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any hoooo i thought up a few cute ideas...which i decided i just had to write!

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Eagle Eyed Angel

1: First come first serve

"Any preference to where you want to stay?" A blonde woman stationed behind a desk questioned as she filed threw various papers, pushing her rectangle, thin frame glasses back up her nose and finally looking up due to the silence she received.

"Bit of an insensitive question to ask, don't you think?" the complete opposite of the blonde woman stated with a dead end tone.

She sat frozen, her blue eyes widening in a quick panic before dropping down.

"I…I'm sorry I didn't think!" She mumbled her apology.

Her opposite nodded, brown eyes falling to look at the floor, dark strands of hair falling messily, the ends slightly knotted due to the lack of a brush and the long events that had only added to the time since she had last brushed.

The blond wriggled nervously in her seat while the brunette stood stone cold, not only where there appearance opposite, so where there stance and emotions it would seem.

"It's just, your one of the first…and …well?" The blonde trailed off.

"There's hardly a lack of space," The brunette nodded lifting her eyes to the woman who looked down.

"Hannah," A blonde stood slightly behind the brunette, sighed softly, defeated with depression and unlike the blonde behind the desk sat primped in her uniform, she was naturally a mousy brown and stood in a slump, her more icy blue eyes hazy with exhaustion.

"A room near the top then," Hannah shrugged having taken her friends hint to just accept it.


"Most people would have just said 'no, I don't mind where you house me'," The blonde sighed as she stepped in the lift of the apartment complex and pressed for the 23rd floor.

"Yeah and most people will still say that, I didn't want to be filed in with everyone else, close to the ground, and close to the noise," She sighed, pressing the small button on the handle of her wheelie suitcase, the button that allowed the handle to unlock and slide up and down.

"Your lucky I'm not afraid of heights," she then chirped, something which would have usually gotton a chuckle from the brunette, but not today, not for now.

"Damn, and that's what I was aiming for," Hannah shook her head despite the monotone of her voice she too attempted to lighten the mood.

With the key card at the ready to two quickly found their room and swiped they're way into their new living quarters.

"Oh Claire, I do love my privacy," Hannah stated with a shake of her head, the first thing she noticed was the huge wall consisting of glass.

"Ah! How convenient, no blinds to clean," She continued to ramble on, leaving her suit case by the bar of the open planned kitten dinner and stepping further into the living space, craning her neck to peer threw the open door into the bedroom, the same amount of light, equal to the living room, glaring in.

"In the bedroom too?" Claire frowned lightly moving over to the door and poking her head in.

"Bet you're glad, you're not on the lower floors now, eh?" Hannah gave a raise of her brow as her blonde friend Claire nodded.

"Plus there's no noise, other people next door, across the hall, upstairs, and you can't hear what is going on at ground level," Hannah stepped over to the huge window, pressing her hands against it followed by her forehead as she looked at the huge drop to the ground below, able to see all the vans, trucks and army personnel, but luckily unable to hear them.

"Suppose this was a good choice, but won't it be a bit lonely?" Claire questioned.

"No, this place will soon fill up… if they decide to let more people back, if they even want to come back," turning away from the window and giving a shrug at her friend she then continued.

"Plus we can go out to socialise, hit the pub when it opens," with another shrug she headed back to her suitcase and wheeled into the bedroom.

"Sounds fun, and your sleeping by the window, I don't wanna be perved on by weirdo's across in the other building," The blonde stated quickly chucking her suit case on the single bed closest to the wall.

"Great, so I can be perved on instead…thanks!" Hannah huffed also dumping her suitcase on her single bed, closest to the window.

"There's probably cameras in the bathroom too, seeing as they couldn't fit that onto the almighty window wall," Hannah unzipped her suitcase and started to rifle threw her holiday clothes.

"Shorts, skirts, dresses and bikinis…brill," pushing a hand threw her layered hair, she gave a groan, turning to look at her short haired friend who wore the same fed up and defeated expression as her.

"We'll be the most gorgeous girls around, all sunshine and that?" Claire gave a small shrug.

"Guess we'll have to work with it," Hannah sighed turning to look back down at her suitcase.


The friends had worked on packing everything they had away, tidying the catastrophic mess of the bedroom that was only too easily covered with clothes and shoes, but now everything was sorted.

They had spent two weeks in sunny luxury, left their families as two giggling, happy single women promising each member of their family and every friend brilliant souvenirs and now they sat on the foreign sofa in a never ending downwards spiral of loneliness and depression, looking down at the coffee table in front and the many little trinkets and tacky but cute knick-knacks they had gotten each promised person.

They had been stuck over in Egypt for longer than they had hoped or liked and had been the few of the first to arrive back in the UK and be settled in the green zone. It was a very slow progress and the population would be even slower to rise.

"This kinda thing…just doesn't happen in real life…right?" Claire frowned down at the items as Hannah gave a slow nod, her eyes beginning to sting due to her refusal to blink.

"This is all a bunch of 'House of Dead' and 'Resident Evil' shit," Hannah rubbed at her eyes with a deflating sigh.

"Looking back, I probably should have played thous games, might have a bit of knowledge on the subject," Claire gave her own sigh.

"Yer, I bet half the geeks that married thous games thought they had a good chance too," Hannah shook her head before sinking in her seat and resting her head back giving a small frown at the loud bang that came from under them, it turned out they weren't the only ones that wanted there space, unfortunately they where situated right under Hannah and Claire whom both hoped there downstairs neighbours where the nice and quiet kind of people.

With a crinkle of paper Claire flicked threw the welcoming information book, complete with rules, instructions for evacuation and a map.

"So the big window is for our own safety," She nodded.

"Not if I jump out of it," Hannah mumbled, throwing it a blank look.

"We'll have food rations and suitable clothing available to collect tomorrow, but there is a place we can go eat," with a sigh she flopped the papers down onto the coffee table with the various other items.

"What… like a canteen?" Hannah frowned, her nose scrunching up lightly.

"Well the little picture makes it look more like a food court type thing," Claire shrugged.

"Fun, suppose we should get ready for dinner?" Hannah turned to her friend with a nod and stood, deciding a much-needed shower would be good first.


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