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Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey Christmas

Chapter Four - Ice Skating

"Now remember, your favorite color is blue, you've loved cats since you were little and-"

"Had one named Bludo since you were five." Anita finished for a frantic River.

"And you're ME!" she said firmly.

"You I can do." she said, and put her hands on the blonde's shoulders. "Don't worry River. Who knows you better than me?"

"The person we're trying to fool." River said bitterly.

They were standing at a small lake which served as an ice skating ring for the locals. The day's activities were going to include a some ice skating, a movie, and a nice dinner by candlelight. River was almost jelous she'd miss it.

"Where is he?" Anita said impatiently, looking at her watch and shivering in her scarf and coal. It was ten fourty-five. "He was supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago."

"Don't worry. He said he's always late." River said, nervously, looking around for him and rubbing her hands together anxiously. "In every conversation he said he's never on time. And something about always waiting five and a half hours."

"I am NOT waiting five and a half hours. Look, I think that's him." she pointed behind River to two figures approaching them.

The Doctor straightened his bowtie for the seventeenth time that minute as he and Jack made their way to the rink.

"Relax, Doc." Jack said. "Everything's gonna be fine."

"Right. Of course. Why wouldn't it be?" the Doctor said, his voice shaky.

"You're nervous."

"No. I'm all right. I mean, why wouldn't I be? Lying to a pen pal about who you are for ten years and now finally getting to meet them. Only it's not me it's you. Why would I be nervous?"

Jack laughed, completely at ease.

"Now remember, you're me." the Doctor said for the twentieth time as they came closer, the Doctor stopping to walk away as they planned. "Now, just don't act like..."

"Like what?" Jack asked with a laugh.


Jack laughed. "Don't worry, Doctor. I'll be you down to a T. I promise."

The Doctor nodded, still nervous. He looked at the girls. Well, only one stood now. He gulped. "Good luck."

Jack gave him a quick mock solute and walked on as the Doctor walked another way, down another path in the park. His two hearts were racing. Would this work? Could he trust Jack? Or would this girl see right through his deception?

Jack walked to Anita with a grin. "Hello. You must be River." he said, offering a hand for her.

Anita shook his hand. "And you're John. You're twenty minutes late."

Jack blinked. The Doctor knew how to pick em. "Sorry. I'm always late. I'm getting better though."

Anita nodded, "Well, wanna get out there?"

"Sure." Jack said, taking her over to the skate rental stand. It was then that Jack remembered a very important fact.

He couldn't skate.

River watched from a bench a little ways away from the rink, shivering in the cold air. John was even better than she's imagined, and as she watched Anita help him up from falling on his bum for the tenth time she laughed. It seemed to be working. Maybe she was home free.

The Doctor stood beside a tree on the opposite side of the rink from River, watching Jack apologize for falling down so much as "River" helped him up. He smiled. She was so nice and compassionate. Just as she always was. It was as if he was watching them meet for the first time when she'd known him for ten years. Jealousy squirmed through him as she held Jack's hand as they skated, but the Doctor knew it was his own fault. Oh well. Things were going great.

Jack hit the ice with a loud THUD. He laughed as Anita skated back over.

"If you keep falling like that you're gonna break the ice." she said, "Take it slow."

"Oh where's the fun in that?" Hack said jokingly as she helped him up.

Anita smiled, glad he wasn't so bad. River could at least get good ones sometimes. "Hey, what time is the movie?" she asked. "We don't wanna be late for that."

"You're right." Jack said, checking his watch. "Twenty minutes."

"We'd better hurry then."

"No, I mean we're twenty minutes late." Jack said, showing her the watch.

Anita's eyebrows raised in surprise. River was going to kill her. "Guess time got away from us." she said, "Skating and talking and all that."

"You're right." Jack said with a laugh. "Sorry. I should have told you I couldn't skate."

"Oh...it's fine I um knew that." Anita said, slightly nervous.

"Oh. Right. Of course. I told you that." He said, then added, thinking fast, "I just knew you loved it so much so I thought we should go."

"Well aren't you the sweet one?" Did River like ice skating? Anita couldn't remember. "So then let's skip the movie. What about dinner?"

"Still a bit early." Jack said.

"Right. But I know a great place for when we go. You'll love it."

"Great!" Jack said, hoping the Doctor had the same taste in food as him.