Rikki's Pov

The sun was warm on my face as I felt the warm sand in-between my toes. I watched as the ocean waves moved back and fourth along the shores of the beach as I saw little kids and families making sand castles and jumping in the water. I wore a tang top shirt and some shorts as my white sneakers were aside of me.

I stood up as I started wiping all the sand of my shorts and hands as I was about to take a swim in the ocean. I started walking down the beach to where there were some rocky cliffs that I could go to. No one comes near those rocky cliffs and I knew I could jump into the water with out any one seeing me.

Now, you may be wondering, why would it be so secretive of me to go swimming in public? Well, I guess I had a secret, well not just a ordinary secret. It wanst bad or anything like that but if anyone knew about it, my life would be over. Ive had nightmares about people putting me in zoo's or taking me to a scientist lab and testing on me and dissecting me until I couldn't take it no more.

Not only that but keeping the secret was also a challenge for me too. Staying away from water, lying to people about why I don't like swimming and making up excuses every time I knew there was a full moon. No, im not a werewolf.

I was a mermaid. I had bright orange scales and my tail was very long and shiny. I loved swimming and it was my favorite thing to do in the whole world. I would always swim into this island that leads into a small cave that was filled up with water. It was called Mako Island. I could spend endless hours in this cave with out getting bored and my friends always make fun of me about it but I guess they don't understand how I feel about it.

Well, I'm not the only person who was a mermaid, I had 3 other friends that were mermaids too. Cleo, Bella and Emma. Ive shared the secrete with Cleo and Emma for the past 2-3 years since we become mermaids together but a year ago, Emma left with her family to travel the world. When senior year started, I met Bella who was a mermaid too so me Cleo and Bella have been hanging out and swimming together for the last year.

Last week we just graduated form high school and I cant even explain how great it is. No homework, no studying for test, we don't have to wake up at 7 in the morning to go to school, I have all the freedom in the world and now I can go swimming anytime I want to.

I looked around me as I climbed onto one of the rocks that were on the cliff. As soon as I saw nobody, I jumped into the warm, salty ocean water. I felt it go against my face as my wavy blonde hair got wet and started to turn straight. In no time at all, my legs started to close together as a bubbles surrounded me and I grew a tail out of the middle of no where.

I started paddling my tail as I put my two hands out in front of me and started to swim. When I was in a certain spot of the ocean where I didn't see any coral reefs, I flipped my tail so hard that I started swimming up to speeds of 50 miles per hour.

I felt the ocean water go up against my face as I saw fish swim by me. It was so beautiful and it always relaxed me when I was stressed or had a problem going on in my life. I slowed down as I saw the entry into the under water cave and slowly swam up to the surface to see 2 long shiny orange tails.

I got to the surface and saw my two friends, Bella and Cleo.

"What! Your kidding me! So he's staying here all summer?" I heard Bella ask Cleo as I heard shock in her voice.

"Yup! Its true! Lewis said he would stay here all summer until collage starts again in September. Isn't it so romantic? He's giving up his summer to stay here with me!" Cleo said with that squeaky excited voice that she had.

I heard Bella giggle when I interrupted the conversation.

"What im I? Invisible to you? I haven't talked to you guys all week and I don't even get a hi?" I said with my annoyed voice but Cleo and Bella turned around and smiled.

"Well, well, well, look who showed up late. Usually you beat us here hours before time. Where have you been?" Bella asked but she still had that smile on her face.

"I've been swimming, I at least want to enjoy it before I get to talk to you guys. I answered giving them my cheerful but also kind of annoyed answer.

I saw that cleo had a huge smile on her face as she was staring out into space until she broke the conversation between me and Bella.

"I cant believe it! Lewis is staying here the whole summer with me! Isnt he the sweetest guy ever?" Cleo mentioned again as she started day dreaming.

"Yes, I over heard you two talk as I came up to the surface." I said as I rolled my eyes at her.

"Come on, can't you at least pretend your happy for me? I haven't seen Lewis in 6 months so this is a big deal for me." Cleo responded as she put both of her hands in the water.

I faked a smile at her but she was to busy looking off another direction as she started giggling and smiling.

Bella laughed at us from the way we both reacted from each other but I didn't care.

"Look, I gotta meet up will; me and him are going to hang out by the beach." Bella said as she looked at Cleo. "Ya, me and Lewis are going to the café so we'll catch up later?" Cleo asked but Bella already left by the time she asked the question.

"Ok then, have fun you too." I said as Cleo rolled her eyes at me. Before she ducked her head underwater I also screamed: "And don't get pregnant!" But Cleo just laughed as she disappeared into the water leaving me by myself in the cave.

My smile slowly faded as Cleo left and I put my two arms up against the rocks. I laid my head on my arms as I looked in the empty cave.

I could hear the water trickling down the rocks as heard the slight movements of my tail in the water. I had a feeling that it was going to be nice a relaxing summer… so I thought.

Cleo's Pov

I was walking along the side walk as I saw the huge "Rikki's" sign that was up on Zane's café. Rikki's ex-boyfriend. The broke up about 2 months ago and Zane still haven't taken down Rikki's name off the café which is kinda weird to me but I guess it didn't really mater.

Zane has owned the café for about a year and Rikki and Zane went out for about 2-3 years until he cheated on Rikki. I don't really know what Rikki saw in Zane. I've had a bad feeling about him ever since they started dating. He even threatened to tell our secret to the world when Rikki dumped him. I don't think Zane deserves Rikki. He didn't care about her when she was attacked by the tentacle during the full moon and when she needed help out by Mako and he stopped caring about her and only cared about the café. It's been kind of a disaster after Rikki broke up with Zane because now Zane has tried to get her back ever since. He's always following Rikki and always trying to make up excuses to talk to her and its getting really annoying. The only reason why I liked him in the past was because he was Rikki's boyfriend but that has definitely changed.

I walked into the café to see my boyfriend Lewis sitting down by one of the booths. He was wearing a light blue shirt with some baggy shorts that went up to his knees and some sneakers. As I walked up to him and sat down, he flipped his hair over while he came over to kiss me.

"I've missed you so much!" I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck and whispered it into his ear.

"But I just saw you like 2 hours ago! Lewis said in his weird confused voice but I just smiled.

"Oh, shut up and kiss me already!" I explained and I pulled his shirt so he could come closer to me and we started to kiss again.

"Whoa! Aggressive!" He explained after he kissed me but I just smiled and laughed.

"I haven't seen you in 6 months! What do you expect?" I said but before he could answer back Sophie came up to us and asked us what we wanted to drink.

Sophie was will's older sister. Will was Bella's boyfriend and they've been going out for about a month. Sophie was also the girl that Zane kissed while he was going out with Rikki.

I can remember the image so clear in my head. How me, Rikki and Bella were coming to the surface of the water to watch Will win a diving competition that he was doing and there I saw it; Zane and Sophie kissing each other right in front of Rikki. Zane didn't even look mad at Sophie after he kissed her and what was even weirder was that Sophie is 3 years older than Zane. Zane's 18 and Sophie is 21.

"I would like to have a mango smoothie." Lewis responded as he pointed his finger straight up in the air.

I saw Sophie right that down on her notepad as I quickly replied: "Ill have the same as well."

Sophie gave me a small fake smile as she wrote something else down on her notepad as she quickly put it in her pocket and left the table with out saying anything.

"So, we were saying?" Lewis said as he started to smile and wrap his arms around me and we started to make out a little more as he quickly stopped.

I could tell that something caught his eye. I slowly backed out of the kiss to turn around. I didn't see anything but apparently he did.

"What is it?" I asked as I looked at him and back the other direction as to where he was staring.

"Look!" He quickly replied as he was looking in a specific direction.

I turned around one more time but I didn't see anything. It was then when I looked at the counter where I saw something interesting. I saw a girl with white pants, and a light blue shirt ordering something to one of the waiters. She had bright blonde hair that was also put up in a pony tail.

I couldn't exactly tell immediately who it was until she turned the direction as to where me and Lewis were sitting. Then I saw it.

"Is that-?" Lewis started asking as he was still looking that direction but I quickly cut him off.

"Is it?" I asked my self and a huge smile appeared on my face.