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A Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Christmas

Chapter One - Complications

The soft sound of Christmas music was in the air of the 51st century. The city was bustling with two weeks-before-Christmas shoppers and people arriving to spend the holidays with their families. Children pulled at their parents as they passed toy shops and the Santa meet-and-greet area.

River Song sat in her flat, typing away at her computer. She had made sure the flat was decorated, a fact Anita loved, but remarked that "It looked like Christmas threw up in our appartment."

River's door opened and Anita poked her head in, dressed in a tight evening gown. "Come on River. We don't wanna keep the boys waiting." she said.

River didn't even look up at her computer as she said, "Nearly done. Give me a minute."

She too was dressed in an evening gown, but one a bit more sensible than Anita's.

"I thought you were wearing the red one." Anita said, stepping into River's room.

"Changed my mind." River said simply. "Not in the mood to show off tonight I suppose."

Anita frowned, "Are you emailing that bloke again?"

"His name's John. And yes." River said.

Anita senced the fondness in River's voice. There was always fondness when it came to this John Smith bloke. Ever since she started to write him ten years ago.

"Have you ever met him?" Anita asked, her voice soft.

"Not yet...we haven't been able to..." River said, "But that will be fixed soon."

"What do you mean?"

River signed the email "See you somewhere in time and someplace in space, River." and sent it. She turned to Anita, beaming. "I just-"

"Why did you sign it that?" Anita asked.

"Oh. He's a time agent too. So we never knew where or when we'll meet just that it's somewhere in time and some place in space. But that all changes now."

Anita gave her an odd look, but was then beaming along with her. "You two are going to meet up?"

"Yes! At the Singing Towers of Derillium! We're going to spend the week of Christmas there. And you're coming too."

"That's gre-wait. Why should I come? This is the two of you'd moment."

River paused. "Well...that's the funny part..."


The engines of the TARDIS whined through the air of Cardiff as it materialized on the rift. The Doctor's newly aquired smart phone rang, informing him that he had a new email. However, though the Doctor wanted ever so badly to check it, he was more concerned about the man in a large blue coat coming towards him, totally standing out with all the Christms decorations.

"Jack! How are you?" the Doctor asked, beaming.

Jack beamed back, examining the Doctor. "Brilliant as always. What about you Doctor? You've regenerated. And you have a bowtie now."

"Bowties are cool." the Doctor told him. "Its good to see you Jack."

"You too." Jack said. "But why exactly did you need to see me?"

The Doctor smiled, gesturing for him to follow him into the TARDIS. "Come on. I'll explain on the way."

And the two walked into the poliece box, and Jack wondered just what was in store for them.

Because you see, Christmases with the Doctor were always eventful.