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The battle with Ryuga

"Ginka", said Kenta "Ryuga's gonna be a tough opponent L-Drago changed him he's like a human dragon". "I know", said Ginka as they dashed toward the dark nebula base. Were here said Tsubasa and Yu together. "Ready Ginka", asked Benke. "Ya as ready as I'll ever be".

At the top of the dark nebulas base Ginka found Ryuga with a human body but a dragon's face. "Ready" said Ryuga. "3 2 1 Let it Rip." They said together in unison. When Pegasus hit L-Drago he flew into the air. "Pegasus Star blast attack", called Ginka. "Better than last time but still not good enough", said Ryuga. Then L-Drago went out of the way of Pegasus as he collided with the stadium. "L-Drago Star Destroyer!". "Go Go Go Sagittario Flame Claw" called Kenta as he ripped his bey.

"L-Drago" called Ryuga as he fell of the building. Pegasus called Ginka as Pegasus turned into his avatar form. "I got it Ginka" called Kenta as he got on Pegasus's back. "Go" Kenta said as he kicked his heels into Pegasus's side. "Ryuga grab on" yelled Kenta as he hoisted Ryuga on Pegasus's back

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the end