

"It's common sense!"

"What're common scents? Do they smell good?"

"Wow, stupid AND dumb! How did I get stuck being in a room with YOU?" Takeiyo said grabbing the dolls right out of Nowaki's hands, throwing them across the room. Both of the dolls' heads popped off.

Nowaki looked at the dolls, then up at Takeiyo. "Why did you do that?"

"Because! You made me mad!" Takeiyo shouted, stomping his feet up and down.

"But I didn't do anything."

"NAOMI-SAAAAAN!" Takeiyo roared.

The young, dark haired woman ran into the room. "Takeiyo-kun! Nowaki-kun! What in the world is going on?"

"Nowaki was playing with dolls again!" Takeiyo shouted.

Naomi looked down at the wide-eyed Nowaki. He looked up at her, his eyes shining from the sunlight that illuminated the room through the window.

"Takeiyo, why does it bother you so much that Nowaki chooses to play with dolls?" Naomi asked, still not looking away from Nowaki.

"Because! He's a boy!"

"So? Just because he's a boy, he can't have a little imagination?" Naomi was now walking over to the beheaded dolls. "Who threw them?"

Takeiyo looked down, knowing he broke a rule. "M-Me…"

"Go sit on the T-O bench for 20 minutes, 10 for each of these poor dolls' heads." Naomi said while reattaching the plastic skulls to their necks.

Takeiyo huffed as he left his shared room to go sit on the T-O bench.

Naomi walked over to Nowaki, bending down when she reached him. "I believe these belong to you?"

"Y-Yeah…" Nowaki said, gently receiving the dolls from her.

She smiled softly at him. "Don't let what anyone says bother you. Play with your dolls as much as you want, and that's an order from me."

Nowaki threw his arms around her in an appreciable embrace. "Thank you so so much, Naomi-san!"

She carefully rubbed his back. "You're welcome, dear."

Nowaki Kusama

Age: 3

Location: Kusama Orphanage

Status: Slowly cracking

It was already time for lunch, so Nowaki skipped down the hall to the cafeteria. He noticed a couple unfriendly stares on the way, but all he chose to do was reply with a wide grin and shining eyes.

"Nowaki-kun!" the lady behind the food counter said with a bright smile.

"Good afternoon, Rika-san," Nowaki replied with a matching smile.

"What will you being having today, dear? The usual noodles with curried rice?" she asked, even though she was already scooping the rice into a bowl.


She handed the bowl to him saying, "Well, there you go, sweetheart. Enjoy!"

"Thank you, Rika-san!" Nowaki said. He proceeded down the line to the drink section to pick up his as well as usual chocolate milk. He turned around. Full tables everywhere, with no place for him to sit. He looked down at his tray, then back up, sighed quietly, and left the cafeteria, heading to his room.

He placed his tray on the floor, sitting crisscross applesauce, breaking his chop sticks apart.

"Itadakimasu…" he whispered to himself and began to eat, alone.

This was normal for Nowaki. Ever since the rainy day he was brought into the orphanage, he was shunned by all. Everyone felt the administers gave him special attention because they pitied him, and maybe that was true, but even more so since just about every day, someone would disturb Nowaki's, what seems to be, ever lasting peace. Example? Right now. 3. 2. 1.

"NOWAKI! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" Miko, Nowaki's other roommate, roared.

"Eating. What are you doing?" Nowaki asked.

"OH MY GOD! ON THE FLOOR? YOU'RE GONNA MAKE A MESS!" he continued to fume.

"No, I'm not. I'm being very care-" Miko had kicked Nowaki's bowl across the room. Noodles, rice, and broth flew everywhere. Nowaki looked at the mess, then back up at Miko. "Why did you do that?"


Naomi ran into the room, saw the mess, and held her forehead tightly. "Who…did…it?" she tried to stay composed.

"Nowaki. He broke a rule, TWO rules. He ate in the dorms AND threw an object." Miko stated very matter-of-factly.

Nowaki's head shot up to look at Naomi. His eyebrows were slanted in confusion and despair, not knowing how to defend himself.

"Both of you, just, just clean it up," she said leaving the room, still holding her head.

Nowaki crouched over, dabbing the floor with his napkin when Miko kicked him off balance, causing him to fall face first into the noodly-brothy mess. Rising, Nowaki saw that Miko had left the room, meaning he would have to clean up the mess by himself.

He didn't complain. He began scrubbing the floor of its unneeded contents, crystal droplets falling down his cheeks.